com we’re at quicker, stick and lube here in florida, pinellas park, so we’re doing a figure eight right now! Oh all right so we’re out here at quaker, stake and lube running this figure. Eight what’s up one man’s rc gang what’s up john Music, so yeah this is the figure eight. So we get some smashing and crashing Music what’s up studios, mr crow blow studios i’m. Not it goes for a time. I think it’s, like six minutes time limit. What’S up king Music let’s see Music, oh yeah, it was a big hit. Man i’ll get a little bit closer here. Is you didn’t miss this time chase whoa? That was close. Oh right in live action, thanks, jason, oh right there right there. Oh man, oh no! It’S busted in the front uh slashes and armas Applause – oh man, wow man, yeah. I just kind of figured i’d show you guys a little bit here i’m going to stop the stream in just a few donkeys and that, if you like it, man uh definitely share it. So that way we get more. People watching i’ll now get some other angles here, but i started a little bit late. I usually would do it. I thought about going at seven and starting this up, because it’s usually about the time that people start racing. Oh man, i guess that’s the end game over all right. They’Re gon na take a five minute break anyhow, so what i’ll do is i’ll, probably just cut back after five minutes, so all right guys so i’m gon na end it right now, but yeah appreciate you guys watching you guys take care check out omgrc.