Do this Music? Okay, so can you go get our other rc cars? Okay, the cool thing about this one is Music. You dont know what this thing is well. This is what it does Music well. This is what he does Music. You dont know what this thing is: hey, look what it does. It jumps Music well lets. Do it again, Music? Oh, you see what happened get our Music. I cards. Cars coming now lets see which one is faster. Can you bring the camera brother? Can you bring the camera okay lets, see which car is faster, Music see which car is faster lets see? Who can get to the camera lets see you can get to the camera? First, three, two one Music: this car can drive over this car. Hey. Can you go backwards? Music well, stop driving, but watch this Music Music hes a bit happy Music hes getting happier Music. We have our first victory. Wait whos coming in whos coming in lets, see big guy is getting mad. He already thought he won. Well. I guess lets see who wins this one Music, big jeep or a little big guy or g first lets see who can get to the camera first in three, two one Music, other vehicles, Music, hes, excited Music, hes, telling you i cant believe Music well, thats.