. This this is a made in china product and this product is the first it’s not called this. You cannot pull you can pull action camera, but all the action cameras. I tried to put on they were too big for it. So in another video i will in another short video i’m going to mention how to change the battery and how to know if the battery is not charged so let’s turn it on. If you want to turn it on it’ll, have this red and blue light. This is the rc remote control, and this is how we’re gon na do it it’s a fully charged battery and it takes uh one hour or one hour and thirty minutes or two hours. Two hours to charge it, you would say about two hours to charge it. You know or sometimes 130 minutes, and let me do the controllers easily. This is to reconnect to the controller. This is to spin the thing i can’t. Do it right now because i’m on the carpet and the carpet, will it will not do anything it’ll, just it’ll just keep on spinning around and the controls are kind of weird. If you want this to go forward, you have to press them both. At the same time forward you have to push them forward at the same time and then uh. If you want to go backwards, you have to push them backwards at the same time, if you want to make them go left and right, this is left.

This is right and let’s go so this is, it has like a stock car it’s a stunt car and you can use it. It turns around usually, but i can’t do right now. I’M gon na make an outdoor version of this too and that’s gon na be the video i’m gon na show how to know if the battery is dead or it’s uh, the battery is dead or it’s still or how to change the battery so, and it did Not come with, it did not come. It did not come with a screwdriver so i’m using my own screwdriver. It came with two retardable batteries and the charger i i want on the outdoor video i’ll, take out the charger and i’ll show the target and rechargeable battery. So this is just like a preview and i’ll do on the outdoor one it’s going to be more fun, but right now i’m going to do indoor, because i want to start with easy and then go hardcore. This car is pretty fast it’s, not that noisy for some people. It will like for me, sometimes noisy, but i would say, it’s a good car it’s fast. It gives good performance and if you can see i’m pressing the reconnecting button, there’s no problem i’m. Just going to reconnect it to show you how to know if it’s reconnecting if it’s re, if it has a very good like connection with it, it’ll be two times. If there’s, no good, if it has no nose in the surroundings, if it has no connection, so it will one time but it’ll still be connected and i’m gon na do tricks outdoors i’m.

So sorry, this is gon na be really lame video, but i want to go indoor then i want to go outdoor so i’ll give the controls a 10 out of 10. yeah i’ll give a 10 out of 10, but i would give it like a 9.5 actually. 9.5 out of 10., i would give the wheels a 10 out of 10. most of the videos 10 out of 10. I think it’s, a single motor so i’ll give it a single motor like uh i’ll, give it like a 9.9 out of 10. and the lights are good. I love how the lights go. I haven’t tried it at night, so comment down below. Should i try at night it is a 10 out of 10. i’ll go yeah, i’ll design on it. As you can see, i got some scratches on it because i was trying to see the features and then i didn’t know what to do so. I just crashed in one time and design 10 out of 10 the whole the whole like structure, i would say the whole design and the whole structure of the car and all the power that is um this time. This is the first video i’m going to do a thousand okay. I would give it a 999, a thousand the one lost point for me: oh yeah anything, but though it could drive like this too, but my biggest loss point in this thing is that if you, if you can see that when it gets, if you can, if I can show you: oh i’m, fine, yeah, okay, it never happened to me, but it can happen if you, if you slam it like on this thing like because if we were wrongly placed the wires are here so it won’t get cut, but eventually they will.

But that’s not my spot in the on the google review, there was reviews and stuff about this, not the reviews i saw, but that is the hard heather thing i showed someone in my neighborhood and he said they you can cut through i’m, like Music, the biggest Disappointment is that it should be. I like the red color, but i think it should have been like a little bit green on times like in the mail, but red is good too. I like, like double color combination like this green, green, red, black and then a little shade of blue here. It would be like a cool car and i would get like more because i really like i really like how, though it’s the durability and how but the controls the one percent i didn’t i left under control is because you can’t move sideways. So i need more easier, but eventually you got ta live with it. It takes a good rechargeable battery and stay tuned for my next video. This is this was around 250.. I hope you enjoyed today’s video and and if you don’t mind, the remote control make some sound so that’s like this one sound in the back of its rc. I hope you enjoyed today’s video bye. This is orange king 50.