First one this. What is it tamiya paint now what’s wrong with tamiya paint. I hear you cry well. The quality is great there’s, a reasonable selection of colors i’d, like a few more but uh quality goes on well doesn’t, flake off that much. If you stick to the rules so what’s, the problem problem is this. This is how big tins of paint are not this for the same price. So when you’re painting up a body, you end up buying three or four of them, because you need to back the whites and stuff like that, so it adds up to be really expensive, tamiya paint’s grey, but can we have it like this? Please so that i can paint four or five bodies with one tin instead of constantly ordering new tins every bloody week, because i use them up so fast. Okay, maybe that’s a bit strong, no it’s, not bloody tamiya, sorted out number two issue: number two: decals riri decals and vintage decals what’s my problem with them. Well, the manufacturers don’t bring out decals for their older cars. So that means no one can get any decals. Luckily, some people go to all the trouble to make reproduction decals for us yeah two problems with that one they’re, never as good as the originals, not quite sure. Why comment below? And the second thing is when they do – that some of the manufacturers go after them to shut them down, so they can’t be bothered to do the decals for us all, but they shut people down from doing the decals for us.

So all the manufacturers that have all the vintage cars make the decals and if you don’t, want to make the detail decals give them to somebody who does and let us all have decals that don’t cost a hundred pound a set i’m quite passionate about this number. Three number three one off parts, car parts that are only on one or maybe one or two vintage cars that become impossible to get hold of, and then demand such an insane amount of money that no one could afford them. A classic example. Mad cap front tires. Yes, these rear tyres about 12 pound front tyres 45 pound. If you can get them, oh it’s, so annoying number four! Oh! I love my grasshopper it’s, really gorgeous just look at it whoa, but wait! You can buy it in green, so you can have to buy a special edition, one to go with the one you already have but green paint. I can paint it no, no! No, you should buy they’ll, do them in lots of colors for you, but paint re re inked over and over again different colors, pointless number five handling fees. Now this might be one just for the uk, but what happens is when you go online to buy something in the uk, usually it’s more expensive than anywhere else on the planet, because apparently we live in an island and that’s really complicated anyway, so you go online And you look at some places online and you see you can get really good deals online.

Then you buy them that’s great! Then it gets imported ah, but you have to pay the import tax. Okay, well that’s, not too much of a problem either, and i have no problem paying my tax because i pay in the uk and i’m not trying to dodge the tax. The thing that drives me nuts, is you: can’t pay the tax ahead of time. You have to wait for a courier company to send you an email to then charge you 8 pound 99 handling fee to collect what is probably a six pound tax. Yes, so whatever you were buying, you have to add on the tax to import it, but then you have to pay on the handling fee, which is usually more than the tax of the thing. You’Re buying number six transmitters, it doesn’t matter. How many i try to get rid of? I swear. They just multiply in the night, so don’t put two too close together as you get another one that appears yes, i know you can get them with memories. I have memories, i have memory, i have memory. I have memory, but yet i just get more and more – and i have two boxes down here with maybe the same again they’re like rats once you get a few, you can never get rid of them. Number: seven lipo batteries, yes, lipos one of my most favorite, more modern technology, advancements for rc the power they dish out, how good they are, how linear the power is: uh, fantastic, how light they are makes a car come to life, especially if you put it in A vintage car so what’s my problem.

My problem is this they’re as dumb as a box of rocks? Yes, literally, you can blow yourself up no problem with these or you can damage them just as easy and basically they’re dumb, and you have to do the thinking and obviously, as we know, not that bright, so it’s very easy for me, dumb person to uh damage These destroy them or potentially burn my house down. So we have to do things like this to make sure that when we make a mistake, this saves us at the last minute, but hey wouldn’t. It be a genius idea if we actually put a battery management system in these, so they would protect themselves. They would discharge themselves down to a storage level or if there was a warning on them, with a flashing light that if they were too low and left or something like that well but hold on some companies have finally done that and genius. Why aren’t they all like that for years ago? Why are we only now getting that technology and it’s not like we’ve got devices that manage batteries and look after them to stop us burning our houses down? Do we anyway? Does anyone see my phone? Oh look there? It is nice battery doesn’t burn. My house down number eight re releases that we all desperately want, but no one seems to be bothered to give us porsche 959. Yeah. No sign of that. I get hundreds of messages a month asking when are we getting the porsche 959 and then the response is ow, but it’s got rothmans written on it.

So you can’t have that, yes, they can produce it without those stickers, it’s, fine, just reproduce it and on the same chassis. Yes, we know the chassis is brittle, but we still want it. Just make it. Oh, but the moulds have disappeared. We’Ll make new ones just hurry up and make the 959 for god’s sake and the falcon oh every week when are they going to bring the falcon out? Yes, i know i’ve sent emails to tamiya, bring the falcon out. Is it any good? Yes, it’s, fundamentally flawed? All the front brakes all the back brakes, but we still want it call it a collector’s edition. If you want, i don’t care number it just re issue it. So we can all buy one. Take my money, yeah just bring that out again. I know you did but bring it out again and crawl show with the mids enough just make the damn mids we’re all waiting for the mids start at the first one bring out the first one and then a year later bring out the second one, and then The third one and the fourth one – and i will buy them every year – breathe, breathe number nine whoa. I saved up all my money and i bought myself a car it’s cool. I spent ages putting it together and painting it all up and i’m really happy with it. Whoa that’s a nice upgrade part for it. Oh there’s, another one.

Oh i can get another bigger transmission for it. Oh i can get this bare metal. Oh carbon, oh more! Carbon bits that make it go faster, whoa, more carbon, more carbon. I can get a new chassis and carbon. Oh, i can get another one. I’Ve got no money. Where’S all my money gone number ten remotes that do everything this remote can do just about anything. You could ever dream possible if rooney, i could just figure out the bloody interface. Oh, my god it’s a nightmare. What about this one? Ah, whoever does the gooeys for these things. Music. Number eleven! Yes, i know i said it’s out of 10, but hey there’s, nothing! New with me is it oh i’ve just scored this amazing vintage. 75. 000 rpm three turn super hot brushed vintage motor. Oh it’s, going to be amazing right. I need an esc, no, no can’t run it no can’t run it either. No, not powerful enough. No can’t run on that either anyway. Here you go just a bit of fun. Don’T. Take it too seriously. I’M. Only messing about most of you are probably stuck indoors staring out the window bored out of your brains or even worse, you’ve got children homeschooling, so yeah breathe just breathe just a bit of fun. I’M. Just testing out my new camera and i didn’t want to dive into a new build while using the camera for the first time and then lose all of it.

So hopefully this is okay! Oh yeah and there’s one more on the list of rc things. I hate always being skinned because you want to buy the next cool thing.