Welcome back to channel welcome back to rc vlog. We are in white pines tennessee for a cyclone nitroblast, but that’s. Not what this video is about. This video i’m gon na show you guys how to get my cars squeaky clean, looking brand new again and the reason why i’m doing it here is because i didn’t bring any cleaning supplies. So i went and bought everything because i figured i needed a camper anyway. So i’m gon na show you everything i bought and there’s some key parts that you want to make sure you get i’m looking at it. As i look down and then tomorrow morning, i’ll wake up really early and we’re gon na go we’re gon na clean it i’ll show you how how i do it and get them all clean i’ll show you two cars, i’m gon na clean, so yeah it’s night Time the kids are riding around on the golf carts it’s starting to fill up out here. I’Ll show you guys around real quick, oh man, they’re fighting over the golf cart there’s campers over there campers over there, you can’t really see all the cameras. Look how lit up our camper is. Oh man, i can’t wait till this place fills up there’s a truck back there. Okay that’s it that’s it that’s enough all right in regards to what you need to clean. I got some shop towels there. This is key right here, so there’s a whole bunch of different air guns you can get, but you want to get ones that don’t have like a little basically like a safety blow off valve on the side.

So some of them have like these like a vented spout or whatever. I guess so. The pressure doesn’t get too high, where you can’t hurt yourself. This uh this blow gun kit that i got from harbor freight that harbor freight i don’t know if you guys have that in your area, it does not have like a side blow off valve or whatever. So this thing blows a lot of pressure. All all the pressure that’s in your your air compressor will blow through this little nozzle, which is great, which is wha. Why? I love this blow gun um? I bought an accessory kit and, needless to say, i got a brand new generator, but i bought an accessory kit because yeah i don’t, have anything here with me guys. You want some of these fittings because these things don’t, oh, that one does come with a fitting dang it. I was wrong i’m a host, and then here you go. These are the cleaning supplies i’m going to use i’m going to use simple green? I do i used to use simple, green foam but it’s hard to find simple, green foam. This stuff works just as well, some people argue better and then wd 40 and then yeah the air compressor. So, in regards to an air compressor, i like to get something at least 150 psi or greater uh. You can get cheap ones that are like 100 psi, but i don’t think that blows hard enough.

So this one’s – probably not as as big as i’d, like like the one i have at home, but this is definitely big enough to get the job done so i’m going to start putting this stuff together, because i want to see how it works. I don’t want to clean tonight because it’s better to clean in the daytime, because you can see all the dirt and all that crap all right. It’S it’s night time, it’s a little late uh, but we got good lighting. So i think i’m, just gon na go ahead and i’m having so much fun, getting the generator generator air compressor going it’s brand new look at it still got the plastic on the stuff, uh cool fittings. I got sweet fittings. This thing hardcore it’s like super strong. All right, so these are the cars i’m gon na clean i’m gon na clean uh trx4, because i haven’t cleaned in a while and then we’re gon na clean this buggy. This is, i rarely clean it. I think chase cleaned it for me at the lone star. Nitro challenge at the last big race we were at but yeah so first thing i’m gon na do is i’m gon na take all the tires off and then essentially what it’s gon na be is i’m gon na take the tires off i’m, not gon na. Just the tires off on this car and then i’m gon na take the tires off and then also the front and rear clips off of this car and then the shocks also and then i’ll show you what to do from there, but actually i’ll.

Just tell you what i’m going to do after i get those parts. Basically, this one kind of broken up in three pieces tires off of this one i’ll spray it down with simple green. I try to keep it away from electronics as much as i can. Even if it does get a little bit on it’s fine, this is sealed. You don’t want to get on these electronics. This one, though sealed and then i let it soak for a little bit and then i spray it off, and then i put a coat of wd 40 and then i spray it off and then just kind of, let it sit and dry and it turns out. Looking squeaky, clean, i’ll show you what this car looks like see, that’s the thing. If i, if i clean it now you’re not going to see how much progress i made, because you can barely see it, but this thing is super dirty, it’s, gon na look. So much better after this, but i’ve got energy and i wan na i wan na start cleaning right now, so i think i’m gon na do it all right wheels are off. I am going to blow off all the dust that i can basically i’ll get as clean as i possibly can, with the air compressor and then i’ll start with my simple green soaking and blow off so yeah let’s. Do it here guys we’re going to pick this up tomorrow? I just can’t see enough and it’s it’s getting kind of late, and i don’t want to just this it’s, not that the compressor is loud, it’s that whenever i’m blowing it’s really loud, i don’t want to wake anyone up so we’re going to wake up tomorrow morning.

Really early and circling these things off all right, it’s the next morning see in the sunlight, it’s so much easier, but look it didn’t, look so bad last night when it was dark, but look how dirty this buggy is. I did clean the trx4 a little bit like you can see under it um. Basically, all i did was just hit it with simple, green and then blow it off, and basically i put a coat of simple green on there. Well, very first again, i can just keep saying my steps over and over forever, since i try to get as much dirt as i can off with air compressor, and then i put a coat of simple green on it, and then i let it soak a little Bit and i sprayed that off so that’s, where that is right, now i’m gon na break this car down. So i can start cleaning this one i’m gon na take the front rear clips off and the shocks off. Music. All right got the buggy all broken down front, rear clips off shocks off i just side note i put the screw, so these are the front screws. Those are the rear screws and if i take center screws that i put in the middle i’m that way i don’t mix my screws up, but now i’m going to soak this in wd 40, not wd, 40 dang it. I messed up we’re going to soak this in simple, green Music.

All right, we got all this cleaned off with wd, not the i keep mixing it up. I got this all cleaned off with simple green, so it’s gon na look like this. All the dirt should be gone so now, i’m gon na do a coat of wd 40 and basically, what you want to do with the code. Wb40 is just kind of make sure it’s spread evenly and it hits all the parts um it makes. It look all shiny and i think it’s good for the plastic and then i’m gon na, let it set out in the sun on that wood block right there um that way it kind of just bakes in there and then we should be good. Oh man, look how clean it looks. I mean it looks new, basically it’s, just baking in the sun soaking in that wd 40. Getting into that nice shiny look, i did my trx4 also trx4 looks like new. Also oh man. This is the exciting part. I just kind of let it look pretty, and then i put it all back together. Oh man, look how clean she is all the dirt is out of there. So i don’t know how much i didn’t get all the dirt out of the chassis, because i didn’t want to take the electronics out, but some people you could take the electronics out and clean the chassis up really good. But look oh man. It looks so good.

So clean like new um, this is just a quick reminder. This is a good time whenever you have the shocks off to check your suspension uh, you want this to go basically really free. If it’s, not free, that usually means like a hinge pin is bent or something like that. Let’S see how this is super free here also super free here i just that’s just a quick tip uh. Whenever you have the shocks off that’s a good time to check everything, and then when you have the springs off your shocks, you can push your shock shafts all the way in make sure there’s no bend in your shock, shaft guys, i’m. Really digging. My new air compressor – i know it’s, not nothing crazy, but look i even shined up my bead locks on the trx4. I did clean trx4, so trx4 is baking with wd 40 right now. Oh man, they’re gon na look so good. All right guys, they’re all cleaned up. Oh man, they look so good. Look even clean the bead locks the tires. The crawler is perfectly clean. Oh man. It feels good to have a clean car uh. Hopefully i don’t ever have to do this again. No i’m. Just joking i got ta do some my truggy also here a little bit, but i hope this video helped guys if it did smash.