If you see my audi r8 versus mclaren 12c and i jumped it and everything so it got a little bit trashed, but i want one that’s kind of immaculate, so this one won’t be getting driven but yeah. I think the only one i haven’t got is white. Um but yeah i never had an orange car till i got this one yep, the p1. You can tell it’s just an evolution. Man it’s just a mad looking car yep. That was one of my different favorites and if you see my police car guys that’s um a mclaren police car, i don’t know if you’ve seen it, but you would have actually because that was the unboxing number 80.. So that was just a black shell. That was converted to um a mini z, police car right. Okay, now check out this custom little baby ready. Now this is a subaru shell, but supposedly it’s been done by trp, so i’ve been told. I can’t really find any evidence of that. But let’s have a look at it. It is different, it is rare. It’S got a it’s got a cool look to it. I would do it a bit differently myself, but i think it’s all right, all right guys. What do you think of that? Little bad boy? So it’s, obviously kitted out with the monster decals and the pin works kind of like the monster paint work. So you’ve got the black you’ve got like a lime, green, bright, green and you got white now i would have, you know, had less white on there, but that’s how they’ve done it.

So i don’t think it’s official, even though, when i bought it, the person said that this is actually a trp one that they’ve done. I don’t think it is, though, but it’s a pretty cool custom job i like rare stuff, and if this is officially done by trp, then it’s super rare, because i’ve never seen one like this ever and, if not it’s, still a decent job, pretty cool. Have i got some wheels supporting this let’s? Have a quick look. I think it looked pretty cool with some decent wheels. That should look alright, let’s have a look. Are you in well it’s, not perfect, but not bad. There guys turn around we’re gon na see on the display stand anyway guys but yeah not too bad. I think that’s not a bad attempt, not too shabby. I haven’t got the blooming thing in that’s. Why it’s sticking up i’ve got the mountain there? Okay, right, we’re, gon na check them out on the display, stand guys get subscribed, get notified guys be ready because there’s, some more beautiful, crazy, mini z, unboxings to come mostly 5734 check him out. Understand: okay, guys! So here we’ve got the subaru wrc 2008 version and this is a custom monster. Decaled shell um, as i said, i wasn’t sure if these were official there’s, nothing to tell me it’s official or if someone just took it away, i mean it’s, not a bad job. Could have had a bit more green.

Actually, the front should have been that bright, green. The whole front where the white is now if that whole front would have been that bright, green. That would look mud so yeah. I don’t think they should have white in the car anyhow. It is still nice still different, but yeah i would have preferred just black and that that’s a nice green though definitely just stand out. So this particular shell, guys um. It was made in april 2010, they’re kind of getting hard to find now the white ones um. The wheelbase is 94 millimeter sl originally made for the m, which is the all wheel, drive car, the fronts don’t have any offset they’re narrow and the rears don’t have either not me, though i’ll definitely put some deep dish on them. Originally they come with. A 15 spoke type golden wheels and yeah, so this would have been like the plain white version: the saltbag wrc, 2008 impreza yep, and so basically guys. The impressa is a compact automobile manufacturing, 992 by subaru uh, the all the world division of japanese transportation, conglomerate, fuji, heavy in industries, so okay, right and so the apprentice chassis had been more successful in rallying than subaru’s previous contenders. So so, prior to the introduction of the impresser into the world rally championships racing in 1993, the subaru world rally team had fielded its large mid size legacy it’s how, however, the rest of the rally? Competition increasingly shifted towards smaller and lighter chassis, so subaru introduced the smaller impresser immediately achieving a podium on his debut on the 1993 thousand lakes rally, so that was basically jump started its uh early rally efforts and they developed impressive into competitive rally car they teamed up.

So we did with their um british motor sports company pro drive in 1989, so not good, no, not bad for a debut and they also debuted it at an upcoming acropolis rally in greece that was around seven on the world rally uh championship calendar. So basically, it was based on the hugely successful subaru impreza sti. It was driven by the australian chris atkinson and the norwegian peter s albert okay, that’s, why? This is all about version right, okay, i get it as the first time that subaru used a hatchback model as their wrc representative and has been called the most radically different subaru world rally car in 15 years by the team, so they painted the wrc car in A in a bold new color scheme, which is still blue, okay let’s get some interesting specs, so the wrc 2008 was powered by a two liter horizontally opposed four cylinder boxer engine producing 300 horsepower. The car also featured a longer wheelbase and shorter front and rear overhangs than its predecessor, so the change stuff on it um. So the front runner well. These are features that were added the front and rear mcpherson strut suspensions. The boss fully adjustable shock absorbers, the ap racing 310 millimeter, ventilated discs and six part calipers front and rear for asphalt use front. Brakes are 378 millimeter ventilator discs with six part calipers, with a weight of only 1230 kg. The car included a lcd collar monitor with eight selectable data screens.

Kenwood radio equipment sits on a 15 inch diameter for gravel 18 inch for tarmac wheels and pretty tires right. Sorry, yes, it can go to the radio equipment and then there’s these two different types of wheels that are done by pirelli, all right, okay, so yeah anyhow specs in the car. But i like that curtain with a bit more green, looks different, looks awesome and you know me guys. I just love stuff that looks a little bit. Um unique and that does it’s definitely got a bit of flare to it. So i want to make a rally vid, but maybe not just yet, but i will be able. I am planning to do that at some point. I did make one and it was a bit of a rush job, but i definitely would like to have um some rallying, because the drifting and rallying just looks mud. You know, especially within the hairpins and handbraking. It looks cool man. I need to put some of my dust on my track. The problem is i’ll, get stuck in my mini z. I’Ll find a way around that guys, but yep so stay tuned for that and guys get subscribed, get notified check out the next one. Okay, guys and here we’ve got my ex favorite kyosho mini z, uh kind of sweet towards the p ones now so i’m still with the mclarens, but so here’s. The mclaren 12c gt3 2013 version in orange and i had had green, had black didn’t, have orange and white didn’t really appeal to me at all.

So i never went for white but yeah. That was a shape. I kind of like the most. I was going to carbon fiber that one out um and who knows, i might do it because my other one uh is a bit worse for wear, so i could do it but i’ll see. This is the only one that had the 12c gt3d calls on the side on the rear, spoiler. None of the others have that one okay. So the the makers guys the mclaren. This model is a 12c gt3, 2013 version deliveries, orange uh. The first batch was made in october 2014 and now it’s kind of become rare. I don’t i haven’t seen yeah. I still see orange green, you don’t see i’m black, pretty rare white and orange i’d say that you could still get hold of them. The wheelbase is 98 millimeter and it’s a ll version and the chassis type guys is a mid motor mount and the front is a 1.5 narrow and the rear is a 2.5 wide and the actual wheels on this bad boy are 10 spock gun metallic wheels. They don’t look that metallic, but yeah hey. I should try my uh chassis under this one. I don’t think i’ve used it on the old 12 c’s i’m gon na. Do that actually guys i’m gon na put a black background. I’M gon na try them wheels as well, because i think it’ll just make it a little bit different anyhow but um, so the mclaren mp4 12c later on.

Simply as a mclaren 12c is a supercar designed and manufactured by mclaren automotive. It is the first production car wholly designed and built by mclaren since the mclaren f1, which ended the production in 1998. So this boo, it boasts loads of features, guys it’s got a carbon fiber composite chassis and is a powered and it’s powered by a mid mounted. Mclaren m838t 3.8 litre v8 twin turbo engine, developing approximately 592 horsepower and around 443 pounds of torque 601 nm of talk. The car makes use of formula one exhaust technologies such as brake steer where the inside rear wheel is braked during fast cornering. To reduce understeer power is transmitted to the wheels to a seven speed, seamless shift dual clutch gearbox, so the convertible version was made of this and it was called the mp4 12c spider, and then it was renamed 12c spider. They like shot abbreviations, not the mclaren. F1. P1 12c, so yep there’s loads of specs, guys on uh, some of the uh enhancements and the performance of this car, but anything i’m interested in top speeds, so, third, fastest laptop lap time around top gear test track one minute 16.2 seconds. It did the nurburgring in seven minutes and 28 seconds, and the mp4 12c won the middle east car of the year award as the best supercar in 2012 and overall car of the year at the middle east motor awards the same year right. I want to see a different background, so in march 2012 mclaren ready the 25 ready, 25 mp4 12c gt3 cars for a full racing season.

In the 2012 fia gt1 world championship and its gt drivers tested the car on its duns fall test track the same test track as used in top gear bbc. The top bbc television show mclaren released several promotions. Mclaren released several promotional videos for the mp4 12c in the lead up to in the lead up to the racing season, including one formula, one star, including one of formula one star, lewis hamilton, including here we go, including one of formula one star lewis, hamilton driving the Car at locations in the us i’m changing the wheels out you, okay, it doesn’t. Look that amazing, with the wheels well, i don’t know right grandma and if you’ve got that shell and you use it, and you still have your wing mirrors, you are amazing because them and the la ferrari have got the worst ever mirza minizis. As in this snap off in your hands, when you’re, just taking your chassis out, your shell does that delicate i’m, not blaming them, because they’ve done it as a replica so scale down to how it should be at that size, but but initially strengthened. It was something man they need to work on some stronger rubber plastic kind of compound, because it’s, not nice, but your mirrors just fall off. It kills the entire look anyway last bit of specs on this car so compared to the road car. The mp412c gt3 produces less power with only 493 brake horsepower due to homologue what’s.

This homologation all right. The car features a new bespoke six speed gearbox, that is, 80 kg lighter than the rods cut. The road car seven speed developed with ricardo. The steering wheel, is lifted from the mclaren mp24 mp424 formula. One car the car took its first victories in the world. The car took its first victories in the world. Are the two races of the sir sir sir kitto circuit circuit, the navara round of the 2012 fia gt1 world championship season being run by hexis racing. Okay, a lot of specs a lot of information there guys, but definitely a legend man that is beautiful, nick guys, okay and i don’t think i’ve had them on a stand before no, i don’t think i have because they were like my earliest models. I think the mclaren i bought as a registered run the green one um yeah. They were like really early early on so yeah. I don’t think they’ve ever been on the stand, so the police car has after it’s, been all modeled up, but not when i got it.