We got mike hilario. Here i met mike a couple years ago, two years ago marks three years old bay area crawlers. We had no group and mike kind of planted a seat mike. What was your idea getting this going? Actually, my friend and i knebel um aniebel came up with the idea to start uh, bayer rc crawlers. We were going out by ourselves. We were new to the hobby um. We knew nothing bought. A couple of rtrs watched some videos thanks francis im nils. This is my g speed. Uh v3 custom built a lot of 3d printed parts that i designed and installed: custom width, skid, custom, electronics, tray that hangs off the servo there custom brace in the back, throwing a yellow jacket with the copper head, yellow jacket, wheres the copper head: oh there, it Is hiding right up here? Oh matching too huh nice case and uh mounted to the back of the rs 800 v2 dang a lot of 3d printed parts any. Is it done any anything next? This is just about done. The next thing is probably going to be a four wheel, steering what do you got got a little gladiator 24 with uh, pretty much everything upgraded on this little thing. Um favorite mod has to be the furitekamoto mini just so nice and slow komodo mini uh huh wow its moving right now huh yeah, and is it done any more uh? Any more upgrades, yeah theres more upgrades to come what what? What uh, what you got in mind? We got shocks um, maybe some tire weights shocks are those damp right now.

No, not done so definitely want to dampen whats up uh huh, and i want to give it a more realistic look all right. We got the heart and soul of bark hes, not the president, but he is the happiest guy because he brought donuts when this thing was starting right. What do you got? Edgar uh its an scx scx24 gladiator with the hard part rc uh chassis theory, tech, comodo, setup, um, jj, customs, servo, um, iceberg, rc portals um, pretty much all the brush. You can fit in the damn thing: yeah anything stock. Anything left, oh just the driveshafts wow. Oh driveshafts are stock, thats it and then whats uh anymore. Is it done any more upgrades uh? I think its done for now. Actually review meets big song. We hang out, and i think i met him the first time he he he came out here to learn the vista yeah. I did. I did and now hes a youtuber traveling to korea, wheres your rig buddy right there and whats your favorite feature or upgrade. Oh just its a basic stock element: uh and then i just went with the gsp chassis and uh yeah, just uh. It works one ruptures that was probably one of the earlier ones, one of the earlier ones, if theyre, if they are stuck on aiming because we buy them all and then im using a you know, just a uh res uh battery mount lcd mode wow.

So it actually has a servo on top of it. The battery, so the weight is full weight, is like optimized huh and then you know some simple basic uh in a motor brush motor, but still works really well still works awesome. What do you guys here? Neil this is a trx4 defender that has a whole bunch of custom designed 3d printed parts on it, some stuff from uh knight, customs, some stuff that i designed myself. I designed my own no way fenders fender bring dude. This is one of the coolest defenders. Ive seen did you do the paint? I did the paint and whos this young man. This is luke luke. How old are you wow how long youve been crawling? Probably since you were three so dan is here one of our best drivers? I dont know about that. What makes him special to me is he will not give up his little radio, its super modified, but what he works on is his rigs. Then what you got here, so we got g shot g, speed, v3, capper, axles, hardcore links, rolling three brothers just about everything. Right 2000 kv, yellow jacket, g14s front rear, steer center, dig servo roll in um. What else is in there micro x, thats about it and and uh every time i see some lines that arent doable youre doing them its like. Where do you publish them? So you uh its just my name dan thompson. All right on super simple: keep it simple, youtube channels, dan thompson and you cant mistake it craig slayer, with his custom paint you got troy here.

Hes only been at it a year, two years almost a year a year but youre in august, hes the one that researches and spends the most money that i know what he got throwing so here ive got a pork belly chassis um, this ones extra long. Its a 15 inch wheelbase 15 inch yeah its a beast with a 2.2 rupture tires on it, homes hobbies look at those drive, shafts uh, huh, revolver, noisy revolver, yeah, copperhead, esc, uh, capra, axles that i got from a uh, an old camera whats, your favorite part About the car, so my favorite thing is the clearance the uh, the 2.2 um wheels and the clearance is is up there. I built it last night thats why it looks so fresh, oh who they finished it last night clearance with a 15 inch, wheelbase yep and the big tires and uh yeah they for the flex on the chassis is, is by far the best part of it. We got nathan right yeah from south san francisco uh second, first time last week here in linda vista now, second, two weeks in a row what you got nathan, uh, huh whats, your favorite part about this rig low center of gravity fired by you no way. Yeah yeah gate yeah gabe said when i, when, when i interviewed him for the g speed sales went up a little bit. Oh yeah, any next upgrades, um uh im still trying to figure this truck out a little bit thats right.

So they say the ultimate upgrade. Is the driver upgrade as you uh as you learn as he learned to work with the vehicle yeah, so jason got me ruptures when i couldnt get him. I had my sources, but jason just just bought one and reserved one. For me, so jason tell me about your rig negative g scb1 with uh phoenix f10 front board motor mount uh, huh big, boars with the rubber bands for group control, whats rubber band for droop control control; oh thats compressed. So that way they dont extend too much during you know: thats the first one weve seen whats your favorite part about this rig. Oh just the overall very, very well balanced, and it it just sounds way just works well, at the end of the day, that is the number one feature huh. It has to be boxing its got a balance, yeah thats. What makes it so well, i mean the fact that it comes with a kit amazing, thanks to just neil from negative g. We got josh here last time i saw him was that uh bean hollow and he was just getting a car set up. Yeah andrew helped me out edgar helped him out thats the great thing about bark. Is people get others started. So what do you have now josh? This is a g speed, uh built by a guy named kyle miller out of colorado. I believe it is colorado, yeah, uh, huh, so im just uh, giving it a shot.

So look at the body thats super low high with exposed shock towers yeah he uh he slammed it. I asked him to slam it. He did it whats your favorite part of the rig so far, favorite part of this rig, i think, has got to be all the custom 3d parts that he made for it and the way he set up the shocks and other stuff i mean its all good, But right right thats, what makes it special huh yeah whats your motor uh. This is a big brother. It is a Music, its a team, spec nose, revolver, okay, probably a Applause. All right we have here is austin. Austin was featured in one of our videos. Uh is this the same rig no its uh sporty uh huh Music? And how would you say this compares to the uh what uh its good for like really rocky stuff and break over angles: uh huh, but uh? I i like my reaper more for climbing its longer wheelbase its a lot more stable, but this is really good, very rocky stuff. So the terrain, huh articulation knights ferry whats uh. Tell me about your rig. Well, its got ar 45 um portal um its got a two load transmission. What is that chassis? Its a brazing razor? This is a chassis uh, running uh tgh wheels has a two load: transmission has a homes, hobby team, spec, uh, motor motor uh, vanquish, driveshafts and whats really special about bob, and his rig is where they crawl is in uh knights, ferry right come on out anytime.

Its a pretty nice place to crawl. What do you got? What do you got? The brazen all time, low portal axles, um with two loads raising with portable this one has a three gear in it: um its pretty wide yeah caprese little extensions on it. Yeah its got. Deluxe drive take shots, the deluxe fab whats, your favorite part of the car hobby uh trail. What is that? A polar pro in there yeah um yeah? Look at that look. Look at all those uh. Those marks, every part of it has been used. Huh yeah im running most of my weight on my front axle, titanium, theres, actually better and thats right, really good stuff, so thats right, no ones done it because its stupid, expensive but expensive hard to work with. I actually had them water jetted, so it makes it really efficient, as opposed to machining them past that i do my own burnishing and heat treating yeah notice how thin they are because thats it its thats its that strong and then show me your bumper again. So this is a valley, floor, customs, roller, its a titanium spindle with a delrin roller 100 radius is on the end and then also theres a little trick fast, steady, bearings on the end believe it or not. These are over two years old, these bearings and they still roll you figure. That would be gone really. Quick, but wow seems the last six pounds total all right.

Good biking, buddy nathan, whats up yall biking and uh crawling go hand in hand and uh. What do you have? What do you have to show us nathan? So we got our homes, hobby servo here uh we got a fusion fusion pro that i just got in fusion pro fusion pro. Yes, sir version two 2300 kv. It is awesome check this out. This is my car right here: rtr fusion, pro yes, sir, more torque more bec can ask for more more rpm. Everything love it. Oh. What i like about that is. I had the old um, the the 1080, the the hobby wing 1080. yeah. The program card for that yeah works plugs into this one, so thats what i got whats your favorite thing about this truck. Oh, my god, you got ta. Look. You got ta love that hubby ring fusion, probably yeah, and your tires your servo man, dual stage dual stage and youre. I got the fly sky vice guy man, youre youre, an archery review, viewer huh. Yes, sir, where do you live? George modesto? California? Modesto see george ignored the high gas prices and came to meet us anyway. I cant take my money with me: thats right and im. Only gon na leave a little bit for the kids, yeah yeah yeah yeah, brx4 mafia yeah, the bronco, but its got a chevy body on it. Now, oh its got the castle copperhead four. I think it is the new one and then it came with a combo kit with the motor, so its got a castle creation 2850 motor.

So george is just like us. I just love, it upgrade everything: everything, bicycles, wrenches, rc cars, my chat yep. If you can be upgraded, upgrade it upgrading his life – yes, sir bj from sunnyvale california just moved here when moved in what two weeks ago, two weeks ago, moved in from orange county moved in from orange county southern california. First rc rig bought the car when two days ago, two days ago and here in the club already out here at a club and at the meet uh huh best thing that i found about this is the snap on frame the snap on amazing amazing thing that They did without having to keep track of all the little pins one year later, it still works like a champ good to know, and and even though we see that, even though theres no mods only two days old, he already has the most important mod yeah. The battery battery placement – that was the first thing and the only thing that we went looking forward to do to it initially and yeah yeah. In fact, you can actually take this off now earls landed right there nice. So we have earl here. He just donated a punch of lanyards to this raffle by bark whats, your uh whats, your lanyard. What uh whats the idea behind it? Its uh just uh, keep uh your radio safe uh. I know uh, these radios arent cheap, so you dont, wan na buy a second one because uh pretty expensive, uh dm me uh.

Give me a message: uh, earls rc lanyards on facebook, uh get a hold of me ill, take care of you guys all right and it looks like theres a quick release: uh, yes, quick release so uh. Basically, all my lanyards come with a interchangeable buckles. So um you can interchange, uh check out my uh facebook, page and uh. I got radio holders, uh rig robes, you name it, and so many colors really show your personality and also you dont need uh. You dont need that thing on your radio huh. It will work with any radio tv we just decided. It would be nice to have a community where people can ask questions and not feel bad about it. We were able to see people that were advanced when we came out. We meet some people and they were way more advanced with knowledge and we wanted to get there without bothering anybody. So we figured by creating a group, a community, a family. Have people join, bring their kids um. So you had a welcoming community and also you had this concept of a weekly, regular event right that was uh. My idea, i came up with i found a place on the creek uh, every single tuesday. We would meet uh start out with four of us at one point. We had 32 people out in that creek crawling so its uh. Sometimes we have more. Sometimes we have less, but we still do a weekly crawl on our facebook page.

We have an events tab. Every single tuesday we still get together and most weekends yeah. So last year we had about 75 people this year, uh we had over 100 people here for sure this year, uh, we we had more reserved, i think uh, the weather, as you can tell its a little warm out here, 90 plus 90 plus in the sun. So uh, but people still came out. I think everybody had a good time uh this year. Oh this is the third year of bark, so weve only been around for three years were about 1400 members. Wow is where were at right now continue to grow with the community. Support uh well, try to do best; we can for the community and make the community right, but thank you for that. Thank you mike.