Today, we’re jumping our rc car over the entire house. We’Re gon na use the the motorboater it’s, probably gon, na break it and we’re gon na put the airbag lander. On the other side of the house. My dad was gon na jump, our razor over our house, his professional razor driver Music. I think we should put it like right here. It would come from over there from over here and then you just go triple backflip we’re laying on the house the ramp that we’re gon na use is the mega ramp moon, booter. All right. First step. We got ta move the Music Music moonrooter. This is Music truck there’s, a big boy dude. It looks so much bigger in person that looks so big that’s massive bro she’s gon na slide, oh she’s, sliding. I think we should back up to where we want the front to be this. Oh my god disconnect and then get the front to swing back out that way: Music, okay, we’re gon na disconnect the tie down and then spin it around. Oh, that was hard. Oh, that was easy all right. Okay, we got our uh old car back and running because my dad dropped it last time. Okay, stop! I think it’s good it’s, pretty steep Music Music. You guys guys guys. This is the gap that i have to clean. Are we gon na put it closer because they probably won’t make it it’s? Probably gon na hit the house, i think it’s gon na land on the house that’s so far, it’s gon na land right on the roof? Maybe i’ll land on the maybe i’ll get lucky today.

Do you think what’s the chance you think it’ll go all the way over the house, a zero. I don’t even think it’ll land on the roof before i don’t even think it’s going to hit the ramp it’s. So big who’s going to drive it you or daddy me, oh yeah, you’re, better than daddy yep. Oh, i can hit this jump without destroying him. You don’t think daddy can nope. It looks like this that plant daddy and i can’t land on my hand, you, okay yeah, oh my Music, this god gon na be hard, but should we try one to hit it? No okay. Let’S go. Do another test turn because you’re, not Music, gon na what’s. Your prediction, brian: what do you think’s gon na happen here? Don’T fly off and hit the window. I have no idea, it depends if i can hit it good if we can hit it good, it’s going nowhere all right. Hopefully this is fixed Music ramp house. Is it going to make it to the roof? No, no Music. I think it’s just going to go straight up and then back down like daddy, did test run Music Applause, Music Applause, it didn’t work. What happened? Did it just run out of power, or did you run out of talent yeah ever tell it yeah it’s, perfect, really yeah it’s fine. I thought it would be smashed and broken wait, so we can try it again with that one yeah Music dude.

You did good Music it’s good it’s on the trampoline it’s even wheels up kaden driving hit it again. Okay, let’s get over the house this time, full speed, Laughter, Applause, Music, let’s, try it with his and then do a different ramp jump. The barn, because it’s already set up or drag that ramp over here. I know that’s gon na work on the bars Music ready Applause i’m, making it on for sure Music Laughter, his uh rc car broke. Oh no, the entire thing snapped right. There see your entire car snapped in half, oh, your steering thing fell out, no more charger, little drive, shaft and everything snapped, the drive, shaft lost the battery and then worst of all the whole body broke or the whole frame broke. Oh, my god, this thing fell out wasted so but technically, who won? Because you made it over the try to spray the spray paint again Applause. We will get a new room to send it off to the ramp over the house. Hope you, like this video don’t, forget to subscribe head to the sky it’s all right.