It is commonly believed that the world is a better place than it was five minutes ago. The rapid pace and technological advancements have made life so much easier, more convenient. In fact, in the 70s and 80s you’d need multiple keys to open and operate different compartments of the car. You need a different key for the ignition one for the glovebox one for the boot and one separate one for the doors. Now, however, you can control all of that, in addition to many aspects with the power of your simple smartphone. Thanks to the advent of connected cars, the possibilities seem endless. While there are a few connected cars on sale in India today we are going to talk about the kiosk altos. Now the cell tous is a connected car because it comes with the 4G ECM embedded into the system. What that allows it is to be connected to the Internet, virtually all the time. So if my car is connected to the Internet and my phone is connected to the Internet, I should be able to connect nearly a lot of aspects about the car from my smartphone app, which is exactly what kia says. The UVO app is meant to be, but there are many questions about the UVO app people need to know what it can and can’t do. Try and navigate through the kia evo app and show you what it can and can’t do by taking you through the entire user interface of the.

So I have the UVO app open on my phone right now so I’m gon na. Take you, through a step by step process of what all this app can do for you. Firstly, let’s go to the vehicle control system from this. You cannot only check the status of your engine, your hood, your climate control, your doors, your trunk. If all of that is closed or turned on or off, in addition to your tire pressure monitors, it also tells you the range of how much fuel that you have in the in your car with this system. I can also start the engine and turn it off as well like this absent the command and it’s gon na stop the car right. Another thing you can do is lock and unlock your car in a similar fashion. You send in the command it’ll, go to the cloud and will code directly to the car and your car will lock or unlock depending on the command you put in. You can also preset the climate control settings before you reach the car, so your cabin is school with or hot, depending on the weather, condition that you prefer and you’ll have a complacent ride as soon as you enter the cabin one, more thing that you can do Remotely with the remote app is that you can in case you’ve parked it in a multi story parking or in a mall and you’ve forgotten, exactly where you’ve parked it there’s an option for horn in lights.

You push that button. It sends the message of the cloud and the car starts beeping and flashing its lights completely, so it shows you where the car is and it makes it easier for you to locate the vehicle. The next thing you can do with the app is track your vehicle. You can set in parameters and they’ll alert you. Accordingly, you can have a valet alert, which means if the valet drives it foot too far too long or at a higher speed, you’ll be alerted additionally there’s geofence alert. If you activate it, you can preset a radius from a point and if the car goes beyond that you’ll be notified, speed alert lets. You set a maximum speed. If I thought someone else is driving your car you’ll get a notification that the car is speeding over. That limit that you’ve said time fencing allows you to be notified of if the cars being driven longer than you intend it to be allowed to. In case you don’t want your chauffeur or your kid to take the car out, without your permission, at a time that they’re not supposed to you’ll, get an alert for that as well and, lastly, is idle alert. If the car’s been kept idle for a little really long time and it hasn’t been moving and the engines on you’ll still get analog, which is really helpful in case you’ve turned on the car remotely and then you forgotten about it.

So the Apple alert you with them. The next aspect is the vehicle Health Report. This tells me how many times the car has been started in their entire month, the how many kilometers it’s done in that month. The speed it’s reported the average speed. In addition to how long the cars been driven or even how long the cars idle, in addition to all of that it’ll, tell me the health of the powertrain, the electric power steering the tire pressure monitoring system, the airbag the brake systems and even the cabin air Filter another aspect of the UVO app is the maintenance alert the maintainence alert aspect of the app lets. You know when the car has overdone the kilometres or the months that you need to change the oil or the air filter, or even things like Benjen cooler and the engine, oil, the fuel filter, and things like that. So in case it goes over the limit that you’ve already set. It will alert you for that. So next time you send in the car for a service. You know that has to be replaced. The tracking aspect of the app lets you track where the vehicle is started and stopped, so you can go through the calendar from the entire history of the car and it will tell you which, day at what time the car was started, what speed it was traveling In and where it stopped another feature which is really neat about the app is that you can search for a point of interest, place, let’s, say a restaurant or like a fuel pump or whatever.

When you select that you can send that location and the navigation to the car via the internet, and when you reach the car, it will prompt you for a response. And if you accept it’ll guide, you directly to the point that you already preset. So before you even think about setting off in the car and setting the navigation, you can do it straight from your smartphone and you will have it ready for you once you arrive at the car now, I’m, a little hungry, so I’m gon na put the nearest Restaurant over here once we get to the car we’ll, have that ready for us, like other, connected cause. The kiosk Altos also features voice commands. While we are still working on then AI enabled virtual assistant. The some of the features are still already available, while there may be only a few, but they still do work really well, for example, how can I help you? Navigation to Google here are directions to Caraga. Another thing that I can do is control the climate control with the voice commands, for example. How can I help you I’m feeling hot setting temperature allowance? I can also tell it I’m feeling cold. How can I help you I’m feeling cold, increasing temperature by two Celsius? So increases and decreases the temperature accordingly by two Celsius, how we can also set it to a particular temperature like how can I help you set temperature to 24 degrees searching temperatures 424 Celsius? There you have it.

There are few other features that you can use with. The cell tours, but this is something that really work really well and when you’re driving these are actually quite convenient to be using. The cell toss is also equipped with an air purifier which is built in straight into the center console. So it sucks in air from the sides and it emits cleaner air from the front in the back. You can actually sense that the cabin is actually fresher. Additionally, it also comes with a fragrance function which ensures the cabin always smells fresh. Every time you come to the car, and it also makes it easier to travel with your flatulent friend now, this review is focused mainly on the you go app the connected features of the car and the diesel automatic version of the cell toes. Should you wish to see a more detailed review of the cell toes with more features in space and everything else? Click on the link above over here and you’ll be able to see the review now coming to the cell toes it will drive in here today. While Kia offers three engines and four transmission options with the cell toes, we are driving the combination, which is the 1.5 liter diesel and the six speed talked inverter automatic. The engine is very refined and it is paired well with the transmission and it’s very easy and smooth to drive, which makes it ideal for city conditions in addition to driving on the highway as well.

The diesel engine offers decent amount of grunt. The torque is available from very lower in the rpm band ring and which is ideal for city conditions, and if you are trying to make an overtaking maneuver from a low speed or when trying to maneuver through traffic and exploit a gap, it seems perfect to do That, however it’s, not the sportiest of the combinations available with the SEL, tops the transmission isn’t as faster shift, as I would have liked when compared to that DCT automatic, which is available the petrol. But it does the job really well and there’s. Nothing that you can complain about, however, that is one gripe I have with the transmission. Is that get on the downshift it’s a little bit jerky, but it’s, not something that will bother you too much when you’re driving in the city on the highway, though it still doesn’t, I haven’t, driven it as much as I would have liked to, but I’ll have To see when I get the car for a more detailed review at a later stage when it comes to fuel economy, the cell toss with the diesel automatic it’s in the real world condition it’s delivering at about twelve point, six twelve point: eight, I haven’t driven the Car extensively so currently I’m getting a fuel economy of about twelve point. Eight twelve point: nine. But to get a proper representative figure of fuel economy from this Altos diesel automatic I’ll have to drive it a little more.

The suspension in the diesel automatic shelters has been tuned to be slightly on the firmer side, which obviously aids, to stability. However, it doesn’t bother you even on the slower bumpy roads or even if you’re driving fast over bumpy surfaces, it’s, not an unpleasant experience, driving the cells off. Even with this suspension setup this little firm, but it manages the bumps really well and you won’t really even notice it even for the smaller bumps of the bigger larger potholes, the cell toss is unfazed and it rides up with aplomb most modern cars. These days are offered with these connectivity features. Cars like the MT Hector, the Hyundai venue in the Elantra and some other luxury manufacturers like BMW, Audi and Mercedes in the mass market models. The system has, although some way to go before they become completely flawless, but the beauty of it all is that it can be updated through the internet and your car will always keep getting new features and updates. As for the Kia’s altos diesel automatic in this HDX plus drill, it is comparatively priced at fifteen point: nine nine lakhs ex showroom.