Rc thought id do a proper video on the cheater ive. Had it for eight months now done a lot of work to the car, and i thought it was about time that we talked about it and maybe go through some of the problems with this rig, as well as the positive things too. What can i say about this cow first off ive got to say i didnt actually buy this rig. It was bought for me and ive got a bit of a love hate relationship with it now. First off. This is a really fun car. If youre looking to buy something youre already in the hobby, been doing it for a while. This is probably a pretty good cheap option, its light, its massively overpowered and its a lot of fun, but it does have some major drawbacks now. The reason why i say if youve been in the hobby for a while this is a good car. I wouldnt suggest this car for someone whos new in the hobby um. The reason why i wouldnt suggest it is because the very first time i took it out it broke the second time i took it out. It broke the third time i took it out it broke and i dont mean by doing crazy things. No big stunts jumps. Flips just running it across the grass theres something wrong with the metal. Some people call it monkey metal, thats, probably a fair statement. Ive had dog bones and drive cups or just shatter on me for literally just running across the grass.

Now, since then, theres been some work done on the car, the dog bones have been improved, upgraded, the drive cups have been replaced and, more recently, ive chewed up all the gears on the front. Diff um ive recently gone through this with the fine tooth comb. Ive done some ulcerations, not just repairs and im, hoping that these alterations are going to make this car 10 times better than it is stock out of the box. So what ive done guys is ive actually gone through and ive totally changed the setup for this car. What ive done is ive put some thicker fluid in the diffs and im, hoping that this is going to make a massive difference and stop the car diffing out quite as much as it wheelies, because it loses all the power through the two front: wheels yeah, the Ballooning on the tires its crazy, so what ive done is ive put 5000 weight in the back and i put 15 000 weight fluid in the front. Now, ive got a caveat this. I dont actually know whether this is going to make it better or not. I havent yet ran it. We will run it in this video and see how it goes, but um ive got a feeling its going to make a huge difference to this car. The other thing ive changed is ive. Put 600 weight shot fluid in the shocks all around coming out of the box. The shocks arent dampened right: the cars very, very springy, i dont know if you can see that there now its nice and flush, nice and flat, making a big difference shock test.

Can you see that guys, yeah big big difference to the original setup now ive also done a few of the changes ive treated myself ive got some new tyres for my k4 ive gone with some debut backflips from the 4s outcast and when ive fitted those to The k4 ive taken the old k4 tyres and ive fitted them to the cheater here now these tyres arent great compared to what you get from the cheater stock. These are 10 times better, better grip, better traction, the ballooning is controllable and it actually makes the car a lot more handleable. So that said, i think its time we take it out the back. We do some jumps rip it around in the grass a little bit and just see what a difference these alterations have made. Does it make the car better? Has it made it worse? I dont know well have to wait and see fingers crossed guys. I think it would have made a difference. It couldnt have been much worse than it was stock, um fun, but almost uncontrollable at times. Okay, guys, all right guys. Here we are out in the paddock, with the jlb cheater time for its test. Bash um keep an eye out on the shocks on the diff fluid its gon na, be interesting to see what differences theyve made to the rig and, to be honest, its going to be pretty hard going for a little rig like this today.

It is very muddy out there very wet and the grass is very long, but it will make for an interesting bash. All right guys lets get to it im going to switch to headcam from this point, so you can see the action. From my point of view. All right guys, okay, fingers crossed this, made an improvement. She sounds better already, so this is only on three. Yesterday, Music, Music, hmm somethings wrong with that yeah wow that has just shattered the drive cup okay. So this is a great example of what ive been talking about about the jlb cheetah. Here we are no jumping Music, no real, serious bashing. I hope you can see that then the cameras picking it up and that drive cup is literally shattered. Theres nothing wrong with that cup. It was fine, just difficult, broken frustrating. No, i do have a replacement, but obviously i have to drop the back diff out of this car again to put the replacement in um, as i said, fun care, but super super frustrating well thats, the end of the bash, guys: Music, jlb cheater, the beast thats. What you get all right, guys so im back in from the paddock doing my best to try and show you exactly what happened there. Dont know im hoping it shows up on camera im trying to get it in the light. Thats pretty poor isnt it. I didnt. Even jump it, i couldnt understand if id sent it 60 feet and landed with the power on, i mean i was just running it up and down.

I hadnt even really got going um. I cant really recommend my changes that ive done to the care that wasnt really an extensive bash test to see whether or not it made a major difference or not um, as far as review of the car, its good fun, but i cant recommend it guys. It just breaks way too easily way too often, this the metal that theyve used is just monkey metal, um, youd, be far better off getting a plastic rig, believe it or not like a 3s armor, or something like that, thats not going to have this type of Issue, this was literally the same problem. I had the very first time i took the care out just that time. I managed to break the dog bone as well as the drive cut, uh yeah disappointing guys all right. Well, i guess thats it for this bash.