So we wrapped up our opening rounds, got our losers bracket tournament out of the way, and now the stage was set for our eliminations. Every race. From now on was a do or die situation for everybody. Runner moves on loser goes home out of the bso members. We had three out of the four make it through into the second round myself greg and alex all making it through with matt, almost coming all the way back in the losers bracket and joining us as well. Out of the bso members alex was the first one to race in the second round and he was up against mike with his red f 150 lightning. We saw a little bit of mike’s f 150 in the test and two session held before the races started and his truck looked like it was going down pretty quick. We wanted to see how he ended up doing against alex in this race right off. The line alex gets off straight, but not the same for mike. He ends up going into the right into the crowd that’s over there. I believe he had a tire issue. He said that later on in the day i’m lucky for mike, but that means alex is moving on into the third round. Next up in the second round was the battle of the novas. It was myself with my 69 pro line nova against this nova 2 of danny. I was really concerned with the wind after the first race, and i just wanted to make sure i wasn’t going to get blown to the left or to the right and maybe even cross into the other lane.

No way mark turns out my car actually made quite a pass. It was quick, but it was all for nothing as i just barely redlighted off the line, so right away gives danny the automatic win and ends my king of the streets. Tournament, danny moves on to the third round, and my day was over. So last but not least in the second round was greg and he was taking on joe from hot rod hobbies who shut down the store to come out to our event, and he brought out his green octane to take on greg chevelle it’s, not catching the crowd. Thought that they saw joel just knock off, greg greg went for a little cruise down the track, and it was all because joe ended up jumping. So we see another competitor in the second round. Getting a little antsy joe makes a pass, but ends up looking down and sees that he has red lighted his day is over greg. Moving on into the third round. Music right is that it yeah. No, you turned it down: Music, okay, Music, Music, wow, Music, Music. Oh Music, oh great racing to end off our second round. We saw our loser bracket winner bill end up coming and driving around chad at the end of that race. So he moved on into the third round. He was still in it we’re now getting ready for our third round and starting to get serious. So, with myself out of the picture, the bso was down to two guys.

We had greg lex and alex left and greg had a a nice matchup now against ryan, who raced ryan before in call outs. But this day in this tournament, he’s really starting to show some real pace. He was quick and this could be greg’s really. First, big race of this tournament: Music, Music, Music. This is a case of sometimes where you see a race decided at the starting line. Ryan looked really fast. He was starting to knock off some other people before getting to this race, but this time, he’s falling asleep. At the like, greg ends up catching a good reaction, and it actually looked like ryan was starting to close the gap at the end, but it was too little too late. Greg ends up moving on into the fourth round and ryan’s day is now over. The other bso member that moved on was alex and he was taking on another member of josh’s boot as well and jabari. This is the guy that we’re, also familiar with, and jabari really seemed to find some pace as well. This was a much closer race than greg’s race against ryan. Now we got both cars leading off the line, a pretty good match up on the reactions and alex just pulling out a little bit of a gap. At the end, it looked like jabari had some real speed in that top end coming up, but alex hangs on and now two of josh’s crew members are gone by the bso in the third round: Music ball man, Music, some good third round matchups there to end Off that third round, we saw bill eliminate himself with a little bit of a jump.

The red lights his day is now over and then we’re moving on to the fourth round, we’re getting really close to those semis. So luck of the draw for alex in the chip draw he ends up getting the by run, so he is going to move on to the semis that way, but greg has to earn his way there with a race against mark. So at this point there is a decent amount of pressure for greg. Here alex is moving on with the buy run, but if greg can move on, we would have two bso members moving on to the semi finals, which just increases the chances of us defending our territory and really proving to people that we could be one of the Faster groups, another good reaction from greg on this one, but even in the top and it didn’t look like he was holding back on this one, he gave it all. You can see the gap at the end. He was moving pretty quick at that top end view. Greg is moving on so now we have two bso members going to the semi finals, so a very interesting chip draw for the semi finals puts alex and greg racing each other. So what this means is one bso members day is about to end and one bso. Member is going to end up representing the bso in the finals. In the other semi final, we had a matchup between jeff and john who’s coming all the way out from sudbury with his car little monster Music Music.

What an insane race to have for the semifinals here it looked like jeff did everything he could here. He actually got a good start out of the right lane, better reaction than john and then right at the end right before the line john drives around him, musta had some top end power there that jeff, just didn’t, have john’s going to the finals of the king Of the streets and he’s awaiting the matchup of alex and greg so now the other semi final. We had both bso members alex and greg lining up a matchup that bso was very familiar. They’Re constantly battling each other. The winner of this matchup goes to represent the bso in the king of the streets, finals, Music Applause – it actually looked like both of them got off. At the same time, really good reactions on that poetry light, but at the top end, greg just starts to pull away from alex i’m, not sure if alex had to correct or let off but greg ends up moving on to represent the bso in the finals of The king of the streets and alex is out in the semi final great couple of semi finals, and now that leaves us with the finals of the king of the streets. We had john, who came all the way out from sudbury, taking on greg representing the bso. In the home spot best of three final, we didn’t want to leave it all to one race at this point so best of three switching lanes.

First guy, to win two out of the three is the king of the streets. The lights come down decent reactions from both guys but john ends. Up losing control about half track ends up crossing into greg’s lane flips it over his race was done there. This means greg is up one nothing and he only needs one more win to become. King of the streets, so second race, of the best of three greg now in the left lane against a little monster in the right lane. Music, both guys get off again looks like greg, beat him a little bit on the reaction. But this time john goes hard left off the line. He crosses the line greg’s allowed to cruise to the finish, and he becomes the king of the streets in 2001. I just wanted to give a thanks to everybody who came out that day. Everybody raised clean, we didn’t have any cheating we didn’t have any fighting. Everybody was in great spirits. I want to thank our sponsors, hot rod, hobbies and team zombie, canada, who supplied some prizes for our event at the end, i’m, still surprised at how many people came out from several regions away and i’m. So happy that happened.