God. I love this game. Every time you guys are rockin' it. K. Today we are going to have an awesome game. Of course, we're are mixing it up.. You guys love teams, yeah All Yeah Host. It was a little bit more challenging cause there's, not as many people here as we could use for. Judging so I'm going to be expecting you to be very Canadian with each other calling your own penalties, yeah All Yep Host, You two are a team today. Yes, You two are a team. Today. You're gon na be lining up. I'Ve already set your trucks up, nose to nose. Looks like Sluicebox. Steve is pulling the triple axle trailer.. This is an extensively long unit right, here. laughing. This is a grand hauler right. Here. Rookie is nose to nose with him his partner.. He is actually gon na. Have to back up down the entire hallway in here and position himself anywhere in the yard, while his partner pulls his truck into the yard, as well. First person into the yard gets to choose which orange spot that they are docking at today. Understand, gentlemen: All Yeah Host, Yes, Now these are Lessu forklifts.. Now they are very slow, but they are hydrolytic and they're very heavy, with an open differential, so they can actually pick up quite a bit of weight.. Also, in the background, the new Komatsu loader that we have with forks., You may be called to pick up heavy size, loads.

No over size, loads, today. Make sure everything is within the coping of your trailer.. Also, when you want a tile, you have to always make sure your forklift is in the spot.. Do not trip the laser guys. What is it if you do All PENALTY buzzer Host, YES, PENALTY, beep? If you knock anything off of the palettes, if you cross over the yellow and black line with any of your equipment, it is a penalty and of course, in the middle, the dock manager wearing his safety vest.. He has been killed a few times guys, but if you do it again today, what happens ominous music, Yeah disqualified, you are fired, kicked out the door your day is over., Do not knock over any of these palette. Racks themselves. Do not have anything fall off of your trailer, sir, or it will be a penalty understood Clear. Host. Yes, gentlemen, drivers on your spots.. Are you ready? You are going to have to pick up five different items to put on your trailer, which I will be calling at random that has been pre. Picked. You'll, see what I mean. All right Host Start your trucks, all imitating engines. Ya'Ll got 'em man, mumbling Beep In 3, 2 1. Dock, your trucks, horn, blows laughs Having to back up. Man. Let me get that rock out of the way for ya. Host, Michael showing some skill right, there. Rookie. Taking his time backing up. Man. I got a penalty.

buzzer Host. What why what happened? Ding Man, The trailer clipped, the block. Host – Oh block right here, So one person reset the other person – do the penalty. The penalty for today. Is you take this other forklift? You take the forklift over to a rack., You take a rack from the middle and you put it on the other rack understood Man Yeah. Does it matter which way I go Host No I'll make a spot for you right there. You just got ta swap one to the other. As soon as you get back to the orange spot, you penalty is over.. You cannot interrupt the person that is trying to dock. Woah nice Strategy right there, Man. This is such a tough turn. Host. It is. Man Yeah. It is excuse. Me. man, groans, Host, Both team members, both team members standing on their spot.. How you doing there Rook? Is it killin' ya, It's killin' me laughs, Host Its tough man, he's wiggling his way over., It seems like he's. Getting a little rim, rocked here. motors revving Man. Rook is gon na blow it yeah Host Lyle, having to complete a penalty before he gets to continue on., Giving Sluice an advantage here. all booing. He almost got a penalty himself. Sluice. This is a challenge bro. What are you doing? Sluicebox? I don't know how to get around it man. Host. I wish I could help you. Hey. You know what Hey I'm surprised that you guys aren't uh.

. We tried coaching last night but it's chaos. There's no coaching. Host, But to each other Nope Nope Host. No All Nope Host You can't talk to each other as a team, All Nope Host. Okay, that is not my mandate.. I want you guys to know that online right now. This is up to those guys. Man Now I'm liking it better Host. Are you liking? It better Man That one took so long Host. Look at this dude. Look at that That's right Man, That's, awesome, Man, 2, Yeah, you'd, say that., Host Good job, Wow I'm surprised at the actual dedication here, gentlemen. truck engine Sluicebox. Look at this Sluicebox. I swear there's! No way. Rookie We're kickin' ass as usual host laughs Host Over the orange, but that is legal you're allowed to be over the orange tape. Sluicebox. Oh, am I. I can't see it from here. Host As long as he's within that area. Yes, it counts. Yes, you are legal. Yep. Man Penalty, Lyle., buzzer Host. Oh, what beep Man He's not standing on the small all shouting Host He wasn't standing on the spot. Aw man. Lyle. I thought we could take turns. Host. Did you read the rules? Lyle? You can see there's a link in the video description box down below, if you guys, wan na check out some stupid rules that we don't really care about. 'Cause we're, all friends, havin' fun. You're, looking at bottom, four sir. Good luck, Rookie Uh! I think you need to fix my shit.

Host What's wrong Rookie. I dropped the thing. Host. Oh Penalty, That's right.. Here you go sir.. You are now reset. Right, here., You got ta. Do it! Again. Rookie Thank you. Host, You're, welcome., Rookie, Sorry, Mike. Host Good luck. Rookie. I couldn't even find it. Host. Oh, he got one of the only secure pallets that's there, a safety pallet right off the start. Everything here at Loading, Kings being unsecured on the pallets, because why It's hilarious laughing Man? Safety is number 21 Host. Safety is number 21 guys., forklift loading Man, Oh it's, something but it's, 21. laughs Host, Dude, good luck. See these guys can't even step. One foot passed that line. They're not allowed in here at all., Normally it's. The judge that gets in here that's correct. There. Like a glove. One pallet loaded. Lyle, still working on the penalty. C'mon Lyle C'mon, guys, Man, Shouting C'mon Lyle Host C'mon buddy.. I wan na see you get it out. Team, Lyle right now, everyone's cheering you on Man. Give her all she's got Host He's got the fastest forklift here.. Now to extra confuse our viewers. We allow coaching in the penalty, zone. laughs, Lyle extra dedication.. You can almost see like a bead of sweat on the brow right, there. It's a little warm in here. Host, Well it's. Thanks to that great overhead heating installed by what company laughs Lyle, Some dude. Host There penalty over Lyle fighting his way to back up gain a little bit more advantage.

Rookie. This is harder than the other ones when you're not used to 'em. Host. What did you just say? I said this is harder than the other ones when you're not used to 'em. Host Yeah, the Lessu ones are a big change. Aren'T they They're totally different. Is the issue. Host? Yes, smooth like butter. Rookie? Can we have a tile Host? You may and it's going to be a wood stack. Rookie Wood stack Host Wood stack. Good luck! All you have to move one of these whole piles, all three onto your trailer. Lyle, That's, the whole problem. Host. What problem You're the judge Host Uh! I am.! You are the judge., Then I think I got myself another penalty. One of the legs isn't up. buzzer Host, That is a penalty sir. ding I parked over there.. No one checked the legs. Host. Well, it's, not …. You left man. With the leg down.! Hey. Can you please put that leg up Host Yeah? Well, your partner actually does that. Man. Oh he's allowed to go in there Host. Well at the moment, yep. We're, shorthanded., laughs, Lyle, Okay, where'd! You hide the radio on me. I knew I was gon na use it next that's why I left it. Host. Well, you can't leave it on the floor.. I almost gave you a penalty. Instead, I moved it. unintelligible Host It's over on the table it's over on the table.. I just coached you but you're in the penalty, zone.

laughs! Oh look at this Man, 1 Interesting. Man 2. What is going on Host This is an unusual method. truck beeping Wow. I love it Man, This direction, Host, Oooh, crunchy. Man, Not sure. If that's stuck there, something did though. Host, Yes, Sluicebox Steve, showing his Rooki My partner's kickin' ass, and we got no penalties. We're safe. cheers Host, Showing his skill on the loader on the team episode, here. Lyle good, sportsmanship, calling his own penalty there.. While these guys slowly creep ahead. Rookie, You got this Sluice. truck beeping Host. Most of the viewers right now, can't believe that we'd be calling our own penalties right now and believing each other. all laughing Man We're honest people. Host It doesn't matter., dramatic music, Cool man.. I love this loader. It's, one of the favorite pieces. It's gorgeous. Wow., So that's interesting.. This should not be in the way for the penalty though., So I'll move that out of your way. Man, unintelligible Host Yeah, but he shouldn't be impinged from doing the penalty from getting out for you guys to all shouting. Doesn'T matter., No that's, just a failed attempt.. Cheering K I got ta take something up for a second and I see you're face palming right now, because I may bring up a good point.. I got you to shut off your loader because I know viewers call us on this stuff, all the time. Okay, I bring it to the court to say that I had to move the trailer out of the way for Lyle to complete his penalty.

. I don't think that that would have been fair.. I didn't say you couldn't, put it in front of the penalty zone, but you shouldn't be able to inhibit him on the penalty as he wasn't, inhibiting you. Fair enough. Host. Is that correct, or are we too crazy here, Fair, Rookie, That's, fair. Host? Okay? So stack back then please and we'll leave the trailer here, but you have to get your stack again and just get it from that point. Forward. Ready Lyle, because there was a mistake made you get to go back to work. Sir. Thanks Host I'll reset your forklift.. Thank you, gentlemen.. That sounds fair Good to go. Man We're, sucking here., laughs Host. You are, I just wan na make sure everybody's got a fair shot. Man. Well, it's got ta, be fair. Host, Yep. Man As long as we win. laughs, Host Agreed. Lyle, getting to work his way. Back. Man That's a penalty buzzer beep Host. Oh, he pushed himself into the wall over there. Penalty Uh. Yes, you are good sir.. You are in back. Man, unintelligible, Michael Tile. Please Host You are going for a green pipe. Lyle. If you don't. Do this right.. Host Good luck, laughs, Michael Green, pipe, Host, Green pipe. Yes.! I can't tell you where it is bro. Michael. I know where it is. Host. I hear a lot of concentration going on here. Gentlemen. all talking Host Yes. Lyle. I can coach Host Coach.

All you want in the penalty, zone. It don't matter.. Aha, Look at this. Nice. Man That's loose Host Yeah. There you go. Man, You got it No. Man. I don't know why he's doing ours., You might have to hook up your own truck Michael. Host That's too funny. Lyle, Sorry. unintelligible Man, C'mon Host In the team episode we're, allowing the team members to come in and help each other out. Rookie. Well, we got no judges, so somebody's got ta. Do stuff. Host That's, correct. Correct., Well, it's. The only way we can do a team y'know, a team event is to the amount of players and judges to pull off. One team event is just a lot of people. Rookie There you go Miss. Host, Nice., Rookie, Nice and slow, and just take it like that. Host Such a great drop cab. He's scraping the bumper. truck loading It's gorgeous man.. You should put some flint in there, so it sparks as you go. Along. Man, Sorry man.. It just started. Creepin' back there. Host Here comes the loader. Man, Fork's down., all talking Man Hold the phone truck rumbling Host, Beautiful Man, Hurry up and get unintelligible. Host There. It is. Done done. Back to work. It's chaos in here. laughs Rookie. Can I have a tile, please, sir Host? Yes, you can sir. Top nine. Top nine. Host Good luck. Rookie. I don't need luck. Man Penalty buzzer, Host Aw, dang, it beep Man, Nine inches, over.

, Host Penalty hits the wall on this side. Thank you for calling it out.. Judging each other on teams. Yeah it's got ta go back.. You can drive it or walk it. It'S up to your team., It doesn't matter it's, your time, lost. Michael, I don't think it matters. Rookie Scared, myself there. Host There, we go. Hard penalty, today. You'd, think moving a pallet from one rack to the next would be easy, but not so., Man, Squeaking. Man. I struggled with it. Host Yep. all yelling buzzer beep, A major penalty Yep totally a penalty. Teammate. You got ta clean it up. Rookie, Clean up and reset please. trucks, driving Host Good job Rookie Clean up on aisle two Host Yeah. Michael Tile, please. Host. Yes, sir, you are going to wood, stack., Sorry, dude., All three of them too. Host Yeah. Does anyone gon na get anything on their trailers today or are you all just gon na fail, laughs? Rookie? I got a skin on mine. Host. This is crazy.. Yes, you do sir. Rookie. That means we're kickin' ass Host, Yes dramatic music. Now these guys don't know that the wood stack is access to the multiplier. They're gon na have the ability to spin that if they get that on their trailers., dramatic music, C'mon boys, We need this stack out of the yard, Hoping that Lessu forklift isn't gon na. Let you down here. Oh Rookie. Oh, that is out Host Oh wow Wow Having to choose the right machine for the job that you're doing is part of working here.

laughs. Lyle. Now we got ta, go all the way back. Host, I know So slow. truck rumbling. This loader weighing about 25 pounds very heavy, has lots of hydraulic power, easily lifts up these stacks. Rookie. I know they're, so slow. Host Oooh. Man, Usually they leseen up, so you can get the fork under. Host. This is the trick, one that I left that's on. One side: lower. Lyle: What are you mumbling about over there Host? Oh, I can talk to the camera. laughs Lyle. You can talk to me. Buddy c'mon. Man. You got this. Host Going for the second stack. Over there Steve, showing some skill with the forklift. Ooh very touchy, with these hydraulic lifts., Actual hydraulic pumps inside here controlling the lift and the mast moving forward and backward. truck rumbling Insane guys. Make some noise boys Cheer On your teammates, I wan na hear some Michael We're scared to Host where's all the shit talking right, Rookie, Which forklift do you like to drive better there Sluice Sluice, I kind of like this one, but the other one's a little faster so. Host Nice job. Rookie C'Mon Sluice Host Look at the beast. Working his way, in. Man That's. You are way too high. Host Aw you're, kidding buzzer beep Fork's too high Man Love that penalty Host Aw. That is a brutal penalty. Lot of people. Ask us why we have a penalty like that and we say it's 'cause it's, a game.

laughs. Is he able to get it on here successfully Beautiful Man, Noice Man C'mon, you guys Host Sir well done. There's, no minimum or maximum fork height for the loader. Michael. This is on the unintelligble right. Here. Host Correctamundo Rookie Come over here Sluice, so you can see your forklift. Sluice Host Nice job Lyle. I wanted to say it, but I was afraid it was coaching. Host What I'm afraid to say. Good things to my partner because I'm worried about coaching. Host. You can say all the good stuff you want man. It doesn't matter. You encourage him. Shit talk the other people tile. You need to do the porta. Michael groans, Yeah, well, porta, potty man., Make sure you take your Rookie Porta potty, Michael It's, nice and close. whistles Man Bless you that's a good one. Michael. My heart is pounding. Host. Good luck, man. That's, the beautiful thing though. One of the challenging things about using like the penalty forklift, for example, which is a Carson over this Lessu one, is that this one has an open differential and it allows steering with more weight. So much easier. And although it's slow it's got torque. forklift loading all talking Now, if Michael knocks the guy shouting ominous music, all shouting – Oh my God – Oh my God, Michael, I can't, believe that. Host. You just got fired, Aw, I'm! So sorry guys.. What happened? Man Aw The shock ominous music Rookie I'm, the winner Host Dudes.

That means you win cheering fireworks, Dude! Congratulations! Rookie! There was one on each truck. Host A D.Q. Sluice Michael. Thank you very much., Rookie, Hey that's, one stack. Host Aw man., And that was the multiplier right there.. Oh, my God., You totally win. Man. You win Is that where the multiplier was Host, Sluicebox, congratulations! Rookie! You kicked butt again. You happen to be kings.. The Loading Kings, You guys, what did you guys write down over there, Nothing at all. Host? What did you write Kings and the …, Both Jesters. laughing? Okay kings? I have to tell you it is a surprise win., No it's, not. I was playing. Wow wow.. They just keep coming. Dropping bombs. Man. Michael. I hope you get. Your ass kicked next time. Dude., Hey, hey hey., Hey losers. Could you grab the king over there and bring it over here to the winners? Bring us our crown. Yeah. Michael. We prefer jesters. all laughing Here. You can wear this. all laughing K boys. You know how it goes., You didn't get the multiplier today, but you do get to spin the wheel of fortune. To see. If you get a team you get to see. If you get a 100., If it's a team, I'll pay you 100 each how's that eh Sweet. Host, I don't want you to hit these two on either side.. What is that? I don't want that at all. Host That's a shit out of luck, eh man, You got ta spin, it around it's got ta go around at least once or it doesn't count and wimpy spins are booed on camera, publicly.

, That's, right., Host, Who's, spinning, guys No wimpy Spins. Host Who's doing it I've seen Sluice get 100 he's got ta spin. Host Dude., All right. Host The magic spin. Dude. Rookie Babe, Ruth it unintelligible Host Dude. We wan na see that face you made last time: laughs, Good luck, man Round and round. She goes buddy Big winner, all cheering Dudes. Congratulations! 50! Bucks Host. Can you hold the camera for me, sir? Thank you very much.. Shall we count it out? There'S. 20.. There'S. 40.. 40.. Both 50. laughs. I, like your math. Here, you go., 20.. 40.. 50.. Awesome. I hope you guys had a great time.. Thank you all so much for tuning in to Loading Kings. Helping us make this show possible. Everybody's had a great time.. We hope you're, entertained and we'll see you in the next episode. Yeah all cheering See you next time.