Thank you once again for tuning in today, we’ve had uh. We got a question from a viewer here and the question was uh. What is cushdrive uh, really neat technology that loses adopted into the lmt, apparently honda’s been using cush drive for years in their motorcycles to help do the exact same thing loci designed for it to do and their rc cars help protect the driveline but it’s a rubber Damper that’s that’s situated inside the transmission and it’s designed to absorb energy, so as you’re shifting gears in a motorcycle at high speed there’s that high kick or a really high torque motorcycle with a lot of power that rubber damper is going to help absorb some. Some of that energy, so it doesn’t, get transferred to the driver. In this case, in the lossy lmt you’ve got massive tires. You’Ve got 19 pounds, i think, was a weight of the box when it was delivered. You’Ve got a 19 pound truck flying through the air. With big tires landing on uneven surfaces, you can imagine what that would do to a drivetrain. It would want to explode very quickly. The cush drive is just a rubber damper built into the transmission, so as the wheels are turning at one speed, the transmission is turning at a much faster speed when there’s a shock in that drivetrain and everything wants to explode and bind and fight each other. The kush drive will simply absorb some of that impact and allow it to run away smoothly without blowing gears up let’s, take the gear cover off and take a closer look Music.

So, with the transmission case covered opened up, we can see three gears here guys and then down here is where you have the cush drive and we’re going to open this up and show you guys what the cush drive looks like so real easy just remove that One e clip right there and that should allow this whole drive to come out. Just like that. So here’s that lower gear, that was in the transmission – and this is the gear that contains the cush drive i’m, going to pull this out gently. And as i pull this out, you can see how this works now, so we’ve got three teeth on here, and here we have this black, this black damper it’s a black i’m, not sure what uh composition. This is exactly whether this is uh purely rubber or some kind of rubber silicone, or what this material is exactly. But this acts as your cush drive, or your damper now i’m, going to try and get that guy out. Just like that – and there is your cush drive and just by inserting this damper inside this gear like so these three teeth are going to fit in the additional three slots here and how this works is now that rubber damper is going to absorb energy, as as The truck is up in the air and it’s under throttle and tires are hitting the ground and there’s that energy that crazy energy is going to be coming down on this truck and and shocking through the drivetrain as it transfers through this portion of the the transmission.

The idea is that now there’s some give to it and that rubber damper inside can absorb some of that give and save the drivetrain from from exploding. So, thanks again for the questions, everybody, i really like being able to educate myself and help educate all you youtube fans out. There hope this video was of some value for everyone now, knowing a little bit more about the lmt and how a cush drive works thanks again for tuning, in guys hope you enjoyed today’s video like share and subscribe. If you haven’t already i’d, really appreciate it.