Well, we actually modified to make these fpv cars. These are two super old junky cars that uh nobody really wanted. So we slapped some fpv cameras on them and started tooling around the neighborhood. We decided to test the range out, so we went down this back street right here and we zoomed. It was hard to keep sunshine in focus the whole time, but i did my best about here. She runs out of range, so i smoked her psych. I took her back home and she gave me a little kiss. Then i refueled and hit the streets again this time. I wanted to test my range, so i just did it and i’m pretty happy with how it turned out too sit back and just enjoy the cruise through the neighborhood. I do show the cars off a little bit at the end. So if you stick around and you want to check them out there next time, i’m definitely gon na put a gopro on here and smooth out the video so it’s a little cooler than the cockpit view that i have in my goggles right now. Now, i’m. Really happy with the range that i got here, i had to play around with the antenna system a lot but i’m able to make it down into this dead end, which is kind of like transmitting out of a hole since i’m, down below my goggles plane of View right, you can see me test for the cars right here, make sure i don’t get hit um, but yeah.

This system turned out really good i’m super happy with it and uh i’m gon na see how far i can push it next time. You can kind of see me off to the left here in just a second standing on my porch that’s, where i’ve been transmitting from this whole time right now, i’m, just geeking around trying to roll the track and here’s a look at the cars. This is sunshine’s analog version and on the right is my hd long range truck i’m, actually making a better version of it right now, and the most important part is keeping the vtx cool i’ll go over a whole video.