Now you drop something and everyone’s not looking for it. Cody’S, not even looking for anything he’s just hanging out down there Music. What is up guys? My name is mark cinema. Welcome back to channel welcome back to rc blog. Yes, i am driving and recording. I know that’s frowned upon we’re out in the bfe there’s evan. We got ethan back there. We are heading about an hour and a half north of my place to ardmore oklahoma, to check out uh. Oh police reported ahead to check out um shaw’s new mini z, track the track isn’t new, but they just redid it so it’s, a new layout i’ve. Actually never been out here. It seems like he has a whole bunch of cool stuff out here. So we’re mini z racing today on a new track should be fun all right. We made it it’s crazy, i’ve actually never been here. This is shaw’s rc shop. I go to his track. I never go to a shop. This is my first time ever at a shop. We were already greeted by a super fan we’re about to head in. There check out the track, all right, we’re here, evan ethan our run batteries. I am not running, but i don’t think i want to race because that guy’s been cheating too much. I don’t know if i can out cheat him today. What happened? Haven’T already broken: oh yeah, his battery’s uh really really low, but got the track over here looks, i think, he’s got a shop in the front.

We’Re gon na go check out the shop here in a little bit and then back here is all the pit area already already dead bud dang. So i brought a little secret weapon. We brought this guy. This is our 10 walmart car cody’s gon na cody’s about to wheel it cody you good yeah, i’m good bro. You got this. You saw this thing. It doesn’t have bad speed, but it can’t make a turn if his life depended on it. Evan looks like he’s having some problems over here. All right going in the shop i had one rule is to not let the cats out so we’re, not gon na. Let the cats out, oh nice, lots of stuff over here, oh dang. I almost got that color. If i wouldn’t have got that color, i love that color that color is sweet. Oh man, this place can make me have to buy something today, trx4 sport, look at all the mini z’s that one’s already sold. I could totally pick up an lm today. I kind of need a new body. My bodies are all beats of crap. There is an evo, so this those are like uh, they come brushless, but they don’t have a remote or anything or a body. So no need for that. Yet i might be trying some new mini z stuff later. Actually, i kind of need one of these also. I want to buy something here i like to support the local hobby shop as much as i can.

Whenever i go places or i’m trying to make it a point too so we’ll load up on some stuff battery. These are awesome. I have one of these. Both those are awesome. Look tire truer: he’s got a whole bunch of different tires so i’m breathing hard, because i got my mask on guys check out what they have here. Look at this. They got the traxxas mats everyone’s. Looking for traxxas maps, i don’t know if we’ll ship them out but i’ll ask them. I know people want these, they stop making them. Uh they’re gon na probably make them again, but i don’t think they have any in stock and they’ve been out of stock. For a long time, but these are very very hard to come by these – are the traxxas pit mats. I love them. I have them on my car on my car, i mean i have them in my pit station is what i meant to say, um, so that’s. What i’m buying these little motors here? These are apparently they’re. Stock motors, they’re 70 turn motors um, but they don’t get as hot. They run cooler, so we’re gon na we got a couple of these. Try them on our cars and then i have to get a transponder for the boys cars. I don’t think i’m going to race today, but we’re going to continue to look around look at this. This never made sense to me the bodies and this isn’t a shots thing.

This is an everything thing. The bodies are super expensive. It makes no sense to buy the body. You can just get the whole car like 50 bucks, 50. 60, crazy, the whole car you get a whole brand new car, for i think they have some for 129. These are all 175. all right. What else we getting guys? These are pretty cool. Hmm, we got all this stuff power hobbies, that’s cool, but i have one of those well. We should try some of these new batteries. You know we will we’ll. Try some batteries let’s try it. I don’t need those bud. I’Ll! Try! A couple of these batteries. Is yours, okay, i need to put transponder on bud. Oh, we got different color wheel, nuts, uh yeah i’m, getting blue wheel nuts for mine. You get orange walnuts, do you think cause you have orange and then evan should get blue wheel, nuts, maybe all right um. What else we need here? The black walnuts, are cool all right. What else we need! We got all this over here. These are shims and stuff. I already got a carbon fiber t plate, but thanks for asking hmm, we got a whole bunch of tires already. I think we’re good. Now i have a camera body for mine. You got a camaro body on yours, oh man, that’s awesome bud. I saw that. Probably you were hitting them ethan all right bodies. Do i need bodies. Nah, we don’t need bodies.

Yet i kind of do, but i don’t that’s another cheater right there, cheater in the flesh here see all those those tires there cheater tires that’s. Why he’s? Looking at that section in particular uh, i will like i’d like to pay for all this stuff. Please you would like to pay for this god, you guys don’t do anything around here! Do y’all! You got customers at the desk and you aren’t doing anything. I’Ve been working on cars since i’ve gotten here. Look the red wheel, nuts! Oh, those look so good on the red bull body just put those on and put new transponders in we’re good to go. Ethan doesn’t have new wheel nuts, but i got him the orange one, so the orange ones look should look pretty cool on his car. I got the blue ones on my car look he’s got look, looks like he’s got like metal wheels on his. That lm is legit they’re still looking for that, whatever they drop back there. I hate that feeling look at this luxury. They get to sit while they race, they’re they’re, just chilling over there dang look how fast ethan’s car is. You don’t want to see that they run 45 minute mains here and 17 qualifiers? No, i heard they actually do run like seven to nine qualifiers and then what seriously 15 minute mains 15 to 20 minute mains, that’s, crazy we’re! Not we are not used to that! Ethan right! There evan right there it’s about to go down.

Oh yeah, all right! So the race hasn’t actually started yet they got to go across the line. Evan’S right there, Music, good ethan, just hit the wall there. That was running real good uh. Oh he hit the wall, oh no he’s losing it. He heard me talking about him, get them Music, i’m, ten times more nervous. Whenever i watch my kids drive, then, whenever i drive guys evan’s right there, Music all right, cody cooper, mr tq, he is about to take the walmart car and put it in a race check out this remote. You guys saw this. I did a review on it. Left and right look at this thing it only. It only goes like look so the remote stays on. Oh god, what are you doing? You’Re about to put cheater batteries in there come on man. These are regular batteries bro. What kind of cheater batteries you put in there all right, he’s putting in some top secret batteries? He thinks he’s gon na. Do something special with this thing, i’ll be surprised if he does one lap bro all right, what’s yours guess how many laps do you think this thing will turn i’m gon na say no way, it’s gon na turn, 10.. I think you’ll do. I bet you will turn maybe three before you want to pull it off all right, that’s true, oh man, he put he put uh rechargeable batteries in there. No, i didn’t cheater he’s, already sauced the tires that’s.

Why it’s up on there? I give him one and a half. I don’t think he’s gon na make it one in half i’ll make it one half i think three or four is what he’ll do he’s gon na do the wall left? Try it. No. That could get ready to get off. All right, there’s cody, there’s cody with the walmart car, it looks the same god. Damn it evan even get it don’t break my walmart car, you think you’re gon na do ten laps. Oh yeah there’s no way dude, oh man! That is too funny all right there. It is the walmart car Music. If cody beats you with the walmart car, i i’m, taking your mini z away. That is one. You turned the wrong way: dude yeah! You did all right Music, cody i’m done. You would have been faster with the alkalines Music. It went austin powers. Are you pushing down on the uh the steering really really hard? It does not turn Applause. Oh he broke one Music. I think that was five laps, cody it’s gon na be close Music. Oh you tried to take them out. Dude you’re doing good job Music. Look i’ll, give you this guys. Look. This thing has got no damage on it: it’s legit, it is a freaking tank bro. He made eight laps with it. I seriously i’m thinking about trying to take this body off and see if we can put it on a mini z.

No we’re gon na upgrade that call we’re gon na upgrade this car. Yes, i mean all right: we’re gon na send it to boudreaux and it’s going to be a cheetah card next week, all right they’re going to try to mod it and make it actually run with the mini zs evan’s running the walmart car. He actually ran it better than cody Music he’s running consistent with it. This is the eight main qualifier and he’s running the walmart car in it. Look at him he’s going good. How many other the other cars are faster what’d. You say: oh he’s done 11 laps with it wow yeah, he’s running it pretty good. Oh, he just don’t. Take that air that’s, your cq all right. One last thing before we end this vlog i was torn to shop. We did not go back here. Show you! What was back here, it’s just parts back here, it looks like he has a whole bunch of rpm parts check out. He’S got some really old. Super old parts like i’ll, show you some look at that. Look. How old that tag is that tag is completely faded. Let’S see what else we oh look: he’s got some ecx stuff. You guys remember that brand in the comments below tell me if you ever owned an ecx car. I personally have not let’s see some old school lossy, stuff 10 scale parts. Someone look at how old that is, but that’s not that old.

Those are the green pieces, so it can’t be that old and then he’s got a bunch of oh look. Here’S. This crawler looks like mine. I need to go crawling again, some tires, but yeah. That is shaw’s hobby shop, well, that’s a wrap guys.