I got this controller here. It doesn’t have a lot of functions. Just the one over here does high and low rates and that’s about it. But trims, of course – and i don’t think it does any acrobats or acrobatics or anything like that tricks. Uh three channel operation only throttle elevator and rudder and no ailerons, so it should be pretty simple to fly um. It required a little bit of assembly with these little struts here. I’Ll just use some glue and some screws that are included so a little bit more than usual, i’m, not sure if this is really all that useful, maybe mostly for decoration uh, but i stuck them on there anyway, anyway. It’S uh super windy here today, as you can see, the planes shaking there just from the wind we’ll have to see how this does all right. Let’S check the control surfaces, not a lot of throw on each of these we’ll see how it does let’s see here. This is uh, i think one beep is low. Uh low rates, two is high rates, so that’s low rates now it’s a little bit more in high rates i’m just gon na go straight to higher rates. I guess it’s gon i’m going to need it for this. Wind there i see how this does. I don’t, like this controller it’s uh it’s hard to hold and kind of slippery Music. Oh it’s gon na go super fast, downwind, oh and almost stall, so in this wind about as good as i would expect it to go.

The little tail heavy looks like it’s hard to see hard to tell obviously has some kind of stabilizer on there to kind of help it, but it when you go when you turn down when it wants to try and stall. Obviously, these uh little planes aren’t great for these windy conditions. I recommend not flying in these kind of windy conditions you can see. Is there going to be a challenge? Yeah see how much wind there is it’s, basically just hovering right there, so the stabilizer is kind of working but it’s struggling Applause. It stalled that time right. You need to keep up a little bit of airspeed, so you’re no damage Music. I think when it does that turn downwind it doesn’t know if the stabilizer gets confused, it doesn’t know what to do. Yeah it’s very confused. Well, i can taxi it well, that’s pretty cool, oh yeah, it’s like it gets very, very confused. Doesn’T know what to do once once you turn it downwind and then it just stalls on you. Applause all right seems fine i’m going to do some taxi takeoffs from this uh baseball diamond. It looks like more fun into the wind, so i wasn’t expecting it to be able to taxi, but it seems to be able to do so. No problem Music, i think, on a calm day, it’ll fly much better and the wind won’t confuse the gyro or the stabilizer. I see it’s really confused.

There come on back, oh, my goodness. Taking a lot of abuse seems fine, it’s fine. When you go into the wind as soon as you turn it downwind they just it. Just gets confused and it’s hard really hard to control i’m gon na try actually turn it. When i make when i make the turns downwind i’m gon na point it downwards, i think that helps yeah. It helps a little bit: oh jeez, oh geez, it’s, really out of control with this wind, oh god so, Music, oh jesus, Music, oh jesus, okay, i think that’s going to be that’s going to be it for this one that’s all it’s a little too uh hard To control in this wind, but it does uh, seem to fly. I recommend flying this on a calmer day. I think you’re going to have much better luck with this um, but it’s it’s much better than i thought it would anyway.