I’Ve observed logs policy, along with being the cheapest VPN out there. The app is available on a wide selection of platforms, including iOS and Android, and Windows 10, and features very useful tools, such as an internet kill, switch for a peace of mind in the event of a dropout, along with split tunneling, giving you the freedom of choosing, Which traffic flows through the VPN find out more by clicking the link in the description below and using code I’ve see 20. If you decide to purchase hello, everyone welcome to my channel today’s video. We have a IR receiver. This is a universal remote. Basically, you can put it to your phone like this, and then you can download certain apps and control different devices. Now this works only for smartphones, basically yeah. This is basically what it looks like you can use it on iphone, but you need an extra adapter which looks like this looks like this it’s for under 10, or throw link up in description so to combine both of these it’s around 20. So it’s a little bit more expensive if you have an iPhone, but you need it because it’s Lightning, mail and then female type, see anyways let’s get into this product right here. This one retails for I believe, 29, 2010 to 13 dollars. I’M. Not really sure this was sent out to me by the company. So thank you for that, and it also comes with a little lanyard there’s, nothing else.

In there it comes with a nice little user manual. We have information, you can do like an app it’s in Chinese in English, then you have the device and the venue. So here it is, as a nice build to it, here’s the infrared receiver right there it’s protected by a plastic, and then it the actual device right here you can see. The top part has a TPU plastic TPU and it runs along the inside around underneath the aluminum and then it’s covered with the aluminum as a smart chip, and it looks really nice and then it comes in this, so you can basically put it away. You can carry it with you, just put it in here and there it is that’s pretty cool, so you don’t lose it so whenever you don’t need it just put it in here and you’re good and it’s, pretty portable, so let’s go ahead and show you what It does I’m gon na record on this phone, so it’s gon na be probably really crappy, because it’s gon na be in 1080p, but oh well, alright. This is what the app looks like. It is called the Zaza remote universal and I’ll leave the description to download. Also, when you purchase this, it will have a QR code, but anyways you go ahead and take your little device here, plug it into your phone on the very bottom. Unless you need an adapter for iOS and go and do that and then plug it in now, go ahead and open your app and mine’s already set up, but you’re gon na have to add a device there’s several different devices you can add, but once you get It set up, you can use it as a normal controller and if you do lose yours, it’s really cool, because you can control multiple devices, it’s, basically a cheap version of a universal remote.

Now it is controlling the RGB lights because it is an infrared sensor. So that’s, why? But it’s really cool, because you don’t have to flip your phone around. You can basically just point it and it’ll be able to read it just from there, which is really really cool, so all the buttons work they work really really good. I’M. Very surprised, it was an easy setup. It was a little bit confusing because I was trying to set up for the RGB strip, but it was really easy from there.