The lexus rc isnt, like that, a coupe with an extra dimension of class that offers something rather different to the usual german prestige branded choices in this segment. Mainstream rc models both use four cylinder petrol engines to produce just under 250 brake horsepower, but achieve that goal in very different ways. The rc 200t that were trying here goes the conventional route, with a straightforward, twin scroll, two liter turbo unit, developing 241 brake horsepower. Its ultimate performance is blunted a little by the cars relatively heavy weight, but 62 miles an hour can still be reached in 7.5 seconds. On route to 143 miles an hour more importantly, it feels quite sporty aided by a low slung driving position and the rapid changes of the standard. Eight speed sports direct shift, auto transmission that you have to have the gear shift change times. The agreeably firm ride and the surprisingly direct and feel some steering can all, along with the throttle response, be altered by various modes of the standard drive mode select system active invited by this silver rotary dial near the gear. Stick go for this f sport variant and you also get adaptive variable suspension and a torso limited slip differential to help you get power down through the bends. I mentioned that there were two engine choices. Most rc buyers will go for the other option: uh 2.5 litre petrol, electric rc 300h hybrid derivative that puts out 220 brake horsepower yet is capable of 57.

6 miles per gallon on the combined cycle and 113 grams per kilometer of co2. In other words, you have all the ingredients for what might arguably be the most sensible sporting car that you could buy. One of the key reasons you might want this car lies with the way it looks. This mainstream version inevitably does without the arresting machismo of its high performance, rcf stablemate, but itll still turn heads, especially if you specify this particular models. Distinctive orange solar flare, paintwork time to take a seat inside where the driver focused theme continues in a letter line. Cabin deliciously different to the german class norm in its statement of style, though much of it is derived from the brands. Humbler is saloon. Theres still an agreeably expensive feel with lovely touches like the metal surround to this analog clock. Its not ostentatious and some of the materials are quite varied, but it looks good, unique, cultured and clever, especially in this f sport, guys time to try the rear accessed via doors, so long itll be hard to fully open them in a cramped car park. Well, as for actual space back here, you shouldnt get your hopes up even by the standards of this compact coupe class legroom is tight out back boot. Space is a touch restricted too look a little more closely at whats on offer, though, and the picture does brighten for a start. Most versions of this rc200t get as standard the proper temporary spare wheel that costs extra on those rival german models and would decrease their luggage.

Space plus all rc buyers get a 60 40 split, folding rear backrest. That will allow you to accommodate larger items and, in summary, well, ultimately, this is not only more interesting, individualistic choice in this segment, but arguably a rather clever one. A certain kind of bar will like this rc very much.