All these comments well, as will tell me, oh look what a large tummy he has and what not this bike is for someone like him. Look at him. Why would you sorry, would you ask your daddy to pay 1.47 lakh for this motorcycle yeah yeah Noro? This is the most expensive 125 cc motorcycle ever to go on sale in India. I mean the Duke 125 it’s naked sibling is 17 thousand rupees cheaper and 13 kilos lighter and if you’re talking Fred bikes, the r15 v3 is more powerful and 8000 rupees cheaper yeah, but a 125 cc KTM does make a lot of sense. People like him and his daddy it’s, not without reason that in the last 6 months alone, almost 50 of KTM sold in India have been the 125 Duke, but the RC being more committed has a bigger challenge at hand. So the big question is: is this KTM enough yeah, never mind right now, apart from this rather cool Liberty, the RC 125 is no different to the other RC visually, which is to say it’s, sharp, aggressive and just refuses to look dated. This is good news for those of you who have always wanted a bigger RC, but just stole it beyond your reach and it’s just as well. Equipped too, you get the steel trellis frame, the MRF tyres that are the same on the 200 and 250 CC KTM, and that 43mm upside down fork along with a 10 step adjustable mono, saw all of this comes together into one solid package.

The moment you find yourself at the entry to a corner, then the RC 125 comes to life. Despite the 154 kg dry weight, the one then section front tire, the 150 section rear tire and that trellis frame help the RC 125 feel as if it’s got a point to prove every single time. It goes around the corner and what it lacks in terms of the electric agility of the r15. It makes up for by being poised, stable and very confidence inspiring. The RC 125 is sharp on the brakes with a single channel abs, preventing scary front wheel, locks and the ride quality to is fairly pliant for a motorcycle of this sort. More importantly, though, it’s got everything in place to native indulge in some serious corner entry, like all good KTMs. The RC 125 is just too much fun to make quick changes of direction on and wait a minute. I just had a very heavy breakfast. Excuse me, sorry about that, although to come back to the point, it’s great handling enough to justify asking your parents to spend that kind of money, not exactly in fact telling your father, you want the motorcycle because it lets you get your knee down is only slightly Less worse than telling him you want to indulge it banned substances, you’d better, come up with something else that something else is probably the fact that it just hasn’t got the sort of performance to make anyone seriously angry all right.

So your parents will love the fact that the RC 125 has the same potential energy as other big KTMs, but in terms of kinetic energy there’s, almost nothing to see here wait was that supposed to be the other way around. Oh all right, so it does take its own sweet time getting to a hundred and once it does get there, it just sort of remains there. So high waste is not that the RC 125 has any business venturing out onto the highway, which is something that will be music to your parents, ears being a 125. The RC should be rather easy on the wallet when it comes to its fuel consumption. If the 125, duke is anything to go by, you can expect the RC to return roughly 46 kpl in the city and 47 kpl out on the highway, but with that sort of fuel efficiency, you can use your pocket money for other things that we don’t really Have to bring up here so we’ve established that the KTM RC 125 is good, looking well equipped and as the handling poison ability that can, prime you into becoming an awesome rider.