Lach, so on this video here, we’ve just done the unboxing on the V V V V di, which is a funny name, I’ll get used to it sooner or later so we’ve done the unboxing on this particular unit here. So there are other options on the market if you want to clone a remote control for a car. Another option here is the mini Kady, which is basically key DIY, and this one plugs into your smartphone, and I just want to take you through its bit of an unboxing video, because we’re gon na actually show you how to use it later on. But this one here, this little tiny double, is allowing you to actually generate a remote control, so it’s very interesting because you don’t need a device like this or one of the other devices which we’ve we’ve previously shown you first thing out of the box. Okay, it comes with some roll pins, there’s, probably about 25 roll pins. There may be sorry about 20 20 roll pins right there, which are always handy to have here’s your device right here now it comes with a funny type of port. Here it might be the new Apple port I’m, not too sure on that, but it does come with your micro SD, which is standard for all Android phones on this side. Here you have where it plugs into the remote control. It looks very similar to actually the vvt i a plug, and I don’t know if the remote controls are compatible or not.

Here are the remote controls very similar to the to the V or the x force movie di ones, his remote control. Here your blade goes here, flick key once again, so you will put your blade in similar. Show you how it clicks in put your blade in and there’s a little hole for your roll pin. You would cut your blade and then, when you want, you could simply just push this button and the key would flick up quality on this. I find very good. You can also put your own company logo sticker on the back too, and have them custom made quality on. It feels just like a original remote control. So I really like the quality of that same if the Xbox ones from China. I found them really good as well pulling it apart here. Okay, once again I mean this one: they didn’t include the batteries and they give you no indication of what type of battery is needed. There, I’m pretty sure it’s a 2036 just the same as the other one. So this is your actual board here. You would plug this in here program. It and away you go which way are we here? We should be plugging in this direction. Okay, so that’s plugged in now. So what I’ll do is I’ll. Do a quick, little demonstration on how to actually program it because I’m boxing well it’s just a little blue device and it doesn’t last long so I’m gon na just quickly open my phone and I’m gon na go to the key DIY app I’ll show you that Ok, see is here’s my phone here.

If you can see okay and it’s the key DIY app here, what if she’s room right in so you can see exactly what’s going on here? Okay, so that’s a make sure you can see it there! Okay, disclaimer! I agree. Okay notices, an update, that’s good, so updates, and things like that are very, very good. On this particular platform. Each time you open it up, it’ll will update it. I found that really good. It does Android and iOS so obviously that new port there must be the new Apple one or could be an Android one. But I just don’t know when you want to generate a remote control which generate let’s just pick one here we want scrolling down let’s go to go back, let’s, go to Volkswagen v, dub Skoda, seat! Okay! Now we need to know what frequency we want. So with this particular model it does have a little function port to say you know, check frequency, but I don’t believe it actually works. So if I was to go back here and go to frequency check, okay, it is lit up there error. Sorry, the current device does not support this feature. Please use device such as KD, 900. Okay, so there you go. So if you want to check frequencies, you probably need the KD 900, but to be able to generate it, and if you know what you you won’t do, it should work sufficiently. Let’S go back down a Volkswagen and we know well.

I know that I want to generate a 400 megahertz one let’s go. There tells me b series megahertz and we’re gon na use this type here and then we’re gon na go through and generate bang it’s done so that took a couple seconds exit and now this remote control should be on that frequency ready to go. Then we simply cut cut our key at a battery program in the transponder chip little slot just in there for the transponder chip, so we’ll put a transponder chip in there. That corresponds with the car program that, in put our own boat back together, put a battery in it and program in the remote control as well. So the actual working of the board and all the rest is quite easy to use. Take the battery up here, that’s. Quite easy to use to flip it all together slide together here, I don’t want to slide it together because then I’ll never get it apart, put the blade in knock it in, and then we have our remote control ready to program in for the vehicle. So this little tiny tool here is a good. Well, yes, because you can take your phone and you can actually start to program in a remote control for a car when you compare it against this machine right here. It does the same thing so I’ll show you here. If you compare it against the VDI and then they’re all good machines, they all come from China.

They are doing the same thing as far as remote controls going. This one has more features. This one is cheaper and then you can also compare it against the silk one. Okay, so the silk one I mean: silk is you’re gon na get better support. You get easier usability things like that, but let’s let’s look at these. As far as price goes. I was room back out there, alright, okay, so this one here, australian cost me about twelve thirteen hundred bucks. This one here, australian cost me about five hundred this one here cost me about forty a year: 40, 50 bucks, okay, so yeah! If I was to buy two or three of these, how many remotes could i generate with it quite a few? If I lose it, no big deal upgrades all that is done as soon as you start yeah this one here I have to update and use the silca firmware go on the computer, plug it in as far as recharge ability on these ones. Here, I’m using batteries in the back of it, so the batteries will go dead. This one here is recharge all and this one here doesn’t use any batteries, just users off your phone, so three different programmers to generate remote controls for vehicles. I, like them all, and I was lucky enough to be able to afford all of them, but if I was to choose one over the other I’m leaning towards this little fellow here, because it’s cheap, I believe, kdr why I can generate five.

Six hundred different types of remote controls and they’re, adding to it this one here I found it to be about two to three hundred, but they are adding to it. So right now, three hundred types compared to five hundred types. You know that’s the more expensive model. This one’s, you know they’re, I don’t have the specs on this one on how many remotes it generates, but I will be saying it would be comparative to these, because these two were in competition. This one he can’t check frequency this one. He can’t do your cloning of your chip or dick chip generation as well. This one can so that is a big, huge difference. This one does have a lot more features: remote, remote, remote garages, and things like that. So there is a big difference.