I will present you a LEGO set that can literally fly. This is the 60260 Air Race set Building a flying. Lego vehicle is a long time dream for Technic builders, now here’s a simple city set that promises exactly that On the front. You can see the contents of the box there’s a brick built airplane with two pilons on the water and two helicopters that can actually fly. According to the text., On the back of the box, we get a closer shot of the airplane and also some explanation how the mechanism of the flying helicopter works.. This should be pretty familiar for. Ninjago builders, but let’s, open the box and take a closer look. The set only has 140 parts, the price is 2999 EUR or ‘.99 USD.. There are 2 numbered bags inside an unnumbered one, some loose parts and the manual with the sticker sheet and 2 plastic sheets. Let’s see these new parts. That honestly does not look like LEGO pieces at all for the first sight.. The helicopter body already appeared in two other City sets. Recently we get now one in Lime and one in Bright Light. Orange.. Interestingly there’s, not a single standard, LEGO stud connection on this piece.. They are actually very light, much lighter than what you would expect of a LEGO piece of this size. I’m sure this is a different type of plastic used purposefully to make it fly. Better. The two cockpit pieces are identical and they also lack any generic LEGO connection.

Points. We also get two new rotor blades and the two cords that were used previously in the Ninjago Airjitzu flyers.. Ironically, the cords are the only pieces that have actual LEGO pin holes on them. In the numbered bags. There are also 2 new pieces that are used for the helicopters.. The first one is this rotor axle, which is actually almost the same as the lower section of the Airjitzu flyer’s shaft and socket.. The other one is this dark, bluish gray handle, which is seems to be a fully studded version of the Airjitzu flyer handle that had studs and Technic pin holes.. I think, based on the parts we can say that, apart from the helicopter bodies and the bigger propellers, the principle and the design of the system is heavily based on the Ninjago flyers, which is not really surprising.. Here are the assembled helicopters with the simple brick built handlebars.. As you see, they both have a minifig pilot that fits in the cabin, but they are not fixed.. The handle section is much simpler than the Ninjago build., And here is the plane with the 2 pilons.. I have weird feelings about this part of the set. Don’t. Get me wrong. The pilons are simple, but look. Ok and the plane is a nice little build as well.. It has some coral pieces that look funny for the first sight, but the overall look is ok.. It has a working propeller, the cabin opens there’s a minifig in it, so it’s, quite playable.

. The size is approximately the same as the plane in the Amelia Earhart gift set.. So why the mixed feelings? Well, for me, putting these very different type of builds together feels a bit far fetched.. The helicopters are all about flying and action and there’s very little building involved.. I understand that LEGO wanted to compensate with the brick built plane, but that one can’t be played together with the helicopters or, if you try it … well. Don’T try it. Anyway, better keep the plane indoors. Now let’s go outside and see. What can we do with the helicopters? This is my first test. As you see, I don’t really have much experience with these flying LEGO contraptions.. I asked my son to help me with the demonstration he clearly has bigger experience. Here’s a comparison with the Ninjago Airjitzu flyer. The flying behavior is actually quite different.. The helicopter goes more upwards. The Ninjago flyer goes more forward.. It was quite obvious that the helicopter will not really have a stable flight without a tail rotor, but I was surprised to see that it does not spin that much. Sometimes it goes more or less straight.. As you see, it is definitely a toy for outdoor play, since the flight is pretty difficult to control, but it’s definitely fun.. We tested them for a few days, but the pieces seem to be sturdy, nothing broke so far.. So, to sum it up, I think this set has two very unrelated parts.

. The brick built plane with the pylons is a nice and simple build, but it’s playable in a well regular LEGO, way.. The 2 flying helicopters offer a very different kind of experience. They require minimal assembly, but actually pretty fun to play.. From this point of view, the set is very versatile, offering a wide range of play: options for an average price.. One thing to pay attention to don’t: give it to more than 2 kids, because it will be very difficult to agree who plays with the helicopters and who plays with the plane. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. If you liked this video, then please give a thumbs up. You can also subscribe and tap the notification bell. If you don’t want to miss my LEGO reviews and other LEGO. Rc videos. See you next time.