Today we are going to be opening the magic track. That’S true magic tracks, it’s, like chess G. It has 200 pieces of track that glow in the dark. I see on TV, so you’ve probably seen this before it has six. The car has six LED light. Experience is free enough to have you two done amazing tracks that Bend flip and I already told you lo, at 78, decals let’s get to it Music, Music. The car here is a trap, got to the track check out these colors, and here is the magic tracked. Fungi the track – and these only be put together – Music, Music, Music, but that rainbow trap China just any on track batteries in time to put them in Music. Now it looks yeah. Now it definitely works. My dad Jacob make sure you have all your screws for back. In and tighten up, you turn it on and off by cutting the Go button right here: Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Applause, Music, it’s time to add some details: yeah yeah, Music here’s, the card. I already put some decals on it, so that’s why it looks different. These are the four colored tracks we got Music. This is, I know I made it straight up: no Music Applause, Music.