This is the first of several reviews, so pretty much every week, youll see me, do an rc car review, along with drone reviews. So here we go first, one i have is from fms. This is the suzuki chimney. Now this car is real. It drives around the world, except in canada. We dont have them. We dont have a suzuki dealer that sells these vehicles, so i dont get to see them on my highway, but i bet you you get to see them in your country now, because this is a real vehicle and because it is licensed by suzuki, it is highly Detailed wait: do you see what it looks like when i take this out so ive never opened this ive never seen it with my own eyes. Ive only seen other people review it and ive seen it on the website and well lets heres whats going to happen in this video im going to open it up for the very first time im going to see it for the very first time im going to Give you my personal impressions as i look at it then ill show you close ups of everything i check out then im going to take it outdoors, drive it around its raining right now, so its probably going to be driven in the rain or on wet roads And then ill sum up with yeah. My final thoughts on this so lets go really quick. All right lets open this up.

First thing: first lets get rid of this piece of cardboard. We dont need that next lets open up the case and thats one cool thing. You get this case with it to store it in its a storage case, nice phone case with a handle on it here, carried it around. Take it to your friends house. Take it to the field, its got a little switch in the front here to open. So let me push that, and here we go everything inside nothing on the top. As you can see, and then down here, we see our chimney and the remote controller, and i have nothing over in this side. So that means the battery, for this must be inside the chimney itself. So lets yank it out and check out what it looks like all right. So i do like the color, its like a bright lime, green, its very nice looking, and they are correct on the detail. It looks very well detailed, wow that looks pretty decent. Its got a bunch of stickers on it that says peel me off before first use. So let me take those off now, one on the front hood. Each of the windows have a protective plastic over them, get all these off: hey, thats, pretty cool, even the mirrors. The mirrors are movable on here, thats pretty nice, and they are reflective. It looks like a real piece of glass in there yeah. It looks like somebody glued in a piece of mirror reflective glass, thats nice.

Now i will mention before i get into this any further. If this is not a basher vehicle, its not like an arma, you drive it off jumps and smash it its a crawler vehicle. Its made for collectors of people who probably own this vehicle or people like me who just love, rc cars and you want all the nice ones, its got a lot of weight to it. Ill say that so it feels like its almost like its made out of metal, and speaking of that, i took a look at the bottom right here and the frame is actually its actually a metal frame which is pretty sweet, and i noticed that here all the Joints and all the axles are all metal, which is nice and im told when i read the box that inside each of the forward and the rear gearing its a 4×4, its all metal gears inside. It is a two speed as well. So you have, you know, slow speed for going up, hills and stuff like that, and then you have a faster speed for going along the ground all with the remote control, and i forgot to take off a piece of plastic off the windshield. Oh, my god, theres plastic everywhere, get that off. Oh look at the wipers as im pulling this off. The wipers are actually im, probably going to break a wiper here, but theyre movable as well. I dont think they move by any electronic means, but you can move them around there.

We go thats different, so even your wipers can be moved all right. So let me give you my first impressions. Looking at this. The paint scheme is really good. It feels super solid in the hands. It does not feel like a toy the tires. I always love. First thing i always feel on rc cars is the tires. These are actually, let me see ill bring it to one of the cameras here. These are actually quite soft tires, so thats pretty good, so that means thats going to be grippy going up and down hills. Remember i was talking about metal. If you look here, you can see it glow or glint. All this framing underneath, like a truck frame, its all metal, all right, you can see. I have all the doors and parts that open. So let me show you them really close. So heres the rear looks pretty sweet and you can open up the rear and look inside and just like a real, a real vehicle uh. If im not mistaken, these seats can fold down oh theyre, individual, so two seats, thats, pretty cool. All right. Let me put at this camera and i got ta look at a monitor up here to see what im doing so here you have a little compartment down below. So i guess the chimney has a compartment down below thats, pretty cool and another thing i notice is these seats as well? Well, watch this. If i move this chair, i should be able to move it forward or backwards like that.

I can also change the seat. You know plunk it down like this, so thats pretty cool. Looking inside theres a lot of detail, i guess just like the real vehicle ive, never seen one in person, so i dont know, but its got a mirror up top its got like the detection system. On the windshield, you know all these little things they added they didnt have to, and you know, youve got your radio and other things inside. It looks pretty good your shifter and then on the back. You have a tire. This is a squishy tire you see and its a spare tire you take off this piece of plastic and its just another wheel like this. Underneath it lets go around to the hood in the front and see we have so in here. Youll have the engine compartment and inside you should have something that looks like an engine in there thats where they stuff the battery as well, and the electronics to make this thing operate. Speaking of that im gon na yank on this cable and look what i pull out a battery. So this is the included battery its a 7.4 volt battery 380 milli amp hours. It says in the manual that youre supposed to get 20 minutes of runtime using this battery, just amazing the level of detail, even in the motor itself, even though a lot of people wont really see it. Uh yeah its got a lot of detail.

Its got like plastic like exhaust things and plastic wires and conduits going over the stuff thats the real electronics, to make this work. Now it does have a brushed motor youre not going to get a brushless motor in something like this, because you dont need the speed. Uh, the instant power or anything like that, so its a brush motor most crawlers on the market, will have a brushed motor all right, so im pulling out other things out of the box. So let me show you really quick. Of course you get the charger for the battery and you also get a wheel removal tool, and then you get the super tiny little controller and you can see if i show the back here its got everything you need to operate this vehicle. Now, if i read the instructions correctly theres four channels on here, i have not charged this battery, so it should come with some power and im gon na plug it in right now and since my remote is already on there, we go lets see what happens in The front here i saw headlights pop on so thats, pretty good. Let me just put the battery back in so right off the bat. I should have steering yep using my finger on this and i should have uh forward motion yeah and reverse. So here we go. I have the remote and im gon na hit this button, so thats headlights. It says it goes through modes next button and i dont even know where to go: theres fog, lights, oh and now, ive got four way: flashers on uh, just fog lights by themselves and off.

So let me see on the back. Try the same thing here get that in right in the back. What do i have? Oh there we go brake lights. I believe and uh four way. Flashers ive got a signal light on. Does that mean i can change it? Oh, i can change it there. We go, i can put signal lights yeah there we go. So if i pull this like this, i should get a signal light happening. There we go and if i can do this with one hand there we go. That almost looks like a backup like that. Do i have brake lights? Oh, i do have brake lights, cool all right, so thats, pretty sweet, theres, a whole series of lights. On this thing i got ta figure them out. Well, even my signal lights are right. There you see them right at the front forward. Wheel, theres a signal light, so you have them on both sides: thats pretty sweet, now theres supposed to be two speeds on here. So im gon na assume its uh im, taking a guess that its this one up here channel three right here. You can switch it one way or another, and i bet you that is the speeds first for like mountain, climbing and other stuff. So let me close everything here. Let me see what my speed is. I keep touching this thing, so crawler speed, okay, i think thats. Also fast. I dont have the back door closed there.

We go yeah, thats thats fast, so let me hit this little switch. Oh, i heard the gear move: okay, so thats good, ah crawler speed, oh thats, nice. That is sweet. You can hear the motor too. Now this thing here is called an instruction manual and if anybody watches my channel youll see, i have a habit of not reading the instruction manual. So im just going to go in here, because i saw one thing important just so i dont goof it up all right, so theres a whole section on the lights and how that button works down here that i hit to do the lights on here. So im going to read off and tell you the modes and then im going to show you video of what the lights do. Just so were all on the same page. You have default mode. That means, when you power it on, it goes into default mode. Doesnt matter, when the car turns on it says the turn signals will stay off. Headlights, tail lights and fog lights stay off in default mode. Then, when you press that button on here, once you go into mode a in this mode, when the model car turns left or right turn, signals shows flashing and when you put on the brakes a brake light is applied, so thats pretty cool. It says the headlights are in low beam and the tail lights and fog lights are always off. Then, when you hit it again and you go into mode b, it says when you turn this turn signals will have slow flashing when brake is applied.

The brake light is on with high brightness. The headlights are on with high brightness, so youve got high beams, the tail lights and fog lights are always off, and then, when you hit it again, you have mode c theres a lot of modes in here in this mode. Whether the model car turns to the left or right, the turn signals keep slow flashing when the brake light is applied, the brake lights are on with the highest of brightness. The headlights are on with the highest of brightness, the tail lights and the fog lights are on as well. Then, your last one mode d in mode d, when the car model car turns on the turn signals, shows flashing, slow flashing. The brake is applied, the brake light is on highest of brightness, and the headlights are constantly off. Okay, thats, interesting, the tail lights and fog lights are in a constant on state, all right, so theres, quite a few modes. With this little baby. That uh, i dont know i dont know if youll use all those modes with the headlights, but if youre driving around at night, its probably pretty sweet all right. So the next thing i want to do is take this outside and drive it around and show you some footage and then give you my impressions of how it drives outside. You know on normal terrain its wet out its raining right now so were going to be driving this out in sort of like wet ground, wet weather.

So here we go check this out: Music, Music, so Music, so Music, Music, hello, my name is jiminy and i am your pal all right. So what did you think of that driving outdoors? I think it works really well. It is a really good crawler vehicle for the price. Now, a lot of you are going to think the price might be a little high, but its highly detailed it is licensed. It is not a basher vehicle its actually, i think its priced really well. So if you are into a vehicle like this, you probably want to pick one up and another thing i just noticed when i was outside driving around. I dont know if i messed up stuff theres all these dip switches on the controller here right over here. All these dip switches – and i was pushing them around trying to see if they do different things and they do they mess up the receiver inside. But you can switch things around for your preferences. So im going to say, if you are a collector of rc vehicles, youre – probably going to want this vehicle. If you have a son or daughter who is very responsible with their toys, then this would be an awesome gift to get them for christmas, because its highly detailed and not only that they can stick it on the dresser in their bedroom and then take it out And drive it around whenever they want, so, i think its its an all around a really good gift.

I love the lighting on here and i love the detail, its really decent. So when someone looks at this, they will never think that its an rc car theyre going to think i have some sort of die cast metal car here with thats, really highly detailed of a suzuki chimney, so yeah pretty cool, although in canada, most of us wouldnt Even recognize this because we dont really have them in canada, but i do see them on a lot of youtube. Car shows and chimneys have been around for a while and theyre very popular, very famous and very very good as a four wheel drive vehicle and this one here yeah its really good. I love the two speeds on it too, all right. So enough of me blabbing on how about i just tell you that theres links below this video im going to search around and see if i can find places where its on sale at different locations, i think only banggood and fms sell this. I think i could be wrong, but banggood. I can usually get a discount code so check below and see if i did get a discount code and if i did itd be listed below and you can save some dollars if you buy it off of banggood or go right to fms, where those are the Guys who sell this and get it direct from them anyways everything is below all right guys. If you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up, and many more reviews are coming up in the future of drones.

Obviously, but i do have a lot of cars. Rc boats and helicopters that i have to squish into all my video reviews. So every now and then maybe once a week, youll see a review of one of those.