So today i have the legend rc truck from legendary, quick disclaimer. This was sent to me for a review. I have wanted one of these for a long time, but just never got around to getting one, and it is definitely a lot of fun playing with these. As a kid i get to, i played with him a little bit as my adult life. Not so much, but here is the car or truck, i should say, looks like i need to pull off the plastic cover on it. You can see some scratches, but it looks really nice. Each wheels got its own shocks, the tires themselves are squishy and its for off road use, so you can get it wet and everything you just dont want to submerge it in the water. But i know i have seen where you can actually run it through water all the way up to pretty much the wheels or at the top of the wheels. Then we have our controller here, fairly, simple, straightforward controller, and then we have our little goodie bag, which has our accessories. So we got our batteries and our charging cords and it looks like our led lights – are also in this back. You get two of the charging cords. There is a brick included. You only get one brick though, and then there is a little bag with some extra parts and a little rinse tool all right – and this is also the legendary tool kit.

If anybody has any interest in that, we just need to pull off these little tabs on the top and then thats going to allow us to remove the body and then here im just kind of poking around a little bit. We got our little battery chamber. You just have to flip these little switches and then once you have both of those flipped youll be able to pull that up and our batteries and you do get two batteries which will give you up to 40 minutes of run time. And you can theres a little adapter where you can connect both these batteries. At the same time, if you wish now to give you a little bit of a close up, you can see how each wheel has each or each one has its own independent shock. It is four wheel drive. The wheels are squishy for that rough terrain, so you can take this over mud dirt. Some water sand, all of that, the bottom of it and then heres the little lid for the battery tray. So once you have that put on there or put your battery in first put that on theres that little red button that powers it up, and you just stick this right back on and just put your clips back in and its pretty much ready to go. Then ill give you a quick look at the controller here, so it is trigger action. It did. We got a power button, we got a couple different switches, one switch is for high and low, so you can actually turn down the speed.

Got your power button there. You got some adjustments for like the wheels where it will turn the wheels a little bit. You got your turn knob here, so pretty straightforward, pretty easy to use and three double a batteries to power it so, as you saw most of its assembled right out of the box, but you just put your battery on or battery in and then we need to Go ahead and run the uh led lights, so theres two led lights, theres red for the rear and then theres the white ones for the front and theres two little holes, youre just gon na insert them on both ends and then were gon na go ahead and Were gon na give it a try, so you got ta power that on press and hold so yeah press and hold for a couple seconds. Youll see the blue light flashing. Now it is working. Suckers got a little bit of torque. You can see the lights on it here, theyre fairly bright for itty bitty little leds lets go ahead and well take it out and well just play around with it, and it does get pretty fast. I dont have a huge area to play, but a little bit ill. Take it to the street here shortly and then well see how fast you can go down the street and, like i said it will handle mud and dirt, and things like that pretty well yeah. I have to say that this car is pretty cool and pretty fast if youre looking for a fun rc car, this is pretty fun and really easy to put together theres, like hardly any assembly and im.

Definitely gon na.