We have one that i have wanted for a long time. Uh it’s been one of my favorite paint schemes the last couple years, but i haven’t made the move to go and get one, but i finally got one and it looks just as good as i thought it did and i’m super excited to finally have it and As you can tell, this is kevin harvick’s 2018 bush flannel car, like i said, i’ve, been a big fan of it. Since it came out. I love the flannel and plaid pattern. It just it looks awesome there’s, a matte finish to it and some gold highlights. So this thing looks absolutely awesome like i said i wanted it for a long time, but just never pulled the trigger and uh pretty uh pretty happy to finally have one so um 2018, so it’s a couple years old, almost three considering we are now 49 days Away uh from the daytona 500 um, not sure when this will be up, but today is sunday december 27th. So now, it’s 49 days – it might be up tomorrow when it’s 48 might be up tuesday when it’s 47, who knows, but we are coming down with the final uh final stretch of days until daytona, so super excited for that too and uh before we get into It, hopefully you guys enjoy the video if you do make sure you like and subscribe don’t forget to check out the links down below and uh let’s get into it here.

We’Re going to start with the box, like we always do, get a little bit of a festive background with the christmas tree, there’s the front kevin harvick 2018 and the render – and you got kevin harvick on the top diagram on the back. Then you have kevin harvick number: four bush beer, flannel, 2018 fusion and one of 805 out of those 805. I have number 220 so now let’s get into it um. Obviously they ran a 2019 version of this car with the mustang um. But i have a couple mustangs and yes, they look awesome, but i wanted to see a fusion again so uh we went and we got 2018 version um, but yeah. This thing looks awesome, there’s a full view of the left side. I absolutely love that flannel pattern looks awesome and bush beer over the last couple years has uh definitely become a front runner for best paint schemes uh last year they ran a couple patriotic ones at pocono that were absolutely awesome. They ran one for the farmers which, like a corn paint scheme, which looked cool and uh a big buck hunter one from i think 2019, that one was sick, the gen x and gen or millennial cars. Those were pretty cool, so bush beer has definitely had some great paint schemes over the last couple years, so we got to give a shout out to them for giving us some cool. Looking cars and let’s get into the left side.

Here we got moog melee, comp, cams, edelbrook and sunoco, and we got goodyear and there’s a throwback for you, the monster energy nascar cup series logo. We got mechanics, mechanicswear, 3m, lincoln welders and flowmaster. Then we’ve got the nascar race car sticker. Now we’ve got kevin harvick on the name: rail, with the twitter, facebook, instagram and snapchat logos, as well as three winner stickers. Then we’ve got ford mobile, one hoss and hunt brothers pizza on the b post and exalta, and what is this one axalta and rush truck center that’s, what it is? Rush truck centers uh down there on the side, skirt and we’ve got outback bloomin monday on the sea post, then bush beer, haas mobile one and jimmy john sandwiches and, of course, the american ethanol fuel and input insert it’s one of those two hey yeah big fan Of the flannel paint scheme it’s pretty cool to have it then uh give you a look down the right side here. This is the third kevin harvick car in my collection, adding to the new hampshire, 2019 win and the millennial car, which i think i’m gon na sell so check out my instagram i’ll list it for sale there if you’re interested the link to that is in the Bio and we’ll take a look at the front here, got that old fusion body a lot more rounded off than the uh than the new mustangs, but never looked bad. So on the nose we got ford fusion now we’ve got stuart haas racing down there and the number four and, of course, bush beer on the hood brewed in the usa and hazard bush, st louis missouri, and we got monster energy with the four logos on the Windshield try and get in here, if not i’ll, just show you guys the overhead view, you can see that orange number four really pops out.

Another thing i like about is that four looks good now take a look at the back got bushbucks.com bushbeer ford, number four and kevin harvick foundation right. There we’ve got kevin harvick on the rear, windshield. Of course, bush beer on the deck lid and jimmy john’s on the roof and the trunk doesn’t open, but the front wheels do turn, and that is that, so there is the review for kevin harvick’s 2018 bushbeer flannel car, like i said, i’ve, been wanting this one. Since it came out, i’ve been a big fan of it, but just haven’t pulled the trigger on it, so it’s pretty cool. To finally have it i’ve been trying to cut down a little bit on the drivers and all the die casts uh. Just because i am running out of room uh, currently college students, so i don’t really have my own place yet so i need to kind of conserve space where i can, but um it’s, also expensive, so i’ve been trying to cut down, but this is one that I just have wanted for a long time, so i had to go and get it um. So here it is. Hopefully you guys enjoyed the video if you did make sure you hit that like button and subscribe don’t forget to check out the links down below.