As the sears lobo and here we have todays lobo 2. thats right vintage from the 1980s one of the greatest. In my opinion, radio controlled cars from the toy kind of scale or level that came out of the 1980s. They dont make them like this anymore. So lets check it out. Okay, so were in the workshop here before we get started with the demo of the car. Lets. Take a look at the car itself here in the workshop. So, as you can see here, i have some original box pieces from a lobo 2 box. I do not have the original box anymore, but i do have the car, and this is completely original, no modifications. Now. What you can see here is this is a lobo 2 theyre approximately from around 1988 im, not sure if they had them in 87 um, but i first became familiar with it in 1988, so its late 80s um. It is a beautiful, powerful, rc car for its day, um, very, very advanced in terms of being a step above the lobo one. Now the lobo one, as you can see here, is almost identical to the lobo 2, but there are subtle differences, uh and actually some major differences as well. The most important difference is that the lobo 2 uses 7.2 volt battery packs like this one: okay, whereas the lobo1 used double a batteries. Now we flip this over here and you can see the underneath pretty standard here.

Weve got the wheel alignment. This is the battery compartment, where you put the 7.2 volt battery pack, and here you have the on off switch here. Is your high and low gear for your transmission and heres your motor and gearbox back there now its spring shocks, air knobby tires, and then you have here a rear bumper to help. You know that cage air helps protect the back of the car. You got a spot here for where you can snap your battery wires in place, and then you have more bumpers on the side here now, when you look at the lobo one, you can first thing youll see is its a different bumper. This is a more heavy duty, bumper versus the lobo one um. Now the lobo one has a little more to this frame here than in the lobo 2, but thats, because the lobo 2 had to accommodate for the extra battery space needed for the wires in the pack. Where this one everything was inside with the double as and youll notice, here theres no frame on the back no rear bumper. Now, according to the box, the lobo 2 has a mobachi rs 360 motor and is 25 percent more powerful than lobo one. So it may even be a little bit faster. In fact, i think it is actually to be honest uh in my experience, but that is the lobo 2.. Now the lobo 2 also has a controller and heres the 2 controller, its your basic pistol grip here, steering turbo reverse.

You know pretty standard for radio control cars today, whereas the lobo one used the standard stick controller, which was prior to those pistol grip controllers. I will do another video specific to the lobo one and well go over all those details at another time, but today lobo2, okay, one other thing i forgot to mention when i was discussing about the batteries is that the car does use a 7.2 volt battery pack, But also requires a 9 volt, so you have to keep that in mind when running a lobo 2. You need a 9 volt in your car, the 7.2 volt battery pack in your car and then youll need an additional 9 volt for the controller okay. So one last thing i just wanted to show you was the steering, see this power steering you do not need to be going forward or reverse to steer like in the lobo one. So this is a major improvement in the lobo 2 and that clicking you here me charging my batteries to run this bad boy. Okay, so that was a quick look at the car itself and now were going to head over to a parking lot and give it a good run. But before we do that, i just want to say you know: im, not an expert on lobos im, not historian. On lobos and im, not very technical when it comes to rc. So if i left any details out, if i got something wrong, you know i do apologize im doing the best i can with describing it for you, but i am no expert.

So if you know something that i got wrong or if i left something out, please feel free to put it in the comments so that everyone can learn from it. But i hope i got the gist of it. So you can have an idea about what the lobo 2 is about. So um lets go check it out now: Music, Music, so so: Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, so Music, Applause, Music, Music, so Music, Applause, Music, so Music, Applause, Music, so Music, so Applause, Music Applause.