Thanks for tuning. In today, we are going to be installing the locked up, rc version 2 of their servo winch we’re, also going to use one of their servo winch spools, some of their green winch line, and i picked up this double rc hook here um, i don’t think i’m Going to use it for right now, i can’t think of much i’m going to be able to hook onto with a hook like that. So i went ahead and grabbed one of my diy land anchors out of the drawer, so we’re going to use that i went ahead and made up a plate out of a piece of aluminum that i had drilled some holes in. It got them all. Countersunk and that’s going to sit right here on top of my battery tray behind the transmission or on top of the transmission, and i also ran a tube from where the servo winch is going to be to right out of the front bumper so i’m going to Go ahead and shave that down a little bit get that nice and smooth. So i don’t have to worry about any fraying and we’re going to get this guy installed and see what it does out on the rocks all right. So i went ahead and plugged in the servo winch here just to give it a try, got my battery hooked up. Um went ahead and got my fly sky set for it, and uh seems to work pretty good, no issues there.

So now we’ll go ahead and get it all installed on the rig all right now, we’re going to go ahead and wind up our server line here onto the spool. Now i got the land anchor all tied on nice and tight i’m going to go ahead and tuck these wires, get the electrical box closed, back up, get the toolbox and stuff put back on the truck we’ll. Take it out on the rocks, check it out and see how she does all right, guys, let’s give this one a shot found, this really cool rock at a farm i work at, went and grabbed the tractor and picked this thing up and set it in the Bed of my truck took me in my buddy to pick it up and move it back here into my backyard. Usually this is a pretty easy spot, but i moved the rock to have a little more angle on it, because it was a little bit too easy. Now it might not be doable without a winch let’s. Try it one more time i don’t think it’s gon na. Do it guys let’s line it up and put the winch on it all right now, we’re all hooked up, let’s see if we can keep that nose down now yeah, i would say that kept the nose down oh yeah, right on over. We go all right guys out here with some buddies playing around on the bellevue santos trail. Having a good time.

Um we’re gon na give this locked up. Rc winch a try, see how it does pulling up this cross rc. So here we go we’re gon na give it a shot. Oh yeah, she’s gon na pull it all right on up a little throttle there max man, the winch seems to do really good we’ll. Try it out some more here in just a few minutes all right time to put this winch there’s two true tests see if it’ll drag this nine pound rig of this rock. I think all right guys got the trx4 back in here on the bench. This has been a very interesting video for me to get uh processed here. It’S taken me about four different times of shooting in probably three months. Just because dad life is completely whooping me, but it is all good and well worth it. Um trx4 is looking a little different right now because she’s under a reconstruction – and you guys will get to see that here in one of my next videos um. If you guys, are looking for a servo winch, i definitely recommend the locked up rc servo winch. It is just great you guys. This thing pulls no issues. Doesn’T get hot. I can’t complain at all hope you guys liked the video please leave a comment below and if you don’t mind like share and subscribe, definitely help out the channel.