Why is that? Not long after i got this thing, i was about ready to toss it in the trash. In fact, as we speak, it has a broken rear, steering knuckle and the wing mount and wheelie bar is currently held on with wire, mainly just for the sake of the video. I dont keep it on there anymore, because its it just breaks off instantly thats. The one thing that will definitely break if you jump this thing ever probably, but now that ive had this for several months and ive used it quite a bit and ive made a few upgrades. I dont hate it quite as much. This thing has a whole lot of issues, but at the same time, with the power and agility that it has its probably one of my favorite cars to run when its not broken, i really enjoy using it. It has plenty of power, it has really good air controls. Itll do back flips double back flips front flips um almost got a double front flip on it, which is actually what broke this rear steering knuckle. So is this just junk, or is it worth the kind of high price that they ask for it so to help you decide if you should get one of these im gon na, do a quick overview of it, real quick for you, then im gon na go Over all the things that have broken on it for me, im gon na show you all the things that im impressed with that.

Maybe havent broken yet, and some of the fixes that ive done to keep things from breaking and then after that, well take it. For a little spin, the thing is, with the way that i run my cars most likely. If i dont break it, you probably wont either plus a lot of the things that do break pretty commonly ive found a fix for, and if you wouldnt mind, pressing that thumbs up button for us real quick. That would be super awesome. The first thing ill say about this is that they claim this is a 10th scale car its a little bigger than most other companies market, their 10th scale, cars at especially the somewhat cheaper brands. This company here claims this is a 10th scale car and its just, and these are oversized tires its just so much smaller, and here it is right. Next to a 1 8 scale, 6s arma creighton uh, which, as you can see, is broken as well. Now. This is actually a brand new body. This body has never even been on the car until right before this video. This is the body thats been on it for the last several months right here, shes, definitely taking a beating, but really for what ive put this thing through it held up considerably. Well, i added little straps to help keep the body clips from getting lost, that they popped out ill, put a link in the description for those if youre interested also feel free to look at some of the videos i have on this car because pretty much every Single one of those videos it is put through the ringer.

I do not take it easy on any of these cars. I wont waste any time talking about the style of the truck, because thats just your opinion. I can tell you i like it, but you might think its the ugliest car in the world. You can get other bodies for it too, like the old truck style, one ive never tried, but i imagine it fits on these same posts. This, of course, is the two one one zero one version: the truck style is the one one one zero one. The very first thing that i broke on this truck was the front axles actually snapped right up here by the joint, and that happened several times. Even after getting these so called upgraded ones, it still happened. I do, however, have a fix ill show you in a little bit that solved that problem. I dont know how or why, but it did. After breaking my fair share of axles. I actually ended up breaking one or two of those out drive cups that come out of the differential. You have to take the differential apart to replace those. Some of you, cheetah enthusiasts, may have noticed these arent the tires that come on the cheetah. A lot of people do end up using these ill put a link in the description for those too one of the original rear wheels blew apart, it really didnt last very long. These have been awesome, no problems with them at all.

I also really like that. Its got the big 17 millimeter wheel nuts, because most of your 10th scale cars use these that really helps with the wheels and the ends of the axles being a lot more durable. The next thing that started breaking was this control arm bracket right here. It holds these lower swing, arms, a arms control, arms in place. The original one is gold in color or brass, and this thing is about as weak as it looks. There is barely any metal to it and i cant find where they make them this thick anymore. Now the only stock ones i can find have even less metal these red ones hold up much better. I have yet to break even the first one now were really getting to the good stuff right now. Some of you may notice that this does not come stock on the car ever since installing this chassis brace thats. What made the axle stop? Braking not sure why maybe its because it reduced the amount of chassis flex that it would do when it would jump, but ever since then i have not broken a single axle or a single drive cup. Ive got a video with how i made this already, but im going to go into further detail on it in a future video on this car. One of the next things to break was the actual motor of the car. The original motor did not last very long.

The tiny little screws that hold this front, bearing plate to the rest of the motor actually just pulled the threads right out. I did try to fix it, but it didnt work. So i went with this surpass hobby motor its a slightly higher kv 2650, rather than the 2500 that it comes with. So this may have added a little bit of speed, but i didnt notice anything even though thats a higher kv, i feel, like i noticed more torque a lot of people talk about breaking this steering rack here, but that hasnt happened to me yet, and you already Know about the broken rear wheel knuckle. I also have broken quite a few of these lower shock ends. I keep a lot of these cheetah parts in stock because the breakages are so common. The fan in the esc did go out on me once as well. I put a metal cased, one that i got from my local hobby shop in there. I have not opened these shocks up, but theyre supposed to be oil filled. They do feel pretty springy, so its possible theres not much in them or its really thin. I will be thickening these up because it does bounce on landings, but not very badly. Another place ive been impressed with this thing is the chassis itself. You can see how much of a beating it takes from us, but it is straight, as can be, it has not bent even the creighton that costs quite a bit.

More has a bent chassis and it takes a rather expensive upgrade to help keep that from happening. It comes with a great transmitter if you drive these one handed its really easy to reach the wheel with your thumb, has all your basic controls that most transmitters have. It feels really good in your hand and ive never had a problem with its range. In fact, i get dumbo rc radios for all of the brushless conversions that we do as well. Im gon na fix this right now, so we can get it outside and were gon na have to take that off Music, so Music, so were using this junky old body, because i want to reinforce the new one before i throw it on no wheelie bar or Wing, because again, its broken on off switch is located next to the motor, the servo isnt, the strongest or the fastest, but it does okay now right now its handling a little funky, because the front differential is bad thats. What all that clicking is, if you hear it: oh, Music, Music, thats, why? I love the cheetah its a beast: it just breaks a lot Music. We just broke a rear, toe link thats the first time, ive broken one of those that was a nasty landing. Ive got a new one in stock lets, try again Music Music, so Music, uh, Music, Music front bumper just broke off Music that just launched the front bumper up into the tree front bumpers in the tree now, Music.

Now, a lot of you will never run these cars as hard as i do, but this is how i have the most fun with them. They just they do break a lot but uh. I also like being able to show you guys whats going to break on them to see if you like, the car or not, and if you do get one of the cars that i show you, then you know that you might need some spare parts or at Least, be ready for what could break heres? How bad that front differential? Is i didnt charge this battery long enough, so i ended up having to switch batteries in the middle of that. This has been a great battery for this car, its a z, 5200 milliamp. It fits right in but its taller than the stock battery, so you need longer straps. You saw we broke that rear, toe link right here and the front bumper broke off, but it was already cracked other than that. The truck stayed in one piece: um, you know differential was already bad in the front, but without this chassis brace, this car would have been destroyed in just a couple minutes. During that run. This is a must do but, like i said, im going to go into further detail on it in a future video very soon. Actually i just noticed that this shock tower is bent right there. First time, thats happened: thats proof right there that this chassis bar saved the rear end of this car, because whenever that happened, when youd have a hard impact here being that this shock tower is attached to the plastic tears apart, the differential housing, it breaks, this metal Brace again, the stock ones are these gold, color cheese, metal brackets.

These red ones are definitely stronger, but it would have broken theres no way it would have been able to handle that and then a lot of times. It ends up messing up the upper control, arms too. So would i buy the cheetah again out of the probably 12 cars that we have. This is probably in my top three favorites, but its also probably become the most expensive one that i own and its really not worth all the money. I think i would rather save up for something a little bit more expensive that holds up better than this does. If i had to do it all over again, i know i bashed my cars pretty hard compared to what a lot of people might do a few of the times that its broken, though it definitely wasnt extreme, as you saw it today, i mean it like. I said several times its an extremely fun car. It just breaks a lot. So if you like wrenching more than you like bashing, then you definitely need this car. I cant say i regret the purchase. I just dont think i would do it again. I dont know if that makes sense or not. If this car is at the top end of your budget, though id say, go for it just be extra careful and just make sure you have enough funds for spare parts. The parts for it are relatively cheap, but if you dont live in china, youre gon na wait quite a while for them to arrive.

And if you follow my channel thats. The exact reason that this isnt really featured in very many videos its because its usually sitting right up there thats a special spot, the shelf of despair. This thing is up there pretty often and unfortunately, because of that front differential its going to be there again and we go well beyond reviews with part swaps, experiments modifications all kinds of awesome stuff. So if you think that would interest you go ahead and hit the subscribe button because it is completely free. I really hope this review was helpful for you.