Throughout the past few months, ive been running numerous battery packs through this vehicle and overall ive been very impressed with it today, im gon na help. You decide whether or not to purchase one of these vehicles by sharing my thoughts and experiences with this truck when it comes to performance and handling. In my opinion, this truck was a blast to drive one of my favorite things to do with. It was just to take it over some super rough terrain at high speeds and then just sit back and watch the suspension do its work and thats really what this vehicle is about in my eyes now, when youre driving this vehicle at higher speeds over rough terrain, I found that you really need to stay in the throttle and fully committed, because, if you back out or let off at any point, the truck is gon na nose over the front. Bumper is gon na dig into the ground and then the trucks just gon na flip and overend. I had that happen many times and i think thats why i have so much damage to the hood now out of the box. When you turn the two front tires, the tires actually rub against the edges of the front fender, so i ended up having to take a millimeter or two of material off. I just used some lexan scissors and opened up the fenders a little bit and i also added a little bit of preload to the front suspension.

I cranked down those collars on the shocks just to compress the springs a little bit and bring the front end up, but doing those two things should help eliminate the tire rubbing issue. The tires are pretty soft that allows them to get quite a bit of traction. Tread pattern looks nice and scale and it works well. But since the tires are so soft, they balloon a ton and with those pizza cutter tires, you definitely lose some scale appearance and control at higher speeds. I did do a quick speed run with this truck on 3s lipo, and i ended up with 50 miles per hour on 3s lipo. This vehicle has a ton of power, and the one drawback is that the motor does heat up pretty quick, especially in the summer when its hot out Music getting into the durability of this low seat. Baja array, i was extremely impressed with how well this truck held up ive only had a few things go wrong with this vehicle throughout the time that ive had it during this trucks very first run. You guys saw me break the front bumper, the plastic just straight up, cracked, the temperatures were freezing outside, but i still feel that the bumper broke prematurely. I also have seen quite a few other people, have the bumpers break right away on these lossy baja rays. So i decided to replace it with an rpm front, bumper that has better plastics and an improved design for more durability and a skid plate that actually wraps underneath to help protect the truck after throwing on that new front bumper.

This truck has been holding up great because of the design of this truck and the fact that it has fenders larger front and rear bumpers and a roll cage. All of the important parts are pretty well protected, so the body and the bumpers are absorbing most of the impacts, which is hard on the body. You definitely do develop some cracks, especially on the hood. I found that thats, where most of my damage is, but we do have some cracks that are beginning to form on the mounting tabs that are just behind the front two tires kind of on that part of the fender. The only issue ive had so far thats. Actually prevented me from running the vehicle is i had one of the front drive shafts pop out of the drive cover. I was able to just remove the screw and pop that drive shaft back into the drive cup, though so that really wasnt a big problem other than that. This truck has been through a bunch of high speed crashes and its really only had some body damage now. Ive seen some people have issues stripping a couple differentials or having the shocks fall apart now i didnt have those issues, but you can hand the same exact vehicle to two different people and theyre gon na have different driving styles and drive the vehicle in different locations And different temperatures, so theyre gon na have varying experiences when it comes to durability.

Ive been taking this vehicle over rough terrain and smaller, like more scale, jumps kind of drifting and ripping this thing around and ive been having a blast with it. I havent been taking it to skate parks or sending it to the moon, because this truck just straight up isnt meant to do that. So i can say with confidence that this platform is quite durable if you use it for its intended purpose. This truck can be challenging at times to work on, especially accessing the front and center diffs, its probably not the best vehicle for a beginner if youre just looking to get into the hobby. Now this vehicle comes ready to go out of the box and you can totally run it as is but heres a short list of quick and easy changes that you can make to it to improve its performance and durability. So, like i mentioned earlier to get rid of the tire rubbing issue and the front end as you turn, you can open up the fenders just trim out some material, and then you can crank down the collars on the front shocks to raise up the front end. A bit adding some thicker fluid to the center differential is a very common change that people make to these vehicles. I did it myself. Just helps, distribute the power more evenly between the front and rear end and helps minimize some of the ballooning up front. I went with 500 000 weight fluid in the center and it seems to be working well for me so far, then, as i mentioned earlier, the temperatures of the motor on this truck can definitely get up there if youre running at higher speeds, so a heat sink And motor cooling fan setup its always a solid upgrade and allows you to not have to worry about the motor temps as much like i say, with pretty much every vehicle id wait until you break parts on the lucy baja ray before you start upgrading, but i Thought that the front bumper was kind of a weak spot on this truck, so an rpm front.

Bumper, i think, is the way to go if you currently own elosi, baja ray or you have in the past. Let me know down in the comments what other changes or upgrades youd recommend. Hopefully this video helps.