Let’S get into it and have a look Applause; ah so: Music, hey, Music, Music, ah Music, okay, so let’s get into uh using our nice zed tech tool kit and changing the ratios of our gears. So nice thing with this truck no nasty body pins to spoil that scale, look which is always nice um. So all it is got these release pins here and here just pull them back and those body posts come out like that same on the other side, retract the pins give it a wiggle for some reason, this back cord there we go, it always gets stuck there. We are right so there’s, the truck with its body shell off now. What we’re looking to do is to get into here into the gearbox to change the ratios. So no tools required to do this. Just pop that clip open there give it a wiggle a little bit fiddly there we are it’s out and then we need to get access to the gearbox as well again flip that clip move that out of the way and there we have one motor so here’s. The gear we want to remove so we go into our lovely zed tech racing tool kit. Of course this is bespoke for this job, but these are these tools are so nice. You could quite easily use them for just about any of your modeling needs and so you’ve got flat head screwdrivers, phillips, head screwdrivers, a couple of socket drivers and some allen drivers as well.

But what we’re after is this one here, which, as you can see, the name would suggest, is a pinion driver um. So this is for removing our pinion gear here so give it a wiggle under the gear. This is where we’ve got to be careful not to fire it. Across my workshop oops he’s a little bit fiddly there we go now it’s going you see once it’s under there. You can easily prise it off. Of course, you could probably achieve the same goal with just a set of pliers, but what you risk in doing that is, of course, ruining the teeth on the gear. Now, what i’m gon na do i’m gon na find the smallest sprocket available there we are and the idea is it being very low geared, so it can help climb better and do my rock crawling course easier. So no tools required to pop it back on just push it back on like that. Now, because we’ve changed the spur gear to a smaller one, pinion gear, sorry uh. We also need to change the motor spacer so that just slides off there, you see on here you’ve got number two and a number five depending on which size gear you’re. Using you see one side’s thin one side slightly thicker, so we need to find the appropriate motor spacer for this now much smaller sprocket. So what we’ve got got one and six there let’s give that a try now you’ve got to make sure and get it on the right way up as well.

I reckon because we’ve got the smallest pinion gear, we’re, going to want the thinnest edge, which is apparently number six, and you want the arch on the top of the motor for your motor clip to clip into place and then just slide the motor back in there. Just check the mesh make sure it’s happy there. We are and then reassemble gearbox cover back on make sure not to trap any wires there. We are and then our motor cover, which also locks it down in position there we go now let’s give that ratio a try Music. So so there we go, that was the koyo show 4×4 mini rock crawler, uh yeah, really impressive little truck handled my course really. Well, uh lowering that gear range seemed to aid it with the hill climb as well, um and yeah, and also this uh zed tech lovely little toolkit that i’m sure we’ll be using that a lot in the future on other projects as well, um and yeah. Once again, thank you to our new friends at rc mate uh for sending us both the truck and their own design bespoke toolkit um. As always, if you’ve enjoyed this video don’t forget to hit subscribe, hit that bell icon for future updates on any other videos that we do and if you’ve enjoyed it always helps to give us a like as well thanks.