I was a fan of this car in initial photos and seeing it in person. I actually like it more, maybe even significantly more because, as you rotate it around with just a regular camera angle, not some super wide camera angle not trying to make it look comic or anything. The real proportions of this are really nice and it’s very low to the ground, and it just kind of makes sense to me. You know: it’s got that kind of c7 corvette kind of look which is not a bad thing. Some people might see a little bit of aston martin, maybe a little jaguar modern jaguar towards the rear. The base color is dark as your, which is a very striking and yet friendly color. You know it doesn’t doesn’t jump at your eyes and and poke you in them and say: hey, hey, look at me i’m here you know it’s it’s, it’s very visible, but it’s not offensive. If that makes any sense what i’m saying there. The build of this is simple, because it’s, based on a single rather large, full width, six wide chassis piece has most stuff integrated into it most of the main structure. But it has enough customizability to it that the designer was able to put some nice details in this. This does use the exact formula of lego city car, build that i don’t, like i’ve, already complained about a couple times from sets from this year, but as a sports car it works out.

It is six studs wide. It only holds one single person inside and it’s. Just bigger than it needs to be to be a basic people mover, but this is not a basic people mover right. It is a sports car. I, like the detailing, at the front i like the striping with a little bit of white and black, the shaping around the front, how low the hood is especially around the side. You actually have the ability to change the angle of the wing back here. They show it being folded down like that. I actually don’t like that look myself, but this does have a couple of gaps under the fenders like there’s, that one gap right there and there’s also one right there, the front um it’s, not super visible to me. Doesn’T stand out, doesn’t doesn’t bother me so overall, i just feel like this is just really well done. The inside i mean you got a little extra detail there with the the nice little brake, brick light that lets a little bit of light straight through this is about as simple as you can expect, with nothing, but a centered seat position, no console or anything as A steering wheel, kind of just the basics and hey top down it doesn’t look too bad. It looks almost like it would have been a a convertible hard top. You know or removable hard tops sort of thing, maybe take off a couple more pieces back here to to lower that and yeah.

You have some options but there’s just so much c7 corvette in this isn’t. There here’s a closer look at the driver figure, and this is a good looking figure to me just a regular dude. You know, but a modern print that has good quality. Has some nice depth? Has some nice detailing to it with some finer lines changes in the thickness of the lines? The only thing is if that undershirt is supposed to be white, in other words, if it’s supposed to actually match the color of the legs. Clearly that didn’t work out so well, but i don’t mind it regardless, like that look just right there as it is, is good. I think that having the undershirt be a different color, then then the legs is good in this case, whether it was intentional or not. There is no alternate face for this one, but i think that’s, just fine. This guy can be used for just about anything around any lego city. These are the only leftover spare parts and the set used no stickers. Arguably, the best thing about this is that it costs just ten dollars, u.s for a very nice car and a figure to go with it, it’s exactly what you want in a small basic set of just the car. It looks way better than it needs to. I mean i would have paid ten dollars for just a simple, more traditional style of of lego city car, but this is, this is a little extra.

This is a little more lego. Please make an entire line of these if you would be so kind different, colors, different styles, different designs, maybe throw a compact pickup truck in there, maybe go up to 15 for some larger trucks. You know heavy duty, pickup and stuff – and this is great. This is totally how to do it. I actually like the idea of this if they can come up with a bunch of designs that are that are unique and of this level of design quality, or at least something roughly within the range. I think i actually like this better than the modern speed champions cars, because, unlike the new eight wide speed champions cars which do look amazing, this will fit in a regular lego city and it will work nicely with with minifigures. You don’t have to switch over to an entirely new scale. This is great. I love it. I support it 100, because this is such a small set. I didn’t do a build video for it. I think you can understand that, but i will continue to do build videos for larger things and i’ll continue to bring you more reviews right here.