Hello, my friends. Back again on the channel quotVideo Langganankuquot. We will review a cool, remote car friends.. This remote car has a car door that can open and close.. It makes this car even cooler.. This remote car has 2 colors red and orange color. The orange color is like this. While the red color, the appearance, is like this., This car review. We will divide it into 2 videos.. First, we will review the red car first.. This remote car has features that can move in all directions., Then it has doors that can be opened and is equipped with high speed and has lights.. This toy is also recommended for children aged 3 years and over and this remote car has a scale of 118. The functions offered by this remote car are that it can move forward, move backward turn left turn right, has lights and have a door that can open Let’s just unboxing this remote toy car.. This is what is in this toy package.. The first is a remote control that is shaped like this, then the second one is a remote car that is red like this. Next there is a package like this., We open it first.. It turns out that the contents are batteries that can be recharged friends.. There are 3 batteries with capacity of 700 MAh.. This looks like the battery is for the car only. And for the remote control you have to provide 2 AA batteries. Yourself friends.

Put the rechargeable battery straight into the car.. Then the ON button is right here, friends. And after turning it on. There is a light on the car. Don’t forget to put the battery in the remote control.. So this remote control has a door that can be opened., Let’s just try it friends.. So as long as we press the button to open the car door here, it will move open lid on While the button next to it just fantasy.. Only this button can be pressed. Let’S see how fast of this remote car. I will try to move it forward From round the wheel, looked quickly For the buttons here to move, left and right. The direction of the tire wheel is over here, friends.. So as much as possible, the direction is in the middle okay, Don’t be next to it. It turns out that the car lights can turn on when this car is moving forward, While when it moves backward, the car lights won’t turn on.. It will only light up when moving forward.. How to play this remote car is very simple Because in terms of the direction of the lever, you can already know what function. This lever moves, left and right. It means the function is to turn.. While this lever moves up and down., It means for forward and backward.. Lastly, this white button is a button to open the remote car door. Immediately. We just show its use. I will press this button to open the remote car door.

. Then I will try to move forward and backward by pressing the left lever Right lever to turn left and also to the right. For the rotation of the car is a little different When turning to the front, the rotation does not cover a wide space., But when Turning back, the rotation covers a fairly wide space., But yeah I just enjoyed playing. It’s, still cool to play.. Well, that was the game of this remote car.. This remote car has the words FXX K and at the bottom of the remote car it is also written that it has a frequency of 27 MHz.. Did you notice When you open the car door? It only opens 2 car doors friends, While the rear does not participate open.. It turned out that this was manually raised.. Why didn’t it open when the remote control was controlled? I don’t know. Hihihihi. The design of this remote car is cool, friends., Pretty cool, to play and really sporty., And this remote car is really okay for you to buy because it is quite cheap, which is around IDR 120000 And it can be recharged.. So we get a charger to be able to charge the battery that is given to this remote car.. The charging location is at the bottom of the car over here.. You see it says ‘CHA’ right, The meaning is charge., But before charging we close the remote car first. Then just insert the charging cable into this port.

Next just enter the charger head into the electric socket. Charge it for about 2 3 hours. So that later you can play this remote car for longer and are also satisfied. That’s. All our reviews for this remote car.