The wife is gon na kill me. I just know anyway, so this one is a kit that I have had my eye on for quite a while it’s been about six months or so so it’s, not a super new kit or anything like that, but it’s kind of one of those kits that’s slowly, Fading out so before they start going up in price, getting it at the bottom dip where it’s the last few everybody’s rushed in and bought them is it’s kind of the sweet spot. If you can wait that long and I love the look of this car and it’s stunning, so I’ve been waiting and waiting and the prices look like that they’re just starting to pick up, so I thought now’s the time to get it it’s a stunning. Looking absolutely beautiful, Luton car I’ve opened it already, mainly because I’d forgotten what it was. I didn’t know what this was yeah. It kind of happens there, this stuff coming in all the time, so I was like what’s. This turned up in when I opened it. Obviously I realized what it was so that I could bring it to you so that’s enough, waffling let’s get on with it. Shall we now I haven’t seen one of these cars in real life, but obviously I’ve had other cars from it. The box is a bit of a hint for you as a giveaway. Oh my god, right there we go nicely wrapped up, see you now what’s the easiest way to get into this without damaging the box.

So here we go now. This is a rerelease of a classic, but the main thing about this car is absolutely beautiful. Now having my own put stock now after getting my first pure show, which was the RiRi Turbo Optima, if you haven’t seen the build on that let’s just put that down. I’Ll put a link up here, go check that out cuz it’s, absolutely beautiful, but watch out, because it can be expensive because once you get into these cars yeah now most people know me as a fan of Tamia, but I am a massive commercial fan as well. There just can be quite expensive so, but I never had any kosher cars when I was younger, so I’ve really kind of come into them later on, but it’s a beautiful kit. Now this there’s plenty of build videos for this, and things like that. But I really wanted one before it disappeared and I wouldn’t I wouldn’t be willing to pay lots more than what I did for it as they as the last few go up in price and then they’ve kind of gone. But what I love about these cars is just look at that yes, doesn’t get much better than that. Does it right what I’m gon na do is I’m gon na? Take this out photograph it up and do a bit of a montage for you: okay, run the montage Music. Well, there you go, and I think you could agree with me.

It is a quality bit of equipment now they’re fizzling out. So if you’re interested in one of these, you need to get it soon, because the prices are going to start trickling back up again as suppliers dried up and demand will grow well. But I think most crucial fans are currently itching and waiting for the announcement. That will they produce emit now it’s got to happen. Koecher you’ve got to make a mint there’s, so many people screaming out for parts for mids desperately trying to restore all their vintage stuff, and we could really do with a new mid but which one will they go for now? They could just go out something really special like a Tom’s, but I don’t know. I think it would make more business sense to say right. We’Re gon na bring out a turbo Optima. Why? Well, I think if they bring out the turbo Optima, that it gives them somewhere to go if it sells really well. If that sells, all its units and people are still craving for more, they could then do a higher kit like a Tom, special or something which they could charge more for as well. So that gives them some progression. They just announced a few cars and a few brushless motors and stuff like that. Unfortunately, the mid wasn’t in there so we’ll just have to bide our time and wait, but the prices of mids are creeping up even for the old worn out ones.

So it’s a bit of a shame because there’s lots of parts that were all after as well anyway, I digress down the mid world. Let’S, stick with what we’re supposed to be talking about the tomahawk, so I’m gon na be building this really soon on the channel. So stay tuned, don’t forget to Like and subscribe hit that button switch the bear and all that kind of stuff. Because if you want to see this, you don’t want to miss it. Because someone has told me that YouTube is not telling everybody. When my videos are coming out, thanks YouTube nothing like trying to start a little Channel anyway, head over to Facebook RC Kicks where there’s lots of people chatting in the group. I’Ll put a link here somewhere and I’ll. See you on the next one.