I ordered the new uh maesto ford, bronco remote control, got it from sams club and really shocked that it came in this gigantic box. I mean you can almost fit a real bronco in here, not sure why so lets open it up and see what we got all right. Well, got that tape done see we got. Oh, we got a big box inside of a box, its always creative turn it over comes out wow. It really is longer than i thought it was going to be the longest box ever but lets see we got some nice things here looks pretty big a lot bigger than i thought it was going to be based on the uh description online, but bronco its got. The four wheel drive the 2.4 gigahertz power, full control, skill level, three, not sure what that means. Im sure we got top skills, but anyway, uh looks pretty cool, well, be uh, opening it up here and um, giving it a little test ride a little bit all right now. The moment weve all been waiting for lets. Take this baby out and see what we got the sweet sasquatch package you can tell by the gigantic tires. Hopefully it performs as well as it looks all right lets slide it out. All right lets take a look at this. As you can see its got big coilers suspensions big tires. I think it looks ready to roll out there find some rugged terrain.

Get also comes with controller like were gon na, have to add some batteries. Well, lets just give it a little quick look here then well charge it up, take it out and have some fun, so its got the uh on the undercarriage here, its got some cut to control to uh, adjust your um controls of the sensitivity. It looks like its got an on off switch like i said its got the suspension to keep it uh rolling over the rough terrain. The tires theyre pretty aired down, theyre very squishy, which is good and carla overall looks pretty good. The big bronco on the top rock on the front back looks very severe familiar with what the bronco i ordered ever may look like if it gets here so anyway, all right well be right back once we get this thing charged up and have some fun all Right got it fully charged lets give it a test run, no idea how its gon na perform. Although i am a little concerned, the fact that it said do not drive it over grass sandy conditions, obviously through water, but you know what could is having a 4×4 if i cant take it where i want to go, lets give it a whirl performing pretty well Over the grass, not a problem close the line pretty well not bad lets. Take it over somewhere Music right over all right now lets give it a real bronco test got a nice pile of rocks over here we can do a little rock crawl.

Here we go Music so far, no problem, but the real bronco would do what a great job this truck so far is exceeding all my expectations. Cant believe how well it runs. Controller works. Pretty well gives me a good feel for it going back backwards. Well, you could use a little bit of work, but all in all pretty good. Maybe we could just uh give it a quick shot and see if well turn it around see how it goes down the rocks all right here we go were going to do the back crawl, but first lets show how the controls work. Do a little reverse action here, get it lined up to go back down the rocks, see its got a pretty good turning radius. This is for my commands. When im pushing the volume here, we go Music, its got the high tires Music.