I see kay here coming at you with more of a question of a statement. We’Ve all been there we’ve all done it we’ve gone to the hobby, store to pick up paint apart, just go to look we’re just going to look, but we come out with something. Now we got a lot of things going on the infraction. In the background we’re going to get that hooked up with some more sports star c parts um we got the dbxl up there, always getting parts added to that, but i don’t know i just saw this and the looks of it got me and i got it And now we’re family it’s part of the family. So without further ado, this is an unboxing video let’s, get it all right guys. So what is it? It’S? A low c 1969 chevy camaro um it’s, officially licensed vehicle, meaning that it should be spec and it should look just like the real thing. We’Re gon na open it up and see if that’s true the case um but what’s on the inside. I mean it’s. Nothing too, too special it’s a brushed motor it’s, a two in one esc, um it’s four wheel, drive locked back dips, i believe locked rear drivetrain. So that means it’s gon na be cool for the street it’s, not a straight liner, which they do make. This in drag style. This is not that one um again i bought this because it has uh, you know, rear front lights, it just looks so cool.

I mean this is the one that i got this red one and yeah. I mean it’s just fun to open up a new rc. Anybody that’s in the hobby knows what the hell i’m talking about um, so yeah let’s open this thing. It’S upside down, oh man, this thing looks sweet now, it’s a teaser it’s, just protection for when it’s in a box. Oh man, this thing is sweet y’all. Let me take this camera down, oh and guess what that sound is that’s the sound of a full 2s battery ready to go inside the 69 camaro. Look at this baby, all right guys! Let’S get this thing at rest! On box basic, simple horizon remote, um batteries! It looks like it takes four triple a actually that’s awesome, because i am going to be trying these batteries um there’s double, but these are pale blue they’re rechargeable. So this is a great rig to start with it’s, not one of those crazy ones that are going 90 100 miles an hour. So this is a good starter to try these out. So this is a new product. Gon na try them out. Let everybody know how they go: um yeah! So so inside you got your lights. They just got ta. Take that off um it’s cool little thing. The gears inside the divs are metal. The housings are plastic um, a lot of composite plastic on it, but again it’s brushed it’s, not meant for doing 80 miles an hour.

This is just a little brushed car it’s more about the detail, the attention to detail and just the coolness of it that’s. Why? I got it um price point, so it’s around 200 bucks it’s a little pricey um, but again the fact that you’re getting you know, working head and rear lights and just the the scale is just really nice. I don’t know and it’s fun to open rc’s duh but that’s it guys. I mean it’s pretty much. It i’m gon na get her out of this and i’m gon na stick a battery in here. Let’S see what is it. I mean it’s heavy got some weight to it. It’S, not cheap it’s, not cheap at all. Music suspension feels good. Everything feels Music good it’s about two hands. Big. These wheels are sick. The black, oh man, all right, let’s, stick a battery in this and see what you got there. It is Music there. It is. I will say one thing: i know a couple days later: it’s, not an ic5 connector it’s, an ec3, so i did have to get an adapter, no worries, she’s plugged up she’s, looking good. So, just remember that it is a 2s battery in the picture i’m used to the big boys Music. So i just automatically assumed it was ic5 and it wasn’t, but one or two days later there she is all lit up. Let’S get her out there and driving Music Applause Music: oh it’s, not slow! Now, Music ready, it’s, not slow.

I like it guys. I mean, i know it’s kind of pricey and if, if you’re looking for your first rc, i wouldn’t do it, i mean it’s, but it’s kind of cool, it’s kind of like really stale, i mean it feels cool. The controlling is good. I don’t know it’s really cool. I like it fun little car, it looks. Sweet, looks crazy. I’M. Definitely scraping. I know it’s not gon na be a collective piece, whatever whoa Music, hmm, all right guys. There you have it. I don’t know if you heard in the background my girl talking that was music to my ears. She thought it’s cool, okay. I was a little worried about that, but there you have it low c 1969 camaro. This thing is sweet. I mean it handles good it’s. A cool little car i mean again the reason why i got it is that right there i just if i were to buy a car i mean it would be similar to this. I love the rest. I used to have a red chevy caprice with a 350 lt1, so i don’t know it’s cool. I think it’s sweet thanks for watching guys appreciate it like subscribe.