You can actually program your very own, so let’s go ahead and take a closer look. Now, if you actually look at Wally itself, you can tell it actually is a very high quality piece, there’s, actually a lot of different materials on this as well a lot of different colors, so it actually, it looks really nice just kind of just sitting way. It is now, if you look at the robot itself, you’ll actually see that there’s. I sell a lot of different joints which included sexual eyes itself, which actually go like this, and it has absolute LEDs inside them as well. Now his hands move as well as his fingers and the FCI’s wheels, so he actually moves around fully all on his own. So if you actually look at the remote, this actually controls walls altogether in which there’s actually different functionalities, which allow you to control its direction. As well as animation in which you can actually program it through the roller as well, so the first let’s going to take a brief look at it now. This is a basic functionality which allows you to control them in Direction kind of like a remote control car. So if I hit forward, he will move forward as well, in which you can actually go on and have a turn and in any direction you want now on the other side. Here actually has different functions. One looks like a Sun, so let’s go ahead and click on that yeah I’m.

Not exactly sure what that does. But in addition, there’s other things as well, which include a dance feature. So let’s go ahead and try that Music yeah not exactly sure, but it actually resembles for a lot from the movie itself. Now there’s actual other functions, including a map which allowed it drive in a circle and come back. Another thing you’ll notice on the bottom is actually a father speaks function which allows them to talk, and the different characteristic can move yourself on the bottom. Here, you’ll see a program button. The program button allows you to create your own functions. So if I had program, I can actually type my old commands, for instance, if I want to grab first really cold word, please return and then I just hit program again and hit go and now you have to support all those pulses. I get this back. Another Music and now we will go forward and then I do a u turn, and that was what we just programmed. So it’s actually a really cool and it teaches you about robotics, so it doesn’t have a lot of replay value, which is actually very nice now, if you have any questions about wall e feel free to comment down below.