Rc reviews, uh super cool guy, very supportive, always encouraging, and he really uh keeps the momentum going in these videos. So thanks a lot and a really big one is uh that his latest video. He helped me find this deal right here on amazon for 90 bucks they had it down to which was really cool awesome deal. This is the 118th scale, easy rc, uh patriot and i just found out that they just released the easy rc uh arizona, 118 scale, which is a jeep wrangler, yellow hard body and that’s. What really makes this a little crawler very cool, but we will be saving this one for the next video but i’m, going to post the link of bang for your buck. Rc reviews um video on this. You can check this out. He has it in uh some good running video on it too, so i’ll just be doing an unboxing uh later on um. But basically, while i was looking that deal up, it led me to this one which i’ve been eyeing for a long time uh, but the prices have just been uh a bit high um, but this was on amazon or, as of uh. Today is on amazon for 127.99 uh free shipping, which is the cheapest uh i’ve, seen it for, and they even had the seven percent off coupon which took care of the tax for me. So i paid 128 for this. But this is a six by six um.

118 scale mini crawler as well. I did pick up the red version uh. The brand is fms called the atlas and uh just give you a quick shot of the features um on this truck before i open it up uh, but it is definitely set up for a crawling as far as the power goes being a hundred turn uh brushed Motor i’m, not sure of the size yet, but the packaging was awesome. This came in an amazon box, it came in a fms brown box and then it has this packaging right here, which is a slip cover and a nice case, so check that out. I give you a shot of the box, gives you the dimensions? They even give you approach and departure ankles, which is really cool, um. Some more features uh, and this is the main thing, though very nice, cool, uh foam box like a case and uh let’s. Get this thing opened, man very cool. I don’t think i’ve had an rc pack this nicely, but here is the manual. This is actually um. I’Ve seen these uh rebranded as a turbo, rc uh, transmitters uh. I do have a few of those. Those are the ones i started on they’re great little starters. They take four aaa batteries that go in the handle which i’ll show you in a bit. Once i pull it out, it does look like they give you extra set of springs, uh hard springs as they’re labeled little wrench, screwdriver and uh parts trees for spare parts i’m, not sure how the spare parts support is on this yet um.

But this has been around for um. You know it’s pretty it’s one of the more recent rc’s, but it, but it has been around for a while um been watching it. Oh as i pull it out, it’s got really nice feel to it. Six wheel drive check that out very detailed working lights, uh hard body, a nice cage to it and a spare working spare wheel so that’s very nice, and then let me give you shot of this transmitter. So you have your reverse. Your steering trim throttle trim on off switch channel. Three um here is the handle and uh. This is actually where you put your batteries into you’ll flip this top off and then you’ll see in there we’ll take four aaa batteries and then once you’re ready, it does slide on. If i can line it up. Okay, this way: okay, okay, there you go so it slides on like that, so uh, not the highest quality, but not bad for a cheap one. I i think, if you ordered this alone with the uh receiver, i think they run for around 18 to 20 dollars, but they’re nice compact good for one hand um, but yeah aside from the unboxing. That seems to be mainly it um. I will need to look up how to remove the body on this one. I i believe. Oh there, you go so very cool. You just it’s magnets holding the the cab down and then you do flip it up, but it can only go so far because of that front, bumper, so don’t yank it and snap either the body hinges or the front.

Bumper that’d be a bummer, but inside here this is the plug for the lights right there, and then we have the balance charge port uh. This does. I believe this is a uh 2s uh battery. I don’t remember the uh capacity of it uh. Actually, let me take out the battery um, so the battery has held on by these little uh rubber bands uh, which i just snapped one so that kind of sucks uh, not the greatest uh retention system, but yeah. We got a 2s uh, 7.4 volt, 600 milliamp. So actually, i think this could share a battery with the wl toys k969, k989 and the a252 and 242. The battery is similar, uh size and, since it runs off of the oh but i’m wrong actually because the power is used off of this instead of the charging port um. So yeah, aside from that, you can take a look inside uh, something i think is awesome. I do see a three wire servo, so something upgradeable and i do have micro, servos i’m gon na see if the ones i have uh can fit in there, which is really cool, very happy about and uh aside from that, um i’m just gon na look for Ways to weight the axle uh and the wheels so i’ll, probably open these up and put some uh strip weights along the inside and another cool feature is that these are bead lock wheels according to what they advertise and you can see that they do have five Screws that go along the wheel there you go, that is very cool, so uh, no foam which uh the nice thing is there’s an option to add, being bead, lock, wheels, um and uh.

Aside from that yeah, i can’t wait to get this going and when i do, i’ll definitely run it with the easy rc, patriot and uh. Also the uh scx 24 is a pretty cool one. I actually really wanted that. Uh tetra uh k1 um that old, uh uh wagon one that they had a four four wheel, drive wagon, but uh the prices were running a bit high on that too, so i decided not to go with it um. Something to note is these: are not uh oil filled shocks, um just friction shocks uh, just like the wl toys are not the whole toys but the um axial scx, 24 uh that’s. The cool thing about the tetra uh is that they do come with the oil shocks, but anyways here’s a size, comparison um to another 118 scale or some other 118 scale rcs just so you can get a look at how big this is so pretty similar in Size for the 118s and uh, and in my next video i’ll get this opened up, so you can see how this stacks up but awesome, selling point about this is the details: cool hard body, uh working lights, um. It is a crawler uh, um and yeah bang for your buck. Rc gave a great tip that these are top heavy, so maybe they’re better as trail trucks instead of uh crawlers, but still very cool to have a mini, crawler, slash mini trail truck.

However, these perform because the scale is definitely there. So thanks for checking out my videos and definitely check out his videos and i’ll get that link in there, where he has the sale link to this one and i’ll post the link to this one as well. On amazon but the the key is, the sales might be over, but uh definitely shop around, because prices do drop every once in a while and it’s just uh snagging. Those deals so, along with being a cool guy, he’s got a great uh youtube channel name um.