Let me show you how i’ve done that this is my losi tenacity db pro we’re going to do a little bit of a conversion on it today, all right, so the losing tenacity db pro is a pretty cool 10th scale desert buggy, but what this actually is Is a short course truck in disguise the tenacity pro chassis is an aluminum chassis short course: wheels it’s a short course it’s, actually a pretty good value for what you get for tunability. So you have adjustable turnbuckles. You have metal shocks, metal, shock caps. The platform is actually pretty decent for the price it’s uncensored, but all ready to runs are uncensored and honestly, doesn’t really make that huge of a difference. The sensoring on the motor is only for low speed stuff, so once you get going, it doesn’t really matter that much. This runs on two sr: 3s lipo it’s got a 30 150 kv. Motor and i’ll be running it on the track. On 2s now electrosport rc raceway, which is my local track. They only allow 10 scale 2s vehicles if i run this on 2s technically it’s allowed, although it looks like an 8 scale, buggy and they’re having a truck day tomorrow. So i can’t run it in this configuration, but since it’s a truck itself, i thought why don’t i go out and just see what it will be like as a truck so first thing remove the wing and as simply as this, you can pretty much make it A truck i have to do a little bit of work to get the body lined up.

I’Ve already worked on it a little bit so by taking the rear wing off. This is an old, traxxas, slash body. I think this one is a j concepts body that they no longer make, and i just body reamed two holes in the back here, so that will mount up on the wing mount points. Applause, so just like that, i have the body mount on the back and that that works well enough. The rear wing mount will work as a good enough. Bumper i’m not going to be racing this full time as a short horse truck. This is just i’m doing this as a lark as a one time special event they’re doing a truck day, so i wanted to run short course truck i’m going to take my chuggy. I might also take my kyosho outlaw rampage pro out so uh. If i get a chance, i will be making videos about all those things on the track. So that’s simple enough to get the rear end done, um it doesn’t exactly align with the tires perfectly but it’s enough. I needed to focus more on the front and clearance to uh to make sure that works so looks like the short course wheelbase is a little bit different from a slash to a tenacity but it’ll work out on the front um. You know i could choose to take the db body right off the desert, buggy body that’s, underneath this off completely. You can do that as simply as two long screws on the back hinge point, because this is a body that hinges and uh, and then you take that off.

But then i need to put on body posts. If i keep the desert buggy body on underneath, then i can just mount the body as simply as this and then i’ve just got the front velcro down rudimentally right now so it’s it’s holding, but i don’t think it will hold on very well in a crash Or a rollover type scenario so i’m going to look into, maybe something i can do with magnets or more velcro, but this is the this. Is the concept finish mounting the body a little bit more change the wheels and tires to more track appropriate tires? These are the wheels and tires that come on the sadb pro. I have ran it on the track once in its desert, buggy configuration with the stock tires and it actually ran quite well. I was pretty impressed with the performance, but track tires will work better. I think i have some thanks to razer rc. He sent me some of his old clay tires and i got some short course ones in the mix, so i think i’ll be trying. Those and we’ll go out there tomorrow with uh. My tenacity db pro converted into a truck and see how it performs track tires are on. These are proline positrons and clay compound nice. I think it’s uh, i don’t, know i think it’s ready for a track test for the front body mounting system i’m, not sure how much it’s going to hold, but i did just uh do velcro and magnets is what’s, holding that on so there’s a little stack Of magnets that i did and that perfectly aligns with a little uh bolt that sits here, so it just magnetically aligns on the on the front and uh yeah.

I don’t know we’ll see how it holds up on the track. Okay time to go so yeah. This is my tenacity db pro it’s ready for the first track test, the uh, the magnets, hopefully will hold magnet and velcro on the front just a little something i mean it’ll take a bit of a hit it’s lifting the whole shell up. So i just got to put the clips down: we’ll see how it does on the track. I will be trying out a new gens ace long, stick pack battery on the truck. This is a genesee 6500 milliamp hour, 2s 1p 50c lipo battery with four millimeter bullets. Should be good now, the tenacity db pro is all spectrum smart, electronics, so i’ve got it set up with the still fully box stock setup stock, servo stock, esc stock motor 3150 kv gon na power it on Applause. I do have it upgraded on a dx5c smart. So i can get the smart telemetry stuff, although i find that it’s overall, not that useful, but uh it’s, something let’s go and try it. Okay, let’s see if that body holds, i don’t think it will, but Applause, no that’s, not gon na work all right in order to hold down the body a bit more i’ve, just looped a uh like a a toe recovery, strap for a crawler around the body. Just loop that around the bumper a little bit so we’ll see if that holds it’s rudimentary guys just trying to have some fun we’re gon na see if that holds, seems like it’ll work, that’s much better Applause, oh big crash! Did the body stay on yeah yeah? It did Applause, sweet.

That seems pretty good Applause. Oh oh she’s icy! This is box stock, gearing box stock electronics, abc is off and all i’ve done is i put on. Oh there we go. We lost the rope all right besides having to just hold down the body a little bit on the front that totally works. So i actually like this setup, a bit more i’ve heard that if you buy the tenacity, tt pro that it has some problems with the front and rear bumpers. So if you buy the db pro and then you make your own kind of a body system for the short horse truck, then you have the best of both worlds. Applause, Applause still overcooking that Applause ugh not the same as 3s, bashing that’s for sure, but it’s. Getting around okay it’s, not bad! You know a couple tweaks here and there i could make this quite good i’m, not going to because i don’t plan on oh ooh. That was a big chunk of something flew off. I don’t plan on doing this as a real, legitimate race thing: i’m, just having some fun today, just a bit of tape came off yeah, just a bit of tape. Okay, it works Applause, oh Applause. There we go whoops, that’s, fine, that’s, i’m bashing without uh. Bumper support because the bumper is actually underneath tucked in behind on the db, oh well, all right guys. The short course truck had a little bit of catastrophic damage.

Here we lost the lost the front end of the slash body and uh we’re, just gon na run. It like that i’ll show you a run around the track like this. It actually quite handles quite well. Even without a rear wing, one will come apart. Applause. 25. 4.. Now, without the truckers, while you slow me down, i should be able to do a better time, but this is not my good battery. This one’s a weaker battery Applause. I have a spectrum smart battery in here right now, it’s only 25c, Music, 30c. Actually, Applause: 25 flat. There you go. Oh there we go. I just beat my best truck time. I just got a 23.5, i think that’s, nearly the best i got on the truck. I know i did at 23.8. I feel like. I also did it. 23. 500. 1.2 and i’m still blowing the corners a little bit like that was way wide, it’s easy to overdrive. On the frozen Applause surface 23. 6.. Oh i had to slow down there. I was way wrong. It was all wrong. I was also wrong. Sure looks cool though Applause all right: whoa, nice, save nice, save 24.5, okay, let’s let’s, try and get one more good lap slow down there, prematurely tuck it in come around, come around loosey goosey, oh Applause and across the line. Ah, all right, my best is a 23.5 all right guys if you enjoyed this video hit that like button, if you’re on here subscribe, you want to talk to me, leave a comment down below.