I miss you guys so much so remember that. Well, hopefully, you watched the previous video, but i did say that i was going to show you guys my new, where there’s a fly over here, please, okay, so i was gon na show you my new ride so right now, i’m gon na show you guys a Little tour of my new ride – uh – hopefully you guys like it. Please comment below tell me what you think about my new ride: guys um also you have not subscribed. Please make sure to subscribe down below and hit that notification bell button, so you can always be notified when we post a new content, fine content, Music, all right guys what you think this is the new ride. So at first me and my husband were like wondering what to name our new ride. We were with royal blue bluey ocean marine, we didn’t know, and then we kind of came up with lexi and then dory. I don’t know guys. What should we call our new car all right, guys, let’s, go ahead and check on the inside now this kind of car um it does open up just by you having the keys next to it Music, you guys, like my new cheetah shoes, it is red interior. It does look like it’s, pretty um, pretty small, but it actually fits uh. Three people, three people, guys if it’s about four people, my bad, let me go ahead and turn it on.

So you guys can see the other features. It does have memory seats memory. What are you serious? You didn’t turn it on yeah guys, so i barely had this car for, like i think, it’s been two weeks. Music, oh and something i really like about this car guys is that it has awesome ac like real that’s, something i was really looking for in a car. Let’S see the features oh and it has like this little knob that you get to like turn and it moves the the console all the information informal, i think that’s what it’s called, because it has radial media climbing. Let me go ahead and turn on lazy, because it’s kind of warm up in here climate um phone, you can connect your phone kind of like a bluetooth. It also has like this gps, so you have to download a specific. I think it’s called scout, navi, uh app and then um. It allows you to put the your location right there. It also has info setup and display guys this car also has a current weather like it lets. You know the weather and also lets you know the traffic yeah guys. It also has um heating seats and cooling seats. So that’s, pretty awesome like if your car or outside is really warm. You can also just make your seeds cooler so that way um they won’t be that warm, especially because they’re leather, so it does get kind of warm, sometimes um.

I do like that these kind of chairs they like hug you so it feels really nice when you’re driving – and this also has um sensor lights. So, like you kind of put your hand nearby and it kind of like just turns on Music yeah, it’s pretty cool, and then we also have the sunroof. This was pretty a pretty cool feature in this lexus rc, 200t – very, very cool, very nice Music – and this guys, my husband hates this so much, but i kind of like it now. Let me tell you a story guys. Let me close the word real, quick, okay. So quick story is, i actually burn myself touching this right here, so i didn’t know that was metal at first and i touched it and i ended up burning myself and my mom was like right next to me, so you just pull it and then that’s it. I think it’s cool, but my husband really hates it. He says it looks like a current Music and then, when you want it, uh take it off you just like pull it again. You pull it up or down and then just kind of scroll. It back yeah guys, so this is my new little ride. Comment below tell me what you think. Oh, i didn’t show you this part either it does have a different modes like eco mode, normal mode and sport mode, and then it also has like a snow feature where i live.

It usually doesn’t snow. It did snow this year, which was really weird, but it usually doesn’t snow, and then we also have these manual i’m, not really sure what they’re called, but they allow you to like drive manually. I don’t really. I really don’t know how to use it. So i usually don’t use it focus the camera and right now it has ‘ 740 miles. When i got it, it was like ‘ 000 um 472. I believe so. I already added quite a few amount of miles and we actually got this ride from broom guys. Bro, it was really cool. We didn’t have to deal with like sales people or anything like that. You just choose your car and they deliver it all right guys stay tuned. Thank you so much for watching. Please make sure to subscribe and make sure to like comment below and let us know what you think of this new ride. Bye, guys guys if you have not already comment a number from one to a hundred or uh scars. Please make sure to do that. We are still doing the hundred dollar giveaway, so please make sure that you comment below and remember from one to a hundred.