I got it for myself a while ago, but ended up handing it to the kids. My son is six and all of his friends absolutely love this thing, and i love the fact that they can just beat on it and it survives everything you can see. This thing has some stories to tell, but uh it’s still going strong. So one of the things i get asked a lot by the other parents who see my kids enjoying their rc trucks is what’s, the best rc car to get for my kids and, of course, they’re expecting the stuff from your normal box stores. And we all know that stuff is generally garbage, so you have to explain the whole hobby grade, vibe and what’s the difference between hobby grade and so on and then, as soon as you get to hobby grade, it just it’s way too expensive for most people, the Kids have been smashing it around for ages. I drive it quite a bit as well, because it’s actually a real blast to drive it handles nicely. It’S got good suspension, it’s reasonably fast, fast enough to be fun, but generally not to destroy itself and it’s it’s. Really great the the roll cage here is cool because it protects everything well and any sort of breakages. You can fix with liberal application of zip ties now if your parent is coming in from a non radio control hobby background, you’re, probably going to ask what is hobby grade and basically hobby grade means that all of the parts there’s the electronic speed controller, which drives Controls the motor there’s, the receiver, which gets the signals from your from your handset um and there’s the server which turns the steering steers the wheels.

Those items are all standard in hobby grade stuff and allow you to interchange and replace and upgrade and repair very easily, and you don’t need to use the exact same things from the manufacturer and in the stuff from your from your walmarts or whatever. Your local store is it’s, just not really possible to repair it all. This guy is almost hobby grade. You can get spare parts for everything and that’s really what counts and the prices are very decent. Unfortunately, they’re not exactly the same as the hobby grade stuff that the spare parts are not really interchangeable with other vehicles etc, but what i’ve ended up doing and i’ll mention that elsewhere is i’ve, changed all the electronics out to hobby grade stuff. Now, for me that made sense, because i had it available um, but if you are not, if you’re not deeply invested in the hobby already, you can always buy spare parts designed for this guy from wherever you bought this whoever stocks, these jj rce cars. So, in my case that was banggood they’ve got a good, a good selection of stuff, so that’s pretty great. It means that if you could break something you can keep it going. So the only thing i’ve had to change in this thing is well all of the electronics, but that is because the stock server died. The server you can see through here is one of these weird four wire businesses. I’Ve replaced it with a standard.

1 10 scale. Three wire servo, and that has required me to replace the receiver and the esc, because the stock stuff is all that integrated receiver, esc nonsense. Um i’ve used the quick run 1060, which is just incredible for a drop in replacements, esc, it’s, brilliant. You can just rely on it and i like that i’ve zip tied them in here this one is for the esc, this one’s for the servo um. Obviously they don’t, you know fit standard, but this has been running like this for ages and it’s. Perfect, i run, i run a big 2s uh biggish, 2s 2 200 milliamp hour battery, which is just held down by these elastics, and that gives the kids plenty of runtime uh. You know at least half an hour for them, because they’re stopping and starting all the time they’re not just running flat out this here is just a insta. 360 go mount, which i’ve strapped on and combined with the soft suspension of this thing. It actually results in some pretty nice footage all in all it’s the closest i’ve come to. When people ask me for a recommendation for a rc car for kids, this thing is pretty hard to beat. In my experience i mean the cost is really reasonable. Granted i’ve doubled the cost with electronics, but there are cheaper replacement options you could go for and of course, the original parts are all available. Uh, although as far as i’m concerned, once you start replacing, you may as well actually just go with proper hobby grand stuff.