Now today featuring on the channel, we have a new budget. Rc that’s just been released on banggood. This is called the jy68 it’s a 112 scale, full drive, baja style, buggy it’s powered by a ‘0 brushed motor. You can get this in two different colors, guys, the red and white that i have here or a green, blue and white, and this one comes in at under 60 dollars at the moment us and uh, i believe, it’s on 50 off at the moment. As you can see, it’s got a alloy roof plate there. On the back. Here you can see that it has some uh metal components, so we’ve got metal out, drive caps, diff cups and dog bones on the front. It’S got metal cvds. Also, some plastic componentry there for the swing. Arms we’ve got a large rear, spoiler here, with a wheelie bar and on the back here with the shock shock absorbers. They are just plastic. Uh friction shocks, they’re, not oil filled, but you could always update them with a cheap pair of oil filled. The tyres are pretty decent, guys, they’re, not sponge or foam filled, but they do have a pretty decent um rubber compound to them. They’Re pretty soft medium to soft and you can see they’ve got a pretty aggressive, paddle sand tire layout there brush motor inside, as you can see, it’s in the central position of the cabin and we’ve got a heatsink as well bottom bottom.

Here you can see that it’s all plastic chassis got an on and off switch a rather large battery bay underneath and, as you can see, it’s made up of mainly plastic on the front here. Once you take the shell off, you can see the unique design of the steering servo, and just behind that i can see. There is like a receiver board underneath it’d be an all in one receiver board on each side of the roll cage where the driver sits. We’Ve got led lighting, so that’s, pretty cool. The controller is pretty basic, it’s just got steering dual rate and steering trim and on off switch in the power button. Pretty lightweight takes three double a batteries and the rest of the goods that we get are the usb charger a screwdriver, and this one comes with two lithium ion batteries with a 10c discharge, all right, guys so i’m, going to take this out now and we’ll see How it performs for the price? Okay, guys i’m out at the field here, we’re going to test out the jy68 buggy here. Okay, now, first of all, i’ve got a fresh battery in it. I’Ve got the gps unit uh ready to go now. They do claim six uh 40ks an hour on this one. Now they do claim top speed of 40 k’s an hour on the specs, so i’ve got it zeroed out here, let’s uh see how fast it actually really is. So that is full speed guys and it definitely doesn’t look like 40 k’s an hour.

I did trim this up and it does seem to be going to the left a bit let’s. Try that again, yeah going to the right actually all right, let’s test that out see what we got here, stop read and it got 25 k’s an hour guys. So i don’t know where they got that 40 from um. You can’t really put a 3s on this, because it’s got a proprietary battery. The actual plug is a three wire plug uh yeah 25 k’s, an hour guys so um let’s, say for a bit of a run here, i’m gon na try to dial in this steering trim it’s a bit better. Okay, so let’s. Take it off road, see how it goes off road he’s, a bit bouncy as you can see, dampening the bumps not too bad, though full drive let’s get over this terrain, not too bad. Do the jump there. The controls are pretty responsive. Now they do claim uh. I think it’s 80 meters range let’s test that out now i still got connectivity here – i’m at around 75, close to 80 meters. So you know this will be pretty good for a beginner getting into the hobby. I mean it is only 55 us dollars and if you really wanted to see the bounciness there of the see how it bounced there with the friction shocks, so this would be a good one. Like i said, you could always uh do a couple of mods to it as far as the shockies, i think they claim about 10 minutes out of this battery.

Go over this gravel over here and see how it does over there. It’S got a right punch off the line just with the ‘0 motor and the gearing on this one. The uh top speed is a bit lacking Applause going over the gravel all right, though it’s going over this gravel. Alright, though, you can adjust your dual rates too. On this controller, if you don’t want it to turn too sharply that’s all right, it’s, not bad. Like i said for for beginners, you know anyone that’s been in the hobby for a while and has a bunch of uh rc cars already like. I do, for example, brushless, better quality cars, it’s, probably something that you’re not gon na buy but uh for a younger one like a teenager. This might be a pretty decent uh rc car to get them started without breaking the bank, like i said, it’s only around it’s under 60 us barks at the moment, it’s like over half price that’s all right. Well, it seems like that sticky servo issue. At the start, when i first ran, this has sort of gone away start staying much straighter now i don’t know what happened at the start. Yeah overall, you know you can’t really complain for the price point. Yeah it’s, not that fast, but for a beginner’s, rc it’s got its place on the market, see what reverses like. Oh, i got something stuck there got large rocks so let’s see what reverse is like yeah, not bad.

That wheelie bar is definitely for show honestly. Don’T know why they put that on there. I was expecting it to be quicker with the wheelie bar on the back. You have to admit once you see a wheelie bar on the back of an rc you’re, going to think that it’s going to be able to actually be used. That’S rather funny go through this sand. Here. Controls are pretty responsive, pretty decent controls and, as you can see, can go over off road terrain rather well being that it’s four wheel, drive and fully proportional see the turning circle on it, not too bad. The dual rate is at its full setting. If i wind it down it’s going to go in smaller circles, there now looks like it’s about to go flat, guys so i’ll end it there. There we have it so probably got around 8 to ten minutes. Out of that i’m, not too sure i’ll have to see when um i watch the video but uh yeah you’ve got the led lights there guys they look pretty good at night. You can sort of hardly see him during the day here, but uh anyways it’s, not a bad buggy. I mean for 55 us that’s what’s listed at at the time of filming this video anyway guys it’s a fairly new product on uh i’ll, see. If i can get a coupon for it and if i can i’ll put in the description below so check out the link to this one, if you’re interested in purchasing this for a beginner rc, maybe you’re new to the hobby, you don’t want to splash out too Much on your first rc car, this might be for you and um yeah, guys it’s, not bad uh, it’s, just uh a little bit lacking in power compared to what they say that it does do.

They did say 40 k’s an hour. So i was thinking that it might get to that uh being a ‘0 brush, but uh yeah. I mean you could always upgrade this. If you really want to um the only issue to go on brushless would be the servo the way the actual linkages are they’re. Pretty long there is a pretty unique uh body style being a baja buggy um. One thing i dislike about it is the battery plugs uh. It takes very long time to charge these lithium ion packs. Guys it’s got a three wire black plug, which is usually used for balancing the uh batteries on the balance lead, but they’ve actually used it to power. This particular buggy with a proprietary plug and with the usb charger. It takes a very long time to charge up. So i thought i’ll mention that guys that’s the only thing that i really dislike about this, but otherwise i mean for the price, not a bad buggy, all right guys so check the link below if you’re interested and i believe, it’s at 53 off. So it is heavily discounted, but if i can get a um, a discount coupon code from banggood i’ll definitely put it in the link below all right guys. So anyway, thanks very much for watching if you’re new to the channel feel free to subscribe.