Jeff asked me to record some videos for the channel, so we hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think in the comments below today: I’m going to be showing you the l5 remote it’s, this little device right here that plugs into your ipod touch or iphone and pretty much. You can control your TV directly from your ipod touch or iphone. So this is how it works so to get the thing to work, just need to go to your app store and download the free app cold l5 remote. So, as you see here, it’s a free app go ahead and plug in now go to the app l5 remote. And here is the interface it’s, a very basic, yet good interface. So you can gather up all your old remotes and now it’s the time to go ahead and set up your remote. So, as you see here, here’s my l5 remote into my ipod touch and here’s my files remote so for this we’re just going to go ahead and start with a basic one that you can go ahead and sign later on to you know, give it whatever type Of buttons you want so, as you can see here, we got obviously that’s channel up channel down volume up volume down, you can mute it and if you scroll down, you can see the power button and all the you know the numbers again. You can end up just customizing this any way you want, but it’s super easy to.

You know reassign the buttons with your remote, so we’re going to go here and want to do volume up. So you click on the volume up and it says, point and hold the hold remote at l5 accessory press and hold the side button. So we’re going to go like this. Here is my volume. We go ahead like this. There you go signal assigned so now we got the volume button assigned now we’re just going to go ahead and repeat for each button. There you go so now I’m just going to go ahead and do this for each button. So if you check out my remote, I got everything assigned the way I want it, but let’s say I want to add something else, because if you look at a files remote, you just got a lot to choose from you’ve got all these different things like. If I want to go on demand – or I want to access my widgets or anything, even my DVR – the cool thing about it – is that this can, you know, do whatever their motives of course. So all I have to do is click design, and now I can move all these things around so I’m just going to go down over here. So I just drag that circular button over there change the name and write in DV are so I could, if I wanted to click change, icon and change it to an icon, but for now I’m just going to go ahead and leave it at a little button.

Like that so here’s, my remote scrolling down here’s this button DVR, but it actually does nothing right now so to do it choose it. Click assign now we’re in the sign mode click the button go to the remote, find DVR hold it together, signal signed and there you go so that’s. How easy it is to do it clicked on here is your remote, so we can do whatever we want it with this remote, but now let’s go ahead and put it to the test and see if it actually works are now we’re going to put it to The test, so you see here, I got the remote old setup now let’s go ahead and put it to the test. Um let’s. Just you know the purpose of the video let’s go ahead and meet this because I really don’t feel like hearing this. There you go, it’s muted, can hear anything and I’ll show you all unmute. It I’ll turn the volume up. With my volume button there you go mute it there. You go so now you can do anything. You flip through the channels it’s super easy to do. I can go ahead and type in a certain number that I want to. You know check out like, for instance, let’s just do five there you go it’s going to go to five about a bing bada boom fox news. Will you be able to do anything with this now, since it’s hooked up to the DVR, I can go ahead and just turn off the DVR are going to go ahead and turn it right back on.

I can go ahead and go to DVR the button that we set up here. We go these old things that was recorded on this particular DVR. Anything can be done with this, so if i wanted to be able to flip through here, I would just rather remote, and I would assign these to a button that I make it’s as easy. As that one two three, the l5 remote is pretty awesome. I mean it’s really good if you don’t want to have remote like this around your house, all the time just go ahead and take your iphone or ipod touch and plug this movie in and do whatever you want and then go ahead and go back to. You know, whatever you were doing pretty simple, pretty awesome. Alpha technology com want to thank them for sending it to me to be able to do this. Video awesome, stuff, great use, works. Great haven’t had a problem with it yet go ahead and check them out. L5 technology com – I’m, not foolish for best technet. Let me know what you thought of me in this video.