Today we are going to be reviewing this amazing doll here. It is lol, surprise, rc, car and the car. This is the car, it is white with gold, flames and checkered, and it has gold stuff on it and it is wired here it is. This is the steering wheel which controls it, and this is the exclusive doll that is a jk. You can only get it with this here’s. This side use this side here’s the side um. It is really pretty. It has this blue stripes on it, and pink stripes and pink polka dots let’s go ahead and open it let’s open it from this side. Also, i don’t want to break it, because this is a background. It that’s pretty easy here’s the box, which we shall keep here. It is here’s the steering wheel, there’s, no going back here’s the steering wheel and the left side will sit over here. Okay – and this is the steering wheel, which these are the buttons to make it go forward and backwards, and then you just turn it and it i think it’s like connected or something. This is a cute keychain, all right and then here’s the car here’s. The doll we’ll check out the background in a second here’s. The doll and her hair is very soft. As i got a package there, we are her hair is so soft and also very hair. Sprayed so it is in a perfect spot. I don’t know how they did this here.

This is like pretty curls and it is blue and black and then her bangs are also soft, but hairspray, and then this is her face and it ha. It has red eyeshadow brown eyes, two freckles on the sides and white and black checkered lipstick, and here is the doll there we go. So this is how she’s dressed – and these are indeed shoes pop. Those off here are her shoes. They are gorgeous, they are like boots, but they have really really big um heels to make her taller take after this shoe, oh and this one, this one is white, and this one is black. I, like the black one, better um. This is her pants, which have a slit right here to make them like and then here’s her jacket, which is leather, that’s, pretty cool, look at that um and then this is her outfit, which is indeed like cloth, and then this is um blind bags rip open. The instructions nobody needs – those here are all of them. This is her driver license um. This is these, and what are these? These are blank pieces of paper um. This is a blind bag. Mine bags, stickers, instructions, more instructions, more blind bags, so here’s this blind bag, which is the bottles or something and also checkery. It is gold and checkery. I don’t know what this is: oh it’s, french fries they’re with french fries there they are we’re gon na set them put all the accessories there, so we don’t lose them again.

Here we go here. Is this blind baggie? Then here is a fanny pack, here’s a fanny pack and it’s golden gorgeous here’s the thing: oh it’s, our stand. This is the top or the bottom, the opposite, we’ll put that together in a second. This is a thing: oh it’s, her hat. It is red and and transparent part way, and has this checkered pattern to make it like a sungate, a sungazer everything’s falling there we go this is it so i will explain that in a second. This is her sunglasses, they’re, flaming, that’s, probably very important. These are blind bags, here’s everything um. Well, i will get back to you whenever i put everything together anyways. I love this product. It was awesome and i would definitely buy it even if the saturday smaller um, so we still need to add the stickers which are in the back. They are reusable. I don’t know where they are on the camera: they’re, reusable stickers, okay, let’s, add them. Add a sticker zoom into frame anyways. I love this product. I will add a heart sticker. Also, these stickers, i love them because they are, they are reusable. So if you stick them on the car at once, don’t you drive away. You take them on the car. Once they can come off and go to a different part of the car, i jelly remember: how dare you all right put yours do stickers on there, i’m stuck put your two stickers on there.

Oh, my gosh, now what’s gon na happen. If you get pulled over, does it say bad guy or big gay? I don’t know Music, okay, some bad words. Hey people i’m gon na do dance. Oh yeah! I love her shoes.