Buggy. This thing is a ready to run everything you need to run. It is inside the box. You got the batteries controllers, all that charger. You can charge it up, get it on the track and have some fun we’re going to do something a little different in this video, because i’ve driven one of these up at coastal rc indoor speedway in chesapeake virginia, and it was awesome. The guys had taken. One of these dynamite systems that are made for it and it’s a two in one system, so you get your motor and esc built right into this brushless motor uh. Can that you see here 6000 kv, so it should be really fast and it works with this. The batteries are the ec2s, so i ordered this up when i ordered this and i did pay for them for those that are people that are wondering. Yes, i did buy this and i also ordered two batteries for it, so they can have some good runtime when i’m up at the track, uh, it is a 1 16 scale buggy, like i said, and it’s modeled after this guy right here that i’m already running, Which is the tlr 22? This is the ac version for a carpet and yeah i’ve been having a blast up there on the track running this learning to jump in and time things a little bit better and just kind of get around the track faster and so that’s been going well.

I did have to get another receiver because once i put this unit in i’m going to be removing the esc receiver combo – that was currently in the car, so i’m not going to be able to use the remote. But i have plenty of room to mount this receiver when i get rid of the esc that’s in there, because it’s now going to be built into this motor, so these two are going to go together. So this is about another about a hundred dollars. To add this to it to really get it going the speeds that i wanted to go: it’s, uh 70 dollars for the motor it’s about 25 or so for the receiver for a spectrum, one which is what i’m running and these batteries are 21.99 each they’re 800. Milliamp hour 2s 50c batteries, so that’s great. I do want to just quickly mention something that’s sitting over here. My bench guys i’ve got other videos going and things like that and i’ve just learned i’m just going to push through and do the videos we’re not going to always clean up the other things that i’m working on and so just to get the content out. What i do have here, though, are some pro line. Uh demolisher tires for the low clmt for those you guys following my lmt videos, and i got a set of um the the lmt rims or wheels in here that i went in rit dyed black.

So they look really tough. It’S got a really aggressive, tread pattern on it and it fits right onto that. You know larger short course style wheel, that the lmt runs and that’s what it’s built for so these are by proline we’ll, be doing a video on these soon. Proline did send these to me to uh to try out and test out and so i’m going to be putting them on one of my trucks and testing them out here very soon, but i did want to die out the wheels before i did that because i Just like that, look so put that there i’ve got some stuff coming with the infraction soon, but what we want to see in this video guys is this buggy we’re gon na go ahead and show you the buggy and then we’re gon na go ahead and do The installation of the motor so you’ll get to see that as well. Let’S do it. So here is everything that comes in the package. You do get your charger it’s, a balance lead to usb charger very basic, but it’ll get the job done. You’Ve got a wheel! Wrench and you’ve got an allen. Key in here bind plug your aaa batteries for your um transmitter and a few other little pieces in here. Like a body clip extra body clip so that’s nice. We have our manual we’ll. Look at that in a little bit because we don’t want to go through that first thing controller.

I actually like these. They feel good as far as you can drive them. One handed a lot of cool things about it. It is a digital controller, so it has steering trim, throttle trims that you can set here and then you can reverse your throttle or your steering here on off switch and then the way that you put the batteries in as you push this button and slide this Off and then you can get inside to do your batteries i’m, not going to be doing that because we’re not going to be using this system. We are going to be doing something different with one of my rugged controllers, so we’ll just put that to the side. Just wanted to know about it all right, so taking a quick look at it here. What do we got? We see that you have uh turn buckles here, so you do have adjustability for your toe and your camber up front. So that’s nice. It does have plastic threaded shocks which at least it has threaded shocks at this price point you’re going to be getting a lot of plastic parts and so much of it’s, upgradeable and that’s what’s great. But i tend to like plastic things because uh well, they just don’t break, so your front supports here for your shocks, also plastic. That is one thing that i could see potentially upgrading, but i don’t mind any of these being plastic up here and even the arms.

So, very very nice i mean it just looks like a shrunk down version of the 22 to me. So far, so take this off of here and again i’m, not a racer. I don’t know that that much about the race scene and slide the front out, and then we see everything inside so the battery does come with it. It’S already installed inside it. We’Ve got our 280 sized motor in here, and that is a 47 turn motor brushed and that’s. What we’re going to be replacing with this guy right here, which is our 6000 kv motor we’re, going to do that right, quick in this video um, it is running a 20 amp, esc, receiver, combo right here, so we’re going to be pulling that out because we’re, Not going to need it and we’re going to need that space to put our receiver, that we have right here and it has the sx107 servo up front. So it is a micro, metal gear, servo and servo horn here also doubles as a servo saver. So that’s nice everything is very easy to see and to get at very accessible and that’s. One of the cool things about two wheel drive buggies, so we’ve got our strap for our battery here. Just like a rubber band, you want to make sure you keep that strapped onto something, so you don’t lose it when you’re not running it. The battery here is a 650 milliamp hour battery, and i am going to be also using these 800 milliamp hour.

Batteries that are 50c instead of 20c as well, get a little bit more bursts from it. So as we’re going through we’ll just take some of the stuff out, it does have a slipper in here and it looks like it’s two screws we’re going to take this off. That’Ll make it so that we can get to our motor in there and the disassembly and all that should be pretty easily pretty easy in the rear. Here it does have metal drive shafts, they are very small drive shafts, but dog bone style drive shafts in there. What else to look at suspension? All that seems good. You do have adjustability here for your camber on the rear, wheels so metal chassis, it does have hex hardware on it and it just looks really good. I do like that. I chose the yellow wheels i’m digging. The yellow wheels so let’s go ahead and jump in here. We’Ll get my tool set out i’m, not going to use the tools that came with it and we’ll tear this thing down i’m going to go ahead and open this up, we’ll take a look at the motor, really quick and then we’ll do the install this got A nice big manual in here as well, and look at this cute, tiny little guy in here on off, switch little program button right. There 6000 kv it’s got a little bit of heft to it and so built into the end of this is where the esc is pretty pretty cool.

This small little package packs both brushless and the speed control. So that’ll make it very, very easy to get in here and keep this nice and clean like they have it built so let’s get in here and do that here we go it’s a really simple swap guys. I got mine in already basically two screws remove this plate over the spur gear and it shows you, your pinion, you remove the pinion and then there’s two screws that hold in the original motor system. It’S all 1.5 millimeter hex so really easy to get in there and rip this whole thing out. So once this was out, you first have to take off the pinion, so it’ll slide out. Then you just literally pry this up, make sure you unplug your your servo from it before you do that, and you can take this resell it whatever you want to do with it, with the remote control, so we’re going to push the motor through we’re going to Slide the pinion on and there’s a flat spot on the motor shaft we’re, going to use that to line up our mount, get our mesh lined up close for now, and we can use this as our basis for lining up our motor holes, make sure opinion it’s. Nice and tight on here and the mesh looks really good yep that looks great. Then you route, your wires, basically think about how that’s going to be, as you install your new motor, where you want these to be so they can route around.

So i wanted these uh, basically my throttle wire for my servo from the esc to be toward the front facing and the battery kind of just upward so that i could get it on here. We’Ll see how that goes with mounting the body. I think it’ll be fine, it’ll, probably just tuck down just like that, but that makes it nice and easy to get around here keeps it nice and clean. I did break off this little guard that was holding the stuff down the previous wires, so i can’t wrap my wires under that so i’ll, just kind of zip tie them together, they’re not going to really go anywhere it’s pretty tight. I used the original sticky tape that was down there for the esc. Mine was still really sticky and i stuck down the on off switch as well as my new receiver, and i just had to make sure that i put the receiver close to the servo, because the servo wire is so short on this thing i mean it’s tiny, So i had it further back, but it was just a really really tight fit with everything. So i just kind of moved it all forward a little bit closer and took some of the the stress off of that wire um, but yeah real, easy swap in and i’m gon na have a whole lot more speed. I just now have to bind up. My radio and uh go hit the track with it.

Yeah see it fits in there with the battery wire just fine, how i have it anyway, guys thanks for tuning in for another episode here on ccxrc. Let me know what you think of these buggies down in the comments below.