Thanks again, all right. We are here with the undeniable draco airplane. Finally, it’s windy out here: it’s, probably what i don’t know – maybe six seven miles an hour – yeah, maybe and uh, but we decided to take it up anyway. It’S got the s3x in there, so we feel pretty confident on how it’s gon na fly um. The overall flying weight is what 10 pounds i think 77 inches and i have a 5200 milliamp 6s in there. So we’re gon na take it up and do a maiden flight on it and uh and see how it does so without further ado let’s. Do it all right, which way is the wind coming from Music taxi’s? Fine, you ready i’m ready that thing better, not be shaky all right here we go oh wow right off that wasn’t even uh like a quarter of throttle either let’s see wow. It really doesn’t need much anything i’m thumbs off that’s the wind, pushing it that’s, pretty that’s, pretty smooth. I haven’t even touched the throttle yet i’m. Just cruising around i’ve noticed that it has the rudder mixed in with it, and so i can see why it’s one of those airplanes where you’ll want to mix in rudder kind of like a cub to smooth out your turns a little bit make it turn a Little bit more effectively flatter all right. I think i got it trimmed out. I didn’t really have to do much just need some uh up, elevator and i’m on low rates right here, so i’m gon na bump it up to medium rates.

There we go. Are you liking that nx8 i’m liking the the nx8 man i’m, not lying i’m? A i like futaba, but dude i’m i’m, really loving this nx 8 it’s very comfortable. It feels good in your hands and everything all right see if i can hang them in the wind pretty well dude. This is saying i want to win like a channel. I just need a little bit of elevator and there we go how’s it. Looking on the camera dog it’s all right, all right i’m, just following the spec and see if you can zoom in too some. I know if you zoom in too much it’ll get real grainy all right, we’ll come into a low, flyby, really slow, let’s see. If we can look at those lights, they do don’t, they it’s a good looking plane. It looks really good. Full throttle is that on 6 0 6l yep knife edge, can we knife edge? Oh we’re knife edging and it’s climbing in the knife edge. How crazy is that, so you can knife edges, no problem, awesome! So i’m gon na bring it down i’m gon na. Take a couple more laps with this and i’m gon na pass this off to uh jeff we’ll get another perspective on what you think. Jen i’ll do it. I know you will man nice, she cooks too, yeah it’s, not slow man, big airplane, yeah, it’s. Just a lot of fun just to uh to fly, half throttle all right, let’s drop the flaps and see what happens yep.

It comes pre mixed. Look at that! Look at that wow! Oh no let’s get it in the wind that’s insane that it’s hovering it’s literally hugging. Unless that stands, dude almost look at all the lights. Yeah, the lights are crazy. You see that dog, Music and that’s, not even full flaps, so that’s full flaps right there that’s just ridiculous dude, look full flaps and it’s crawling all right, get on out of there claps up all right, so i’m going to land it and let jeff take it Off i bet she landed. Pretty flaps are no flaps. What you think look what no fly i need them. It really does need them. So the prop has the brake feature in there. Here we go check it out. Look at that nice, nice, nice, nice, yeah, that’s. Why he said he put the little skids on the side yeah, just like the the full scale, all right, isn’t that crazy. For that reason, when it fits like that that is wild, don’t forget to like and subscribe it’s a good flying airplane, i, like it it’s a really good flyer, all right we’re, going to pause it we’re going to switch off and i’ll let jeff get behind the Sticks on it all right, we got jeff on the sticks. I decided to let him uh try out the uh the draco for himself see what he thinks. We’Re gon na come in close and try to do a quick.

Take off you gon na. Do a quick take off no flaps awesome! It doesn’t need much all right, so you’re going to do takeoff flaps this time, yep take off flat all right, fair enough Music on success, didn’t eat much! Did it and that’s what the wind to our back! So you really should have been coming the other way: yeah. I’M. Sorry, nice! That is awesome. You see the uh, how you need the rudder in there you got ta mix the rudder in the turns it’s pre mixed in it. You know when you plug it up, but i would add some more in there to be honest with you loops, no problem knife edge, no problem. We got a stout wind right here, too: Music yeah, it’s, real breezy and on average people are getting about seven or eight minutes of flight on it. You know they’re, not hammering around so you’re going up doug. Are you gon na wait and then we’ve got i’m gon na wait? We’Ve got a i’m gon na do it. Let me come back around bobby all right i’m gon na land right to left all right. What do you think so far? Jeff i like it. Does it uh live up to all the hype for a minute so far, so yep and we’re in wind, so the s3x is doing its job. It’S you’re you’re good to fly this, and this is probably what eight nine ten mile an hour winds beating it around.

For sure yeah, but it’s uh it’s fighting it as it should feel the power let it glide that wind is coming yep you going into the sun there there we go, go landing all right coming in for land in there the lights are really cool i’m. Coming in it just slows down so nice, almost too nice right, nice shocks are working blocks, are awesome. Yeah the shocks definitely work that was wicked yeah but guys don’t forget to click like and subscribe awesome flying airplane. We got another draco to throw up. We got doug on his, so we’re going to get a maiden of his as well and check out the lights. Man that’s, just cool that’s, just cool yep. There we go it’s, beautiful man, good stuff, oh yeah, yep, props, red and everything. I thought the prop was red because of the plane. Okay, we are back at the truck. We pulled the battery out of the draco we’re gon na plug it up and see uh what we got jeff plug that sucker up man let’s see see what it’s looking like flip around there you go. We put what about a six minute flight on that thing: Music, yeah, usually 41. Awesome awesome, awesome, so that’s a 5200. You can still fly in yeah and it’s, not even hot it’s, not even hot yeah. 41 left. We still got another two minutes of flight safe.