This is going to be that new low c22s no prep drag car test and tune day um. This was held at the upstate, no prep rc group, um thats, my closest and local rc drag racing group and they uh held a admin uh test and tune day, um theres no times because i dont have the uh the self timing system yet and we didnt Actually have a tree set up. This was strictly a test and tuned day. However, as promised, i ran this car box stock. The only difference was, i had my radio on it. We ran it with the stock tire stock everything so i covered some of those passes and then later in the video i did end up. Changing uh gear, slightly um, went up on the opinion a little bit and we tried two different sets of reactions: one with foam in one with uh no phone, so uh youll get to see all that in the video see how it does, how it works. Um and – and you know all that good stuff and then weve also already started. This is the one of the upcoming videos for a future episode coming soon. Um ive already started the 13.5 conversion to it promised you guys wed, run it box stock, see how it did. You know how it does thats exactly what we did, but now its time to get that thing converted to the 13.5 um. So we can actually start doing some racing and uh were almost there.

Um youre watching this video now ive already been uh filming some of that process, converting it over showing you what i used and a few different things like that, so that video is coming up soon as well, just make sure you stay tuned, but with all that Said guys lets jump right into it, Music. All right! I just want to specify this – is the first hit ive ever made with the car. This is uh. Just like come out of the box other than its on my radio, a battery you know placed in the car um and i did have the battery sitting towards the front Music um Music im just getting the feel first, its uh as far forward as i can Get it but its a shorty pat, bring it back as far as you can move it back. So you heard it right there directly from robbie um. He recommended lets. Try moving that battery back, get it uh get some of that weight back on those rear tires, and hopefully that would knock out some of the spinning so thats. What were gon na do, or i should say, thats what we did. We slid the battery back, were gon na, put it back in and test it out and see how it does again. Oh Music went straight and amazingly enough, as you just saw thats literally what we did. We moved that battery back, like robbie, suggested same stock tires same stock, everything in the car and she went pretty straight.

That was a pretty decent run, so i was very happy with that. She went straight that time, though Music, oh nope, there it went considering that we uh all we did on the as far as changes goes concerned was move the battery back slide it back. I had it in forward position. We moved it to the back position. Thats two passes that went straight so ill. Take that so lets keep working on this thing see what we can do were still all factory factory tires. The factory mickey thompsons that come on the car, so uh were gon na change over some reactions here. In a little bit, but pretty impressed so far, so lets keep going so so uh right here were gon na go ahead and put on those uh reaction tires theres some longer tires from buddy of mine um. Those were without the foam inserts um were gon na. Do a few hits on these and then later on, i didnt film putting the next set of tires on, but we also did run some with the reaction set of tires with the foams in did. I prefer one over the other to be honest with you. Both of them seem to hook up on this car, pretty good um. There wasnt a huge difference that i could tell but im you know, im still kind of fresh to the the no prep drag scene. Um, but both of them seem to react, really good.

This car liked, both of them, you know, but the car went straight with both of them. I had no complaints either way, but just letting you know that this is uh. The next couple hits are uh reactions without the foams and then the rest of the video clips are going to be the reactions with the foams for us tomorrow, Music that wasnt too bad Applause speed. I basically get it to where i can turn the car around at the end of the drive. Oh really im down to 25, but i got my im. 34. ive got the the uh program button where i can hit it for 100 to turn around. So i was, i didnt know if i should turn it down a little bit more because if i got to correct, i want to be kind of minor and slow and speed. Yeah turn the speed down too not the return doesnt speed. But when you go down the track, if you was to correct it, you dont want your car to go side to side right. It wont throw off the weight of the car yeah. All right, weve, been on the right lane, were gon na give left lane a try Music there. It goes Music, hey its my first day and thats the first time that happened its okay. As my good buddy tyler over there showed me some love and support. As you can see, yeah this there we go considering thats right out of the box and move the battery, like you said, got some reactions on it ill.

Take it all day, all day care to do a side by side pass. Okay! Oh no thats, fine! Uh! Mike give us a countdown three two one go appreciate: it appreciate it. We thought you wont, die three, two one. First, dual pass ill, take it appreciate it buddy. So what are my final thoughts after the initial test run with this car on this test and tune day? Um and i have to say, i am highly impressed um. I had a lot of fun uh and i did not have to do a lot of work on the car uh, which surprised me a little bit because im not gon na lie to you guys right. I was reading. Some forums talked to some people personally, as well as followed some groups on facebook, and there have been some mixed reactions on this car um. Some of those have been people. Ive read a couple: complaints where people said that uh they received the car brand new out of the box. It was missing a baron. You know when the shocks wasnt right or something of that nature um but mine. You know i checked mine over and everything was great um. I really didnt do anything to the car um. I took it out of the box and put a battery in it just as we agreed that we would do for the video purposes here and the car did fantastic um through the advice of robbie.

You know i did move the battery back like he suggested um. You know i did go in, do some tuning in my radio um slow, the braking down or change the braking curve that way whenever i go to brake after i do my run, the car dont just spin out or loop around and risk rolling. So i got my braking fixed. I got my steering tuned, pretty good that i think ive got a program where im running with a very roll, a very low dual rate, but with my program button i have a set where i can have 100 steering. So i can turn the car around drive. It back slow the steering, speed down um, you know at the suggestion of bevin as well um, and that will help, as we talked about you saw earlier in the video that will help if you do have to correct during your run its not going to upset The car, so we got a lot of pretty good tips in this video too, but my like, i said my initial thoughts. My overall thoughts from the initial hit very positive. I really liked that had a blast with it and um im looking forward now to go ahead and starting the conversion to the 13 5 class uh like we talked about, we were going to be doing so im going to be getting that straight and going from There and a huge shout out to webrc videos, another awesome, youtube channel uh.

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So your support means a lot and it helps us do what we love to do. So we would greatly appreciate it all right. Everybody im here with uh webrc another youtube channel and they do a lot like i do. You know they go around different tracks. Different events promote different forms of rc racing, but want to introduce them and make sure you guys go check out their channel as well go ahead and feel free to drop your plug and uh thats. My wife, valerie, like i said, were webrc videos on youtube. We mostly do drag racing and airplanes, but were starting to get more and more into anything and everything. Um theyre, building tracks around us and were just trying to grow the hobbies so thats right crawling yeah, so yeah check our channel out. If you like it, please subscribe and lets grow this hobby thats right, please check them out. Subscribe, drop the like button and that notification bell, so you get notifications of every upload. Well guys hope you enjoyed that test tune day presented by upstate, no prep rc again shout out to that group and those guys. I really do appreciate them um. They were awesome uh for doing that. I learned a lot shared some that information in the video and uh were going to be sharing more information as we learn as we go um. If i figure some stuff out that helped me im going to share it on the channel.

Hopefully, itll help you um, especially whenever we begin our 13 5 adventure. So again i do want to shout out again to webrc videos. Um ive got my webrc t shirt right here, going to start so youre going to see me wearing this. Some in some episodes again, like i said in the video great youtube channel, a great great group of people, um ive, taught them several times now and theyre out to do like im. Doing you know promote what we do. Um show, you know, show what we do promote the tracks, promote the groups and promote the hobby in general, so great group, if youre looking for another good rc youtube channel, be sure to check them out subscribe as well, but guys as always. I greatly appreciate each and every one of you and ill catch.