This is a 1969 ss ‘6 version and it is sweet, told you so i know you guys watch this channel. You know how much i enjoy driving these phaser cars they’re. So versatile! You can do almost anything you want with them, and the price is pretty much impossible to beat so let’s get in here and look at what else you get in the box and take a look at the chassis and i’ll. Show you some of the special features of the body and whatnot okay. So in the box you get your owner’s manual, of course, got all your important information, breakdowns parts numbers and all that good stuff. You get your standard, syncro transmitter. These are probably one of the better transmitters on the market right out of the box, and you also get some wheel hexes and a couple of tools. The wheel hexes allow for some adjustability in the offset of the wheels. So if you have a wheel that sits in a little too far or out a little too far, you have a little wiggle room there to make the wheel look right. So enough of this stuff, let’s break into the car and see what this thing’s all about. So, as you can see, this body is absolutely beautiful: 69 el camino, who doesn’t like a muscle, car business up front party in the back, the mullet of muscle cars as they like to say you don’t get those hoonigan stickers.

I installed those uh, as you can see, super cool rally style. You know vintage style wheel. This is gon na, be what you’d see on most of their muscle. Car designed phasers and these cars are just really great all around vehicles. I mean you can do anything. You want with them basically and uh. You know between 219.99 and 229.99 that’s pretty crazy hard to beat for the performance that you get. This car has six light buckets, so you got four up front, a classic ss emblem and we got tail light buckets out back. Okay, so now that we got the body off, we can kind of see some of the other stuff in here now excuse my extremely dirty pro line. Work mat she’s been used and abused anyway, it has oil filled shocks, it comes with full ball bearings throughout. This is an all wheel, drive car, the body mounts are fully adjustable. You kind of get a shot of the bias ply style tires there. Now, normally factory ones have a little cover over this wiring and receiver area, but i find it kind of makes it difficult to access, so i usually just remove those on mine, especially if i’m going to be installing lights, like i’ll, be doing on this one. These do come with a 14 turn brushed motor uh and a 60 amp esc. Now it will run 3s, but do that at your own risk. I usually just stick with 2s on stock systems.

Um it’s got super beefy drive out back, i mean just a really killer platform. You you can drift, you can drag race, you could speed run. You can make a rally car out of one of these and i’m gon na kind of show you what else you can do with this all right, let’s, just quickly talk about like a couple of easy options to make these cars a little more fun. If you want to really drift on any surface, you can buy some of these cheap drift wheels and tires from amazon. For, like 10 bucks um, i typically run jen’s ace batteries. This is a 5200 milliamp hour 2s. These cars do come with dean’s plugs, although i will be probably changing to ec5 because that’s what i’ve gone to everything. At this point, i appreciate everyone who tunes in and watches the show and uh i’m gon na just keep the videos coming and keep cranking them out, and i hope you enjoy this action sequence stay right, my friends.