Did you realize it’s our youtube channel? Okay, let’s! Do the intro so guys, listen up so guys, listen up. We have a new box for you guys, but we have no idea what it is. We have no idea what it is, because my dad ordered it for us. My dad ordered it for us, then quit it otherwise, i’ll make you disappear. No no don’t make me disappear. Please guys enough of this nonsense. Let’S bring on the car wow that is cool let’s get this unboxed wow guys. I can’t believe this yeah it’s the wl wltoy12401a guys. This is everything that came in the box, the manual the list of parts, the charger and this tool. Nice transmitter feels good, even comes a bad insight. This thing is awesome, let’s bring it in for a closer look, of course, oh look huh. I don’t want to go. Remember you said you wanted to bring it in for a closer look. No, not that gel anyways. Look at this! That is epic, i’m, so so tell mom thanks! Oh thank god. I didn’t you brought us back. Anyways let’s bring it in! For a proper, closer look, hey guys, this thing comes with big boar mail shocks, front and back a bit squidgy, but we’ll see when they jump it it’s a four wheel drive, but it comes with an extra wheel guys. The tire compounds feels impressive guys watch this. This is set so guys. This thing has a full roll cage on it, it’s another 550 brush and another 60 amp speed controller.

This one comes with a huge twist label battery guys let’s take a look at the underneath. This comes our metal frame. Overall. This looks good guys this even comes in lights in the top. This is so awesome, then. I think i should test this now you’re the king of breaking this one’s for me, so guys that’s the end of the review, but let’s get out and test this thing. Hi guys i just got to the skate park and guys i was really really excited and i think the cars are going to slide yeah but that’s going to be part of the fun. So let’s get going so today, i’m going to be putting this for his pieces and he’s not touching that that’s fine i’m going to challenge you with this: the armor bag, rock wow, it’s begging, good them, one, hey guys! I just got back from the skatepark before we talk about the cars. If you like your content like and subscribe back to the cars. Well guys, what can we say? We had a blast like i said guys. I have a new favorite. This car is just awesome guys. I just like to say this: big rock is phenomenal, but the review is not about the big rock it’s about this car right here. So let me just pass over to his eyes guys where’s. My even start. This thing was so durable: well, we put it for its paces, but the only thing it broke was his wings guys.

It jumped awesome and drifted awesome and it raced awesome, guys, i’m, so impressed with this car. This has to be my number one. Favorite held its own against a giant big rock all right, guys, let’s talk about pricing for both of these cars guys. This big block is 350 pounds. Well, this one is only 88 pounds guys for 88 pounds. This car has to be one of the best budget cars out there, guys we’re gon na leave the link in the description below.