6 ps power, 240 newton meters of talk, so basically karen and monica 10 to 15 lakh segment. Low. Very competition is only present in the venue at the direct competition, so basically um be gtx plus model. So within the diesel manual transmission manual transmission, so basically six speed, gearbox and coming to the is beautifully crafted and kia logo he has on it and the kind of bottom, just black color piano black finish with the fake exhaust type. Only so exhausted design only fake design and coming to the left side of the car, rear, Music, piano black surroundings and kind of usb slot, with some storage options. Audio speakers audio speakers front loaded. So this is the interior and coming to the steering wheel, steering wheel flat bottom steering wheel with the gt line and icarus contaminant voice right side is contaminated, automatic headlamps, so hit light, function, sunny right, side, load and left side, viper functions, left side, low automatic viper Same level but uh you have to take it. Control over manually engine starts a button traction control on and off park, assist and headlight leveler door low, electrically adjustable mirrors with the lock unlock and four door power options and auto auto roll down and auto roll up errand functions good night, so, which is very good For the castle, only either function into either down or up into one, which is very good and uh coming to the center console economy, ac control, suny and ac fan controls for increasing and fun decreasing.

Ac ac vent function, front, defogger, rear defogger automatic climate control line. Asic off and ac power off – and this is for increasing your temperature for cooling and heating and rickard juice crd engine until then key so power, cord 98.6 bhp. So, okay, right revealing each and everything and coming to this side, glow box, um. So audio system is very good and let me show you the screen, so: Music, Music, Music foreign, so do follow my instagram.