Take a look let’s check this out. Now i do got to say um. I wish i would have ordered the red one, but you know what it’s going to be just fine and nobody can see that in there right now so um when it comes with bearings. That means they are oversized so that’s, pretty darn awesome there so now to get this thing loose i’m just going to take it loose right here. Take these four bolts here loose and then the bolts underneath and hopefully i can just peel this up and out so and once i get all this out at that point, i’ll just take the motor off and swap that out now i do want you guys to See the the uh lmt motor that i’ve been trying in it, you know is quite a bit smaller, so the old lmt little laser nut 1900 um got ta. Go back here. Got ta. Get this thing to run somewhat cool. You know, summertime’s coming. I got the transmission out without taking that back loose, because this is kind of floppy here, so it’s all done i’m, just simply going to unbolt everything and transfer it to the new case. Look at the size difference on these bearings guys told you they were oversized there. It is check this out now. One thing about all this: aluminum it’ll help pull the heat from the motor. The motor gets hot. This right here will take the heat and it’ll spread.

It throughout it’ll dissipate the heat and you have more aluminum on the chassis, so guess what you have more heat dissipation into the chassis. So this is a win win for everything, bigger bearings and all there is to set up right there. The transmission gon na pull some heat from the motor get things into the chassis, so i should feel a little bit of warmth underneath um vidavon everywhere now. So let me show you guys the rest of the setup castle monster x. I’Ve got the timing set at 5 degrees right now. It was at 10. I wanted to back it up a little bit to try to keep the motor cooler reefs. 400 sev2 that’s a really good servo, um i’m surprised at how awesome that thing is so, but anyway uh yeah. I got pretty much. I think everything vitibond makes for it now so, okay, we’re gon na go ahead and put the sand tires on it, since they run so well and get this thing outside and yes, it’s going to be on 4s, as you guys saw in the thumbnail i’m, not Running the sand tires this time. I’Ve got these big gnarlies on here, it’s been a while since i’ve ran these tires so and they make all the turn they turn everywhere. They don’t hit the uh suspension on like some of the other 2.2s. I have so yeah time to take this thing out and see how these take some speed.

Oh yeah, if there’s one thing about this place after it rains it really smooths out, but it is so sticky, so sticky got ta, get in a better position for the wind let’s see what it’s got. Oh well. All right runs good Applause. I like it. Okay, i think the 1900 kv motor the original motor is a lot better choice than that 3150 lmt motor. You can hear the castle esc, seeing her doing its thing, actually it’s running really good. Now, Applause, getting windy, barely pulled that out barely pulled that out now. These metal wheels, this thing lands really bad. They could actually break something they don’t give like plastic wheels. Oh my god that sounded horrible. Did you guys hear that looks like it’s still there nice? This is the washout right here on the back side of this is uh. Well, you guys know what’s on the backside. I hit it every time. Oh, that didn’t work out. That was a hard steering hit too still there only because this jump is required by law. You know Applause Laughter back up there, we go Applause, Music, there we go, and this is where we ended up i’m going to drive out of this. I told you Applause now i don’t know what is not happy, but something not happy now, the last time that i had this thing out, i uh was doing some tests with it this and that and i kept stripping the wheel hexes out and it was making A noise, then Applause might be something in these diffs Applause a little bit of a washout over there wow Music, uh Music, oh Music! Oh, is this? What we’re hearing we’re just hearing that bobby take some hits because it is super soft out here really nasty too Music, and if it was a gear, it would already be dead right.

Considering everything i just put this thing. Oh, when i was out there – and i came up – i realized i forgot this, so what i’m going to do is i’m going to give you guys a little bit of a before and after i’m gon na drive this thing around some grass see if i can Heat this thing up, hopefully the grass will clean off my suspension. Arms let’s, find out now running a grass can create a lot of heat, quick. So in a stick, but i do like running in the grass after coming in from something all nasty like that, because it’s a great way to clean your car when you go out there and get things dirty, you know in the sand and you drive around in Something like this it’s pretty good, because it’s a great way to clean your car when you’re in the mud driving around bashing around and things get hot, and you know things get dirty. You come back to the exoplex and you drive around in the clean water puddles, because that’s a great way to clean your car – and you also don’t, want to uh, i am losing some steering to the right definitely got an issue. One of those hits was a little rough, i think, but you know doing this right here. This is a great way to clean your car. I could oh, where am i at? Where am i at the little fat tree got in the way of me cleaning my car yeah? I think i got some gears in that back end that are not so happy.

I think it’s a diff gear it’s actual counter gears. Oh, oh let’s, look let’s, look! Let’S, look: oh look at that. It is cleaning it up. All right, i’m gon na go ahead and bash your own with it a little bit off camera and then get some get some temps for you guys. I actually took it to cut off how about that. Huh now what we, what you’re, looking at here, here’s your motor temps right there 125 120, this 104 100 100 in the chassis. So this is doing its job. It is completely helping to draw some heat away from the motor into this into the chassis and that’s. Helping to keep things good, i still got to hit it with the air hose well guys that was a good run. The case did exactly exactly what it was supposed to do. It pulled some of the heat from the motor across that more surface area to the chassis, more heat, dissipation, that’s, a good thing. It helps keep things cooler now when i say cooler and it’s, not that it’s going to keep it cool, but if the motor does get hot expect everything to be hot with it so yeah. If your motor is still getting hot. With this quick, you really got to make some adjustments. You know um, i kind of feel that these may be a little bit too heavy um. I do also feel that i may have the counter gears.

The sun gears and all in the back. Diff may be an issue off camera when i had the uh center diff the center out, and all that i actually did pull the rear in just to check the pinion bearings and all that, because i’ve had tons of issues out of this thing. Well with that bit of on case, it’s got the five by 13 by four bearings. They were good, so i know that’s good inside the diff. I did not open that up so i’m, maybe opening that up soon, but regardless uh the thing ran, good and the monster x esc ran the 1900 kd motor flawlessly. I mean that rain really really good. I mean like really good, really happy with how that thing ran. The stock esc makes it cog so bad, but that monster x got the job done just fine, so yep. I think that monster x has found its home for sure so anyway, guys all in all uh the center transmission perfect. He has a front diff case out now so i’m working on. I want to get me. One of them ordered real, quick too. So that way i can go ahead and get all this done. I’Ve got to dig into the steering. Some of those hits were pretty darn hard. I mean they made a little bit too much noise. You know so i definitely got something going on with steering hit something pretty hard. I tested the servo.

Everything seems to be perfectly fine with that, but uh, oh no. I have to dig into it so guys. Hopefully you like the video in that description. Well, i will link the laser nut and everything i’ve got on all the video on stuff, so make sure you check that out: amain, ebay, amazon and horizon um. Those links are affiliate links. They help out the channel quite a bit when you guys use them. Thank you so much for using them, so guys check that description, use those links make sure you’re subscribed and thank you all for watching guys if you like what you see hit that like button hit that subscribe button and ring that bell. So in the description there’s a link to become a channel. Remember if you want to become a channel member it’s, a very simple two dollars: five dollars: ten dollars or if you really got some money 25 a month, it’s a simple way to support the channel. So get that and i am doing monthly giveaways for members only so you might want to consider it so guys here’s those links make sure you’re subscribed.